Standard Participation Rules

To participate you simply create a model in SketchUp based on the description of the current challenge on the challenge blog and add the given Tag to your model when uploading it to the 3D Warehouse. On the challenge post, you may share your thoughts about the challenge topic, helpful comments for other participants, etc. Once the challenge period is over, you place your vote to choose the winner of the challenge.
  • You must create all of the geometry for your model in SketchUp only. There are many fine 3D software packages out there, but this challenge is solely for SketchUp modeling. You are free to create textures for your model in the program of your choice. You may use ruby scripts and extensions made for SketchUp.
  • Do not include renders in your model. Please remember that this is a modeling challenge, not a rendering challenge.
  • Your must create the entirety of your model during the specified challenge period, or in other words, you must create something completely new during each challenge period.
  • You may NOT use existing components, standard shapes or models from the SketchUp library or the 3D Warehouse with exception to the 2D character included in all new SketchUp (SKP) files.
  • You are not required, but we recommend posting a link to images of your model. You may use any free image-hosting sites you like.
  • Before you start modeling and posting, please, read carefully the 3D Challenge Participation Manual.
  • To submit an entry for the challenge, first upload your model to the 3D Warehouse. Part of the process for uploading to the Warehouse is to provide tags for your model. Make sure to include the correct tag shown in the current challenge post. If you use additional tags, be sure to separate them with a comma (i.e.: "3D Challenge 001, chess table, chess"). Models that are incorrectly tagged or untagged models are NOT considered valid submissions to the challenge.
  • When the challenge period is over, you are required to submit a vote to help determine the winner of the challenge. Only those who vote are eligible to win. However, you do not have to submit a model in order to vote.
  • When voting, you must vote for model entries other than your own.
Note: These rules supercede any rules listed in the 3D Challenge Participation manual.