26 September 2007

3D Challenge #008 - Time machine

Note: Please read the guidelines for participating in the challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and bring SketchUp users together and help each other learn and get better at using our favorite 3d modeling program. We will remove comments that are objectionable or offensive.

This week's challenge:

Time machine

This weeks challenge will be highly creative as we are going to make a "time machine" to travel in time. The hard part is that there are not really much examples you can recreate or use as an example. Imagination is the keyword this challenge. How would your time machine look like and how would it be used? Will it be something
like a small watch, a fixed device which is room filling or a car like in the "back to the future" movies. You can make your design in any style you can think of. It could be a highly futuristic design, Leonardo Da Vinci style or even Looney Tunes style.

Good luck!

3d Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 008

Due Date: Wed, Oct 3 (Challenge Closed)

Click here to see the submitted models for this challenge.

Time Machine by COSEDIMARCO

2 nd Place
Calvin & Hobbes' Time Machine by Andrew Alexander (acad_whiz)

3rd Place
Time Traveler 5000 by Tom (Cartographer_Tom)

Congrats to ALL !!!!!


  1. I just get to the point, my model is here and my pictures are here.

  2. This was the first time machine I thought of!

    Time Machine Model

    Thanks to Joe Sketchewa for the background in this picture:
    The Time Machine Picture

  3. Hello All

    This is the beginning of my time machine. As I was working on it, I felt pleased with the results and uploaded it to the warehouse as elegant chair for warehouse use.

    This is still a "Work In Progress".

    Model Link


  4. Hello all,

    Here's my version of a time travel machine.

    Link to model

    Some images

    Good luck all...


  5. This is an image on what I'm working on for this challenge
    Work in progress

    This should be a mix between H. G. Wells era and Timanic Space Traveller.

    Body is quite finished, cockpit and watch gears are still missing.

  6. Wow, this is shaping up really well already!

    Andrew, I got a great laugh out of your time machine, very classic. Thanks to you I now feel the need to kick back on the couch for the next hour with any of my Calvin and Hobbes collection.

    I'm intrigued by your start Bob, wonderful chair, where could it go?

    J-m@n and cosedimarco, these look great as well, eager to see them finished.

  7. Whew!, This one pushed my sketchup talents to the edge.

    WARNING: heavy poly 2MB model, download not recommended for the weak PCs.

    Time Traveler 5000

  8. and now.......

    Congrats Again to Acad_whiz!

    006 Challenge winner

    Great model Andrew, it was time consuming to render (some pics are tests) but it was well made and clean and easy to work with. I tried to apply some marble textures to break up the solid white, (I'm still learning the texures there)


    ps. after this render, and the time machine, I must admit I'm glad the next render is the fountain pen.

  9. Well, here's my model for this challenge. It's Bryce's secret time travel facility, hidden in his basement:

    Bryce's Sci-Fi Time Travel Machine

    And the Pics album

  10. And Tom, if you think your model was a heavy one... Check out my hefty 3mb monstrosity! Lol!

  11. Oscar, FAN-frickin-TASTIC!!

    and to think I thought mine was gonna be the MegaByte master. well done.

    now, where did Bryce go? To the past or the future? If he went back in time he may magically appear in one of the ancient temples as King Bryce of Brycetonia

  12. Wow! Well done Oscar! I've to work hard on my 1.7 Mb model to try to get success. lol!

    Server racks and power units are my favourites

  13. Thanks again, Tom, for your renders. They look really amazing! When you've got a spare moment, could you render a couple more models for me? My Star Wars speeder bike, and the Wooden Train System (the latest one). Then I'll have renders of all the models that have won challenges! Thanks.

    I like everyone's concepts for time machines. It's going to be difficult to vote!

  14. Oscar, love it! What a great scene/ machine, it reads very well.

    Well this is a fun challenge. I decided to go old school, and do a steam powered time machine. Wanted to try and make it mobile, but the wheels and such are taking too much away, it doesn't really come across as a time machine, so I think those are gonna go away. That should also simplify a far too complex idea, no chance of getting it finished in a few days with the many gears and such that need to added. Simplify, simplify.

    This is the WIP so far, but this stage is still about exploring the idea and like I say, this is going to change a lot.

    Time Machine Images

  15. 3D challenge, That is so brilliant!! I love it!

  16. Ty/3D challenge,
    I see that you decided to go steampunk for this one. Loving the concept so far. Can't wait to see the finished model!

  17. nice 3D, I think the wheels should stay, they add to the old time look. It looks like a familiar machine, yet has the odd components that give a lot of interest.

    Oscar, Andrew, click the render link in the earlier comment. ;)

  18. Hello, I'm new here,I liked playing with sketchup alot,its interface is easy to use, so i wanted to join the fun,I made my own Time machine,it looks good i think.

    Link for the model http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=464966d1f3096aad2ef385ed2047104&prevstart=0

    PS:Maybe some of you guys remember me (abod)

  19. Hello Abod

    How have you been. I saw your model in the warehouse today and was wondering if it was you. Welcome to the group. Great to see old faces coming in.


  20. Here is my updated model (4 Mb)for the challenge:

    Warehouse link

    and the Time machine album too.

  21. Hello All

    Here is my "Time Machine". Still some detail I would like to add, but this is all I can do before challenge ends.

    Note: Model is entered but is NOT included in the judging poll.

    Hope you all enjoy.

    Model Link


    PS: Great Models by ALL !!!

  22. Hi, I was hoping I had untill 12 pm my time to enter this contest. Is there any way I can still enter. It is currently 2:50 pm Pacific Daylight time. It not I won't cut it so close next time.

  23. Howdy, well it's not meant to be. Not only late but too big. If any of you have the time you might go to my Blog and see what you think. 009 keep it small.

  24. Two models missing from the Blog but in the warehouse with proper tag:

    Model by FlagFreak
    Model Link

    Model by Bill
    Model Link