07 November 2007

3D Challenge #014 - Mobile home / caravan

Note: Please read the guidelines for participating in the challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and bring SketchUp users together and help each other learn and get better at using our favorite 3d modeling program. We will remove comments that are objectionable or offensive.

This week's challenge:

Mobile home / Caravan

This week our Sketchup challenge is to model an accomodation in a compressed space. This can be anything like a mobile home, a caravan or even a house in a shipping container. Other creative ideas are of course allowed as long as it's an accomodation in a compressed space. It doesn't nescesarily has to have wheels but it should be movable. You are free to create only the outside of your accomodation, or the inside as well. Remember that time is short so use it wisely. Start with the main shapes and add details later on.

Good luck ALL!

3d Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 014

Due Date: Wed, Nov 14 (Challenge closed)

Click here to see the submitted models for this challenge.

Covered Wagon by Tom (Cartographer_Tom)

2 nd Place
Evonne's RV by Evonne (evoo73)

3 rd Place
1963 Airstream Bambi by Don East

Honorable Mention
Solar Caravan by chaitanyak

Congrats to ALL !!!!!


  1. General notes:

    Remember to post a link to your model in the 3D Warehouse on the blog, so everybody knows you submitted it. You can use the hyperlink code creater on the frontpage of the blog to create the code for a hyperlink in your message. Copy this code and paste it in the comment box on the place where your want the hyperlink to be. More information about participating with the challenges and uploading models to the Warehouse can be found in the "3D Challenge participation manual" in the useful links section on the frontpage of the blog.

    Challenge suggestions are welcome to be placed on the blog. Items will be noted and compiled on the moderator’s list. At that point, the initial comment for the suggestion will be deleted so as to maintain a streamline challenge thread for use of posting entries for the challenge and comments to models. Challenge suggestions have always been welcomed and taken under consideration.

    Good luck with the challenge...

  2. I have an idea, and this will (hopefully) make it easier for everyone: Why not make the blog post comments mandatory instead of everyone having to go looking for models. Or make them unnecessary, because there is a link to all the entries on the post already. Just some ideas.

  3. I have a better idea for choosing the winner.I think that someone can cheat easily by changing his ip or using other computers.I realized this when i wanted to check the blog and i was at another computer.I think the winner should be selected through a combination of user votes and points from judges.The judges can be chosen from past winners or anyone that got the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any one challenge.There should be 3 judges or more that would grade each of the models with pionts between 1 and 10 and send the marks to one of the blog admins.When the poll ends, the model which has the most votes takes 10 points and so on.
    And the winner is the model which has the most poits from both polls.
    I think this is a fairer way of nominating the winner based on popularity and quality.

  4. marian, I read your comments and you have a valid point. Here are a couple of my thoughts. 1. I have looked at your 328 models that are on line. And you do great work. And have been at sketchUp for some time.2.Your suggestions are good. They would take a lot of time and commitment on the part of the people who run this sight. I don't know if they are donating there time or are paid. Either way there are restrictions on how much time they can commit. 3. I'm a retired high school teacher of 33 years and I can tell you that cheating is a problem everywhere. My guess is that on the internet its a far greater challenge that it is in a high school room. 4. These things bring up the question of how do we make a fair completion. 5. What are the purposes of running these completions. 6. I'm retired and can choose to work on the challenge project for as much time as I choose. Is that fair to those who have a job, family, demands ,demands, etc. Not really. You have way more experience than I do. Is that fair? not really. 7. My suggestions is that we split off into levels as the competition continues. After you have won you move into a group of people who have won once or more. After you have won three times you move into a group of three time winners, and so on. If some are cheating and continue to win on that basis they will eventually end up in a group of competing cheaters. Those playing by other rules will eventually end up in another group. Also new people who are new to sketchUp will feel that they can compete on the level that is reasonable to them. Maybe there could even be a level of Mentor. One enters for inspiration to others and not to compete. Finally what is the purpose of the competition? Using SketchUp, Having fun, having you models seen, having others respond to your work.
    Moderators sorry this got so long. Please feel free to remove this from the thread. No Worries.

  5. I agree with Marian idea of a team of judges but they should be composed only by blog admins. Giving the possibility to judge models by user could be very difficult to handle.
    The IP problem of the polling system could not be solved, and mail solution seems to me very caotic.

  6. Hi Don I've read your post after I had post mine.
    You're right: block cheating is impossible and partecipate to the challenge should be only fun (sometimes it satisfy my ego too).

    But after all I still agree with Marian Idea.

    My last suggestion could be to delete polling (so you will kill cheating) and have only site admins ( I think they do this for fun) judgement (not very democratic but... real)


  7. Howdy All, for those of you who have been playing around with backgrounds there is a really cool tutorial in the Google go-2-school blog.

    Is shows how to have a background and still be able to move your model around.
    I had a problem however. I went to upgrade my Communications Satellite model on the 3d Warehouse and my model on the challenge 013 went away. Anyway if you want backgrounds this is cool.

  8. liked the idea of the caravan. will be working on the interiors later.. for now heres my first attempt caravan with jacuzzi
    best of luck to every one else.

  9. "The Container House" is a container ship style house

    this is the photo for you. Jeff

  10. Hi all

    I like Marian's idea. It's not really important to win one of these challenges (at least until so offers some decent prizes, e.g. a pair of socks ;))
    But fairness in general is important - so I'd appreciate to haver some professional and objective judges like our admins or other neutral modellers (btw.: where's the 'how to judge a model' tutorial we once had before the relocation?).

    But I wouldn't want to split this challenge up in a pro and a beginner challenge. We could think about this when we get an average of about 30 models per challenge.
    But even if we split 'em up we shouldn't recommend any qualifikation. What if a pro-modeller discovers our challenge in half a year and doesn't want to join us simply because he'd have to start in the junior league?


  11. http://groups.google.com/group/philosophys-of-modern-architecture this will take you to my House for this challenge. jeff

  12. Hi Jeff

    Maybe you should rethink your model: It's not bad, but I think it's way too large. Try to make sth a little closer to the guidelines; I think the goal is to find some creative solutions for small spaces...
    And you should get rid of all the components you didn't build yourself, I even found sth called "** Shotgun house ** (http://www.sketchup.com) : Small southern United States style narrow shotgun house with front gabled roof and porch."

  13. Hi all

    As one of the top OT-posters, I had an idea:

    Shouldn't we find another place to discuss all these things like judging, new ideas for topics and so on?
    What about a google group [is it possible to integrate it in the official group as sub-group?]
    I this way we could even have some brainstormings and keep this place clean.
    Or does so know a beter place?

    What do you think about it?


  14. Hello All

    Well, here is my First model made in sketchup well over a year ago. It is actually older than the date in warehouse as I had to upload a second time prior to being aware of the Model ID fix.

    This is not for voting, just a display.

    Mobil Home

    I look at it now and see the many things I would have accomplished differently as I developed my skills from the challenge participation. THAT is what the challenge is all about. Learning from each other and building skills and friendships in the sketchup community.


  15. Bluedog, Spoken like a master.
    Thanks Don

  16. Hi all, thought I'd stop in and try this one, here's the original "mobile home" I can't imagine what a rough trip they must have had back then,
    old time

  17. Howdy All, I need help and suggestions. I'm in the process of working on a model of a 1963 Airstream Bambi trailer for this challenge. The front and back shapes are complex compound diminished curve that starts on a curve and terminates in a straight sided rectangle. I tried several approaches to this and finally ended up drawing it segment by segment. It reminded me of my days of working in Maya. I know this problem could be solved with descript geometry, however I'd like to do it with SketchUp. I'm open to all ideas.
    Thanks Don
    1963 Airstream Bambi

  18. As for the judging and stuff, I really like the idea of impartial judges using set criteria. It would be nice to see, what areas I need improvement, like style, detail, creativity, etc..

    But I don't mind the current structure. I don't really look at this as a competition, but more of a "challenge" I have improved my skills by each of these challenges, and by seeing the skills of others. should google decide to award some nice prizes, then impartial judging should be started.

  19. Hey Don, try this method I learned by watching a youtube video. search "wing" or "organic modeling" he makes it look so easy. I'm not so good at it. but it works like this...

    1, make a face of the starting shape.

    2, "pull" it out some.

    3, click on the face you just made and click "scale" scale it down slightly

    4, then pull that face out some, and scale it down, keep repeating.

    try this with a simple shape, and you'll see how it works. If you practice a bit you should be able to scale it from your start shape, to close to your end shape, by scaling sides, top and bottom as you go.

    hope this is not too confusing.

  20. Tom, thanks I'll try this tomorrow morning. Thanks for the input.

  21. no prob. here;s the amazing video...

    wing video

  22. Hi Don, try this solution:
    Diminished curves.zip
    Use push/pull and scale face to obtain the compound shape.

    Take a look at this tutorial too for a longer and detailed explanation
    Aircraft modelling tutorial

    If you search in the WH "tutorials" you will get a lot of help.


  23. Ooops I arrived late the second time.
    Firefox cache jokes me. :-(
    That's OK :-) Good luck Don anyway

  24. added another caravan. this time made it a six wheeler, with lots of gizmos and stuff. probably useful for someone who tavels around chasing ufos and other strange phenomena

    don't know how to make hollow spheres/domes in sketchup yet...the dome here was supposed to be like those half domes on astro-observatories...where they use telescopes. anyway if i figure out how to make that, will upload it.

    pics of the caravan

    see model here

  25. Hello all,

    For this challenge I created a standard european caravan with interior. As usual it won't be a submission for the voting poll.


    Model @ 3D Warehouse

  26. Hi chaitanya

    to correct the spheres, goto view--> hidden geometry and activate it. Then delete the unecessary faces.
    Or you construct a new sphere: instead of two circles (one for the shape and one to follow) you draw half a circle (or how the shape of the dome should look like) and a full circle for the follw-me tool.
    I'm pretty sure I once watched a video tutorial about this, but I'm too lazy to search for it ;)

  27. For Don's problem i found a ruby script which is mighty handy.
    yo can get it from here, it's free just click download to take it.


  28. Thanks FlagFreak for your renders.
    I made some renders of my own using su podium free trial, here are some.


  29. Didn't work out exactly like i thought it would with the links....oh well.

  30. marian and others, Thanks for all the help. I've learned several new techniques which are definitely going to help me create models. I have not been able to solve my problem as of yet. I'm also having problems getting ruby scripts to work. Can anyone send me a place on how to's that will help? I'm uploading a update to my airstream model.
    Thanks again Don

  31. Hi Don

    basically it's just another (or THE) place for scrips, but for some scrips they also offer howto articles:

    Ruby library depot

  32. thanks nase will look into this technique. think i remember someone telling me about it before, didn't pay attention then.

  33. Howdy All, You all have helped me find the answer. I have actually put several of the ideas shown in the plug ins you have suggested together. I still have had do the work by hand however. The problem is that the shape I need is rally a complex compound curve with a TWIST. I will upload a progress post later. I don't believe there is a ruby script to solve this problem. It would be a great add on. If someone is interested I would create a tutorial later. Again thanks for all the help. I don't know if I would have come up with out the answer without the help.

  34. When I had curved surfaces, that a sort of a twist, I used the "From Contours" button which is part of the sandbox tool set. It seemed to work quite well for my case, but it's not always the right tool for the job. You may want to try it, but where as you curve is rather complex, it may just give you a lot of random faces in the shape of a wind turbine.
    Good luck!

  35. topic ideas:

    -optical instruments (eyeglasses, telescopes and so on)
    - invent something (mechanical), or copy an invention that works (e.g. it's useless to copy or "reinvent" the iPod, unless you build the electronics inside, too)

  36. Topic ideas:

    -Mobile phone
    -Brush :P
    -Your Desk(where you make the model at,the more details the better)
    -Logo for these 3d Challenges
    -One of the ancient seven wonders
    -One of the new seven wonders

  37. Im new to sketchup challenges and am planning to enter my model in this one. the due date is wed. does that mean we have to have it in by wed morning or do we have all of wed to work on it and can we turn it in at the end of wed? please tell me soon so i can know if i have another day!

  38. Hello Evonne

    The challenge usually ends aprox 6-7 PM EST. The new challenge is posted a little sooner and the current challenge will say challenge closed. I usually set up the voting polls, so if your model is there at aprox 6-7 PM EST (Wednesday), I will include it in voting.

    Good Luck

  39. Hello evonne,

    First of all, welcome to the challenges. In addition to Bluesdog, keep the remaining voting time of the challenge subject poll as a reference (when writing this post it says you can still vote for 23 hours). When that poll ends I usually start making changes to the blog soon. If you keep that poll as a deadline, you are always on time. If you submit a model after that poll ends, it might be possible we will miss it when creating the new challenge winner poll.


  40. Ok Thanks, I understand now.
    It's great that you are doing this! I love sketchup! You should advertise it more!


  41. One more question,
    I know it said not to use other 3d modeling programs and only sketchup. But we can still use pictures that we got from the web or made in photoshop in our models, correct? Or are we not allowed to even use pictures as textures?


  42. 3d chalhttp://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=bb6c7651b97d0feccca277dcc2bd3e15lenge 014,

  43. http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=bb6c7651b97d0feccca277dcc2bd3e15


    Table which seats five is built such the top turns over, making a large bed. Table area has a sliding door. Bath room/Shower has hot and cold water. Wheel hubs have snap lock railroad wheel adapters (gage is 8�4� STD.). A canvas skirt drops down and zips together. Canvas in closer (water tight) can be pumped full of water and submerge vehicle.

  44. Hello evonne,

    yes, you are allowed to use imported textures unless it's stated in the challenge header. But, I would encourage people to use them as little as possible. There are a few reasons for this.

    1) when people import images they often don't look at the filesize or filetype of that image. This results in very large sketchup models (filesize) from which up to 90% is used by an image.
    2) The challenges are about learning all the tools and possibilities of the program. For this challenge you could also create a box and paste for mobile home images to the sides. In my opinion you will learn very little from doing this. If you can create it in sketchup, an image is often not nescesary.
    3) When judging models for the voting poll, textures should be turned off. This means that your model should be good and have quality without the textures.

    I don't want to say that you should never use images, but there is a unwritten boundary from which they are usefull for a model or not. As the modeler of your model you should find that boundary yourself.

    @Bill breen: The challenge tag from your model in the warehouse is incorrect. Please read the participation manual, privided on the frontpage, for proper tagging. Also, please use hyperlinks to your models on the blog. This is also explained in the manual.


  45. I just thought of an interesting challenge idea. What if the moderators created a base model, and the chalengers would modify specific parts of it.

    for example: A train. the moderator would create the under carraige and and connection assembly (as a component). Then put a blank rectagular cube on the top. Challengers would download it, and design the "car" but must fit inside the confines of the blank box. A file size limit may be needed too. then at the end of the challenge the train would be assembled into a long model.

    this could be a non-voting challenge, and last for a month. or a permanent thing, where people can just add a "car" or two when they want. and the main model gets updated periodacly. Perhaps turning into the 3D warehouse's world record for longest model. (this is where the strict file size limit would be needed)

    could also be done for a carousel or a traffic jam, or a subdivision....um that's about all I can think of right now.

    just a thought.


  46. The following models were found in the warehouse with proper tags and within the challenge date. No blog entries were found and will be added now.

    Model by FlagFreak

    Model by Evonne

    Model by loupie


  47. About the judging I agree that there should be one or two official judges to a challenge, for a. not cheating b. it would break a lot of ties and c. its more accurate but I still belive there should be some voting like 50% of judges score and 50% of the poll score

    And in reference to splitting it off into "pro" and "non-pro", I would say not to do that because eventhough im only a freshman in hs and going up against people who have a lot more experience than me, and I have school, where as somebody retired doesn't. It may not be fair but Its more of a challenge and as long as one person doesn't dominate and win every single one then it's okay.

    I suggest Dog/Cat feader

  48. another suggestion:
    musical instrument
    (bluesdog icon reminded me of that--go saxophone players!!)

  49. http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=bb6c7651b97d0feccca277dcc2bd3e1


    I did it again, wrong numbers. Bob Thank you!!

  50. 1) Indemnifying Model: Can’t we just enter the generated number in [Link to this page] provided after your upload. http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=bb6c7651b97d0feccca277dcc2bd3e15
    2) For your knowing who is participating at the cut of date/time. Just have you leader log in to the 3d warehouse and type in [3d challenge 014] which will give you all playing, their link, and time and so on. Print that page and you have it all.
    3) I model all components of my submitted Model to be evaluate, thought within my over all room and a modeled TV I modeled, I may for the hell of it, import a picture of Jane Paluy {easily to discern is not an evaluated component}. This is causing a problem?
    4) Voting: 40% participants, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, place winner whom have not won more than 5 places within 3 months the remaining 60%.

    Bill Breen