24 October 2007

3D Challenge #012 - Radio

Note: Please read the guidelines for participating in the challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and bring SketchUp users together and help each other learn and get better at using our favorite 3d modeling program. We will remove comments that are objectionable or offensive.

This week's challenge:


For this week's challenge, we are going to model a radio. There are all kind of radios, portable radios like ghettoblasters, car radios or home theatre sets for example. The choice of the type of radio and an existing or home made design is yours. The only limitation this challenge is that every part of the radio has to be modeled. This means that all the buttons, displays and other parts have to be made from geometry, no boxes with the image of a radiofront. It's all about using the possiblities of the Sketchup tools effective.

Good luck ALL!

3d Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 012

Due Date: Wed, Oct 31 (Challenge closed)

Click here to see the submitted models for this challenge.

"Wonder" Radio by COSEDIMARCO

2 nd Place
1937 RCA Magic Eye Radio by Don East

3 rd Place (2 Way Tie)
Rock'n'Roll Radio by Johanna
All Band Scanner Radio by MHolzinger

Congrats to ALL !!!


  1. This is what I'm working on. Inspired from the Wavebands Stage in the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship, an old shaped radio.

    Work is still in progress.

    "Wonder" Radio album

  2. Here is something I have put toghether. It may need little bit more work.

    Zerg's radio

  3. Here's another bad effort from me. This one is DAB Digital.


  4. Well Oz, great minds think alike I guess huh? Great stuff. This is an example model only, not to included for voting.

    Here is the model in the warehouse.

    3d Warehouse Model

    And if anyone is interested, I recorded the process of creating this radio, sped it up and put it on YouTube with our other SketchUp videos. You can watch this thing from start to finish in about 6 minutes on this channel.

    YouTube Channel

  5. Here's is my model. Work is still in progress.
    Things to do: Tuner and rear Power circuit.

    "Wonder" Radio Model

    Image Album

  6. This utility radio will be my contribution to this challenge. These kind of radios are designed for rough environments like construcion sites.

    Warehouse model



  7. Digital Radio

    Not the best model i ever made or the most detailed....i know it need work but my imagination on this one is stumped.

    Digital Radio

  8. Hello All

    Here is a Quick entry for the challenge. LOL

    Ham Radio


  9. Note * this does not pertain to the challenge or radio type devices

    Hello, I'm would just like to inform you all that I have found a glitch-type occurrence in google sketchup.

    Just a few minutes ago, I was working on a 3d mansion, with the style set to Google Earth. I created a long vertical tube with large and wide circles protruding at intervals from the top to the bottom. Then I put a large and flat square at the top. After this, I applied the color 068 light green to the tube, and added a translucent dark wood color to the protruding circles.

    I suddenly realized that the color of the tube changed as I moved. While standing still, I could see the colors (gradient between green and white), (gradient between green and black), (gradient between dark green and dark red)and a few other colors.

    I quickly eliminated the mansion and erased almost all of the objects around it except for one lamp. Still preserving the tube's color features, I Erased all that I could of the lampshade. (leaving only the top rim, a small fragment of the stem, and the rim of the base.)

    It seemed that when I erased any of the remaining parts, the dazzling display was gone.

    I will soon post images and share my model.

    This is amazing! its like macromedia flash!

    This may be the first google sketchup glitch!

  10. continuing on, I have captured photos of this at http://picasaweb.google.com/psybuzz/SketchupGlitch

  11. here's my Radio entry

    children's radio

    and some pics...


    I might be on a break for a while...hopefully not too long. I will try to check back in soon.

  12. The next challenge "Mobile home / Caravan"

    Question ? witch one

    Mobile home= manufactured home are halt out onto site place on foundation

    Caravan = RV recreational vehicles


  13. Hello .

    There is a big difference between Mobile home/Manufactured home vs modular homes. Mobil homes/ Manufactured homes are built on a non-removable steel chassis.
    Sections are transported to the building site on their own wheels.They remain on their wheels while on the mobil home site. Skirting is places around the home to give appearance of a fixed structure. Foundations can be dirt or a concrete slab, but home can easily be moved off the site to another location.

    Modular homes ar similar to Mobile homes as they are also built in a controlled environment and transported to the home site in sections. But,these are placed on foundations and connected via sill plate similar to a stick built home. These are not easily moved once in location. Any home can be relocated if you have the $, but a mobile home is built for the purpose of relocation.

    Mobile homes come in single wide and double wide. In the case of a double wide, it is moved to the site in 2 half sections and bolted together. Again, they can be seperated easily and moved as desired. They also remain on their wheels as noted above.

    Mobile Home Model

    A caravan is usually a self contained living unit moved via its own power or towed by your vehical. Used often for camping or frequent relocation from place to place.

    Hope this helps.


  14. Howdy All, here is my model.
    1937 RCA Magic Eye Radio

    I have not textured this model as of yet. Does anyone know where I can get some vintage wood grain textures to finish. I could take photos of the radio and work from that, however that will take some time. Open for ideas.

  15. Hi Don

    Either you take a photo of the radio, place it on a plane in front of the radio to scale it and use it as projected texture, or you search the web for free textures (use picture search, keywords like 'texture' and 'tileable' will help)


  16. Howdy All, I've added textures. The change didn't show up on the 012 challenge picture. However if you click on it and go to the larger versions you can see it with textures. Nase thanks for the places to look for textures.

  17. i didn't have huge amounts of time to make a model but i wanted to join in anyway :) here's my little contribution. a sweet old-fashioned radio.

    old-fashioned radio

  18. ChelseaFan528, that is not a terrible model at all! I quite like it! I think you did a great job, keep it up and I hope to see more of your models! :)

  19. I like the new Code Creator, but it would probably be better at the bottom of the page. Great work! ;-)


  20. i've added a few pictures to a webalbum - not that they actually add much but just thought i'd share :)


    pictures are made using kerkythea :)

  21. @ChelseaFan528: I agree with Logan that your model is not bad at all. You have to make the difference between bad and basic. Your model is basic, but not bad. There are lots of things you did right in your model:

    - no reversed faces
    - no excessive geometry
    - no unused materials
    - no unused components (incl. bruce)
    - no totally black used for the casing
    - no left-over construction geometry

    Things you could improve in future models are:

    - Alignment, the radio probably would be symmetrical from the middle in the front view.
    - Use components for repeating geometry, all buttons could be made from one component.
    - Use the line-colors as less as possible. Create a surface for the signs on the buttons and paint them white.

    Creating realistic and difficult models is something you will learn step by step with every model you make. I started with the same kind of models as this one.

    @Flagfreak: We would prefer to place the code generator below the comment box. As far as we know we can't change the comment page at all. The only option was to place it at the front page.

    @all: Very nice and creative models this time, good work.


  22. Found this page at the last moment (well, for me any way) was bored and wanted to scratch up on my SketchUp Skills. I normally work in Lightwave so it's a trick to switch between the two packages, but SketchUp is just so much fun to work in.

    I like the challenge, simple but has potential to have a lot of detail. Wish I had more time, on the other hand, projects don't always happen with loads of time to mess around in.

    Thanks, this was quite fun. Having a real focus to try and aim at makes one try harder.

  23. i did a last-minute changing on my model... the squares in the panel were too big to my liking. they still are really, but it does like better now i think :) the link for model and pictures should be the same!

  24. The following models were in the warehouse but links were not on the blog. They are tagged correctly and within the date range of the challenge and will be included in the voting.

    Rock'n'Roll Radio
    Model by Johanna

    1990 Radio
    Model by trojanhero

    Retro Radio
    Model by Jeffrey Knipe

    This Model was previously entered in the blog and is being added again to repair the link:

    Digital Radio
    Model by Marian