30 August 2007

3D Challenge #004 - Deep sea residence

Note: Please read the guidelines for participating in the challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and bring SketchUp users together and help each other learn and get better at using our favorite 3d modeling program. We will remove comments that are objectionable or offensive.

This week's challenge:

Deep sea residence

The planet earth consists for 2/3 of water and for only 1/3 of land. Instead of searching for living space on other planets, this time we try to use that part of earth under water. The challenge this week is to create a residence that makes it possible to live under water. Your choice is to create a structure for 1 person, a family or for lot's of habitants. How would the structure deal with the pressure, how would you get there, can it be moved or is it fixed to the ocean floor? As time for the challenge is short only the exterior is required, creating an interior is optional if you have time enough.

Good luck!

3d Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 004

Due Date: Wed, Sep 5 (Challenge closed)

Coral Dome by Devon (psybuzz)

2 nd Place
Deep Sea 7 by irosade

3 rd Place

Congrats to All !!!!!!!


  1. All right! This one certainly has lots of possibilities...

  2. Howdy, I decided to use the abilities of SketchUp for concept designing. So my model is quick and simple to illustrate a concept. I'm going to create a Blog to discuss the design concept. If any one is interested in the details, let me know

    Ballast Home Design

  3. Don,

    That's a pretty sound concept. I like it! My structural background causes me to have many questions about how you would stabilize it in the various positions, but I think you're on to something here. I look forward to reading the blog about the specifics of it, even if it's just hypothetical. (meaning I don't expect you to calculate buoyancy of the bubble!) I'm interested in things like how deep the foundation pile goes, where the ballast would be located and if it's air-based of fluid based. How would you power the globes, how big are they? How far from shore? How do you take into account seismic activity?

    Sorry, I don't mean to question your design... I think it's great, and I would enjoy reading about how it could work!

  4. Andrew, Thanks for the comments. Happy Smile Face - I'm one of those artist types that drives the engineers crazy. I haven't started the Blog yet. The best part of a concept is setting all the other creative minds on fire. Open to all ideas.

  5. Andrew, here is the link to my new Blog.

    SketchUp by Dawn

    let me know how it works.
    Thanks Don

  6. This will be my first adventure at the challanges, but it seems like a fun one. Underwater structures have been on the minds of architects for many years and it is nice to have a little challage to develop some ideas.

  7. Hey Don, nice concept. As man was not designed to live underwater, it would be nice to be able to surface when when you felt the confinement of underwater living.

    I have one suggestion. Instead of wind power, how about wave/tidal power, they are using it now in some places. The Wind, as you know from being a sail boater, can dissapear for days.

    my design will stress afforadablity, perhaps some type of merger can be worked out through our "businesses"

  8. Tom, Tidal etc. is a excellent thought. In the floating configuration the house would bob up and down slowly with the wave movement. Because of the mass of the house and the stationary central shaft,a system of generating power from that movement would be a real possibility. I sure there are many that would think the bobbing up and down would be a bad thing. People who spend time on boats refer to it as "sea legs". Once you get your sea legs the motion is quite present. I always got my best nights sleep when on the boat.
    Thanks for the input

  9. Here's a preview of what I'm modeling for this challenge.

    Deep Sea Habitat

  10. Affordable underwater housing is here! All those shipping containers that are sitting around ports are recycled into underwater homes.


    kinda hard to see but center is a scaled down model of the tower where the units can be hooked up. units can be added on to each other to form larger units. Tower has shops, offices, parks etc.

    Order Yours Today!

  11. Tom, I see what you meant by "business". We were on somewhat the same concept. I really like the tower idea. You model reminds me of a space station under water. It also reminds me of the "hotel" things they have in Japan. The little cubeicules that have everything for a overnight stay. The neat thing about them is everything you need besides the small sleeping area is all around you in that city, " your tower".

  12. This will definitely be fun! This will be my first time competeing in a 3D Challenge, that is if I can do it in time.

    Try using the transparent textures tool to create an underwater effect!

  13. This is my first entry yet, so im very excited. I decided to make my residence out of coral, but since there was no coral material in sketchup, i'll have to ask you guys to pretend its coral.

    Here's the link to the warehouse site: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=8b45269d22a701842808bdf8141571b6

  14. hey, ive got an idea. Underwater residents can have a machine that uses electricity to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen.
    Then, the oxygen goes into the air, and keeps them alive, while the hydrogen flows through a tube to power the machine. It should be able to work forever as long as there is enough water.

  15. I have just finished my entry and it can be found at the link below


    additional images can be seen at


  16. One 3DC a month might be enough. 2 many 2 fast and 2 furious. A MHO of course.

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  18. Here is my submission Antigua Sea Resort Check it out in google earth!

  19. Well, here's my submission for this Challenge. I wanted to build the interior as well but work gets in the way sometimes (lol).

    Triton Deep Sea Lab

    Some pics here too:

    The Pics

  20. Hi folks, this will be my contribution (not a submission!) for this challenge.

    Under water residence

  21. Hello,
    Here is my entry: (hope its not too late-its 10:28 am EST)

    UGLUs (Underwater Group Living Units)

  22. Hello rbedi100,

    You're not to late for this challenge. You can submit models for as long as the due date doesn't show a "challenge closed" message and no voting poll is created yet.


  23. J-m@m, One of the reasons I have entered these contests is have other people see my work and make comments and criticisms. On 003 challenge I have 3 people who have make valid criticisms. I would like to say thanks to them. My questions is; is there any way to contact these individuals to see if they have any suggestion on how to cut "pollies" on my model? Also thanks for the Common Mistakes link.

  24. Hi Don,

    We hope people will give comments on other models here in the challenge comments so everybody could learn from it. For some kind of reason this is not happening very often. I personally don't give comments to fast because I don't want to chase away beginning sketchuppers with a lot of criticism. As I'm a perfectionist myself I sometimes give to much critics on a model as my own standard is quite high.

    On the blog itself there is no way you can contact somebody personal. But, there is an alternative on the 3D warehouse. If you go to somebody's model, below the ranking stars there is a link called "contact the owner". Then you can send a personal message to that person. If you exchange email addresses you can keep contact with each other. It's not the easiest way but the only option at the moment. I personally miss the private message function of the old forum. The moderator team also used it to give some people personal advice.


    ps. thanks for the thanks, I created that tutorial because beginners often make the same "mistakes" on their first models. It's a basic guideline to prevent most of those mistakes....

  25. Hello All

    Model by Mstro

    The following model was posted in the warehouse by Mstro on 9/4/07. I could not find a posting in the blog, so I will add it at this time and include it in the voting poll.

    Model Link


  26. Why isn't this one in the polls for voting? Triton

  27. Hello Elijah,

    Some of the models for this challenge where submitted by members of the admin team. We participate with the challenges for the fun of it, and not for winning. Oscar aka Oz The Wiz is one of the team, just as me, Bluesdog, Logan and Rahul Desai. We decided together not to put our models into the voting poll to give all the other particpants a fair chance. We do put the models on the blog so everybody can review them or give comments.


  28. I don't mean any disrespect or offense to anyone, but isn't this challenge about skill in modeling? Currently for 3D Challenge 004 the leader in the voting is the Coral Dome. I really don't mean to discourage ANYONE from entering since one of the great things about this is constructive criticism. The only reason I bring this up is there are clearly superior models in the challenge any yet the coral dome has nearly twice as many votes as any other model. Is there a flaw in the voting system that allows someone to vote more than once, or are people just not paying any attention to what they're voting for? I'm really sorry if this has offended anyone, but it is a challenge to design the best models and in my opinion if the best models don't win, then people will be less likely to participate. By the way, I haven't been able to participate in the last few challenges due to work commitments, but I'll be entering again soon!

    Devon, I think your model shows a lot of promise and creativity, and I think you have a great future modeling ahead of you, so please don't let this post discourage you.

  29. Elijah

    I agree with all you have said although for me to comment would seem like sour grapes at this point.

    I will say, that most competitions are very specific in terms of rules of fairness. It is obvious that some of those safe guard are not in play here.

    If you look back at the World Trade Center Competition that CNN sposored a few years ago, it was just a poll. Who ever got the most hits wins. In reallity how does 'most hits' identify true value? I would say not much.

    Another suggestion woulld be to provide criteria as to how to rate an entry. Perhaps a rating form would be more useful rather than a simple thumbs up or thumbs down.

    More power to Coral Dome but if all these folks voted for it, then why did they not comment in the review section of 3d Warehouse. Please let us know what the affirmative voter specifically liked about the entry. At this point we have nothing to go on other than popularity.

    My suggestion is to let the Google Team vote as they are the experts.

    irosade - deep sea 7