21 August 2008

3D Challenge #054 - Helicopter

The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and bring SketchUp users together and help each other learn and get better at using our favorite 3d modeling program. We will remove comments that are objectionable or offensive.
Before you start modeling and posting, please read carefully the 3D Challenge participating manual and pre-made or downloaded components are not allowed.

This week's challenge:


The Helicopter is a great engineering marvel. It looks like it shouldn't be able to fly but shows that it is a very versatile machine being able to hover on the spot, fly forward, backward, left and right. So for this weeks challenge we are going to show how versatile SketchUp is modeling the Helicopter. You may model an existing Helicopter or try to create your own. Keep in mind that your helicopter should have some sort of rotary system or spinning parts.

Good luck and have fun!

3D Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 054

Due Date: Wed, August 27th (Challenge Closed)

Click here to see the currently submitted models for this challenge.

The Batcopter by yipperoo

2nd Place
AirSwimmer 2.0 by Gabor

3rd Place
GME AH-9 Python by =((UnlimitedGuy))=


  1. General Notes:
    There will no obligation for a blog entry anymore. It is still allowed to post a link to your model or additional images, but it is not required anymore to submit a model to the challenges. The 3D Warehouse tag is still required though and should be added when uploading a model to the Warehouse.

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    Please refrain from using background images in your models as it is the model itself that is being judged.

    You'll notice a new link on the main page that directs you to the First Place Certificate area to which winners are able to print a certificate with a picture of their model detailing their excellence. You can access the page here or through the main page of the blog.

    Enjoy the Challenge!!!

  2. i'm no good with helis,i think i'll skip this one

  3. Hmmm, why did the voting continue for a extra day?! Now i'm second instead of first... Also funny, i checked 1 hour before closing, and i was leading with one vote, but i was outvoted... in the last hour...(23 Hours OVERDUE......) You don't see that in F1; oh, sorry, we forgot to flag of the race.... Bit dissapointing....

  4. @DesignsbyALX
    About Extra voting day: Sorry but we are only humans, and some times mistakes happen. We set the voting poll due date with one day more as usual.
    This week you got one day less so everything will return to the standards.

    About voting difference: I noticed this thing too. Maybe you can call it... cheating.

  5. @Skacker: Don't quit to soon. If the shape of a common helicopter is to difficult at the moment, then just make it easier for yourself. You could model a toy helicopter, da vinci's helicopter or a one person helicopter like this: one person helicopter

    Think creative (within the challenge rules)


  6. @cosedimarco:

    I guess it's all in the game :(
    No hard feelings to you guys... ;)

  7. @DesignsbyALX
    It was my fault that the voting was a little messed up last week, and for that I am sorry. But I can not turn back time, so all I can do is try and make sure that it won't happen again.

    BUT....In all fairness I would like to point out that the poll was NOT 23 hours longer. It was the regular time of 7 days or 1 week. The reason it ended a day later is because the poll was not made until a day after the challenge had ended. So it still lasted the full 7 days, like every other challenge. I would agree that sometimes the voting can seem a but "skewed" but we really don't have many other options at the moment. So I'll take this time to make a little reminder.

    PLEASE, vote only once and for one model!

    So again, I am sorry, but like Cosedimarco said, I am only human and I do make mistakes.

  8. @ sletch2003
    You can't enter the challenge 'cause your models were made before challenge started.
    Please read the guidelines.

  9. At first I would agree with Skacker, although upon reading Jm@n's reply I put one up. No
    bod. BareBones. Experimental. Onward.

  10. id like to take part in this challenge but i just dont kno how people make fluid, curved designs such as planes, helicopters, cars, etc and so i think ill lleave this one

  11. Here is my entry Dk 440

    this a lot of time a patients for me which I have none! so tell me whatcha think


  12. hey I cant make a model this week but I already have a helicopter made up. you might want to take a look. :-)

  13. @morls7

    Ive never been able to figure that out myself i can simply not make complex/organic models but if u can make that stadium u certainly can make a chopper

  14. @ashinms
    Please rename your model and deleted one of the double entry.

  15. @ The Fifth Dimension of 3D: Lol, thnks but its too late now

  16. @ The Fifth Dimension of 3D: Lol, thnks but its too late now

  17. The more I look at my rendering amongst all the other wonderfully rendered models, its clear the heli exterior's the thing to do. I'm withdrawing
    my "skeletal" heli.

  18. May i suggest a challenge ?

    Ok my idea was that anyone can chose to model a building or an aircraft (plane must exist in reality) for use in the open source flight sim flightgear , thats right if you modelled a plane we can make it fly if it is selected or if you make a building such as a hangar we can add it to our scenery to make it better ,
    the catch is , if you model a plane you have to leave it in its default white colour , and if you model a building you need to use free to use GPL textures no google standard fills , you must also read and agree to the GPL license

    just my thoughts :)

  19. ok...that was exhausting... have you ever tried making your best model in under 5 hours? some people do theres in 30 min or 2 years, but for me to make my own best is just crazy! ( message too: crazy eyes... hehe crazy... ) the picture isnt the best but if you download it you shall be blown away, not saying mine is the best and yours is all the worst but i really really liked making it, ( thank you to the people who voted for this challenge ) well, here it is

    the best helicopter ever made by jumpman...

    \ /


    PS-sorry the hyperlink machine isnt working now.

  20. Ashinms-

    your model has another persons model in it, the model's name is "3d challenge 054"

    mr.jumpman v.2

  21. does someone know any tutorials about ruby script (for absolute dummies) i mean anything another than suwiki thanks

  22. very challenging for me since I recently started to be able to use irregular curves somewhat proficently, but there must be an easier was. Please check out and rate my chopper, HELPFUL advice is always appreciated. I think Gabor blew everyone away with the "Air Swimmer" truly an amazing model, many other great models but nothing up to his level. Thank you, Mesnic.

  23. Dear Yipperoo!

    Belive me, it's not worth, to cheat. The Batcopter is not bad, but it's not good enough to win this challenge! Everybody will know, that you are a f*cking cheater (I'm sorry, if not, but the chance to get that many votes, are unbeliveble in this short periode of time). Batcopter is a "5 out of 5 stars", but the AirSwimmer is "7 out of 5 stars" (thanks to the interior!). I really mean, that the Batcopter is so cool (for exapmle the tail rotor), but it's not worth to risk your reputation!
    (sorry for my poor English)