19 July 2009

3d challenge #089 - Rifle

 Challenge (CLOSED)
1st Place Winner:
Takko for M200 CheyTac
OK this 3D-challenge is all about making 3d-Rifle guns In SU. What is Rifle? You have wide range of options like legendary rifles or modern rifles & it can be sniper rifle, assault rifle, carbine, automatic, semi-automatic and Sci-Fi Phaser rifles. Also you can make accessories, case & ammo of it; if you like. One more thing - rifle can be realistic, concept, sci-fi, game-TV stuff or your own design. Ideas

Good luck with this challenge and have fun!!!

3D Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 089

Due Date: Wednesday, July 29th ...(CLOSED)

Click here to see the currently submitted models for this challenge.


1st Place :
Takko for M200 CheyTac
2nd Place :
Volcol~ (UK) for Kar98k
3rd Place :
a.j.unknow for Winchester



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    Good Luck!!!!

  2. I think i'm going to put in 2 models. My idea is a normal double-barrel rifle and a lego rifle. The lego rifle's allowed though right?

  3. My new rifle!

    M-56 APR

    The M-56 All Purpose Rifle (APR) is an advanced Customizable Rifle to fit all purposes in combat efficency, It can load up to 18 bullets in each magazine ( Clip to some people ) If need be the barrel can be shortened to fit some peoples needs in combat such as close range ( spray and pray ) Long range ( as seen in the photo ) medium range for grunts and even Commando style with RPG, laser scope, laser pointer and flash light attatchments. This gun took 4 hours to complete, it is created to be my first completly and most realistic model ever ( not best ) It has scenes so you can look at all the inside parts also. Please do not download directly! Complete by Mr.jumpman V.3, Thanks!

  4. Finished my first model. warehouse here and renders there

  5. Dudes of te worldwide sketchup community. my final entry is in.
    no changes. just so you the ramble is eyeVe drawn another. A Bejorinator. A more "for fun" use of sketchup and and not an entry. all one piece 2. good luc to one and all. sum very kool onez so far...

  6. -beep- this is a message to anyone who daily see my models: go to here. That link goes to my newest models in the 3d warehouse. I only use drawer-guy for the 3d challenge, so don't expect any new non-challenge models in my drawer-guy account. -beep-

  7. Uploaded a slightly different model :D Hope you will like it!



  8. This is my model for challege 089 (work in progress)

    Winchester 1873

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  10. I'm not sure to put this early but.... here goes! next challenge suggestions:
    -space related
    -figure (human, alien)
    -escape pod
    -antartic research center (made-up, not real one)
    -flying building
    -sci-fi ship
    -game figure

    and that's what i got so far

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  12. Here is a link to my rifle model


  13. how do you upload a video/animation to picasa? -just asking-


  14. Use Picasa (the PC application) and upload it ;)

  15. oh yeah, anybody joining the 'sketchup contest for kids? the link is here it's for ages 0-15

    Thanks. I'm just about to try it

  17. I think I'm a little bit older for this ;)

  18. thanks for the tip about the sketchup contest for kids, i just might try it

  19. the rifle
    I hope I'm not late, so it is my model for this challenge.

  20. *********************************************

    "3D Challenge #089"
    Challenge Closed


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  22. that was a somewhat fast challenge. oh well, here are my votes:
    3 points: M200 CheyTack by Takko
    2 points: SA80 with underslung grenade launcher by Hobbnob
    1 point: K1 by DALEXD

  23. My votes are:
    3 points: ~Volcol~ (UK) Congratulation for Kar98k rifle!
    2 points: Mr. Jump Man V.3 Fascinating creation! M-56 APR
    1 point: a.j.unknow Winchester 1873 You missed the letter i, I think... : ]
    Monster Splash Rifle is yet good model too, but there is no more points.

  24. 3pts:FN SCAR by trp (my all time favourite Assault Rifle)

    2pts:M200 Cheytac by tacko

    1pt:flintlock by CK

    really, really good competition. Oh and I have animated a render of my model in iClone, (youtube link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV1QyEJt4t4

  25. 3points-volcol-Kar98
    2points-ajunknow-winchester 1873


    How about (3d-cahllenge #090 UFO), u can make any shape of UFO you know about. It can be flying saucer, big triangle, orb, or any.


  27. I like that UFO idea. Let's do it

  28. 3pts: M200 CheyTac by Takko
    2pts: M-56 APR by Mr.Jumpman V.3
    1pt: Kar98k rifle by Volcol UK

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  30. 3 point: Wnchester 1873 by: a.j.unknow
    2 point: Kar98k rifle by: ~Volcol~ (UK)
    1 point: Flintlock Rifle by: CK

  31. To, Drawer-guy

    This blog is officially launched by Google SketchUp Team; you cannot start your own SketchUp Challenge. But you can suggest us to improve this site.


  32. Any one else like the idea of (3d-challenge #090 UFO)?

    This will be TOP SECRET Challenge ...

  33. Hi Rahul,
    I don't belive in that misterious flying objects, a match would be interesting after all; who would be able to produce a what kind of form.

  34. I say teapots! there would be some great entries 8D

  35. 3 points - m 200 cheytac by takko
    2 points - fn scar by trp
    1 point - winchester 1873 by a.j. unknow

  36. 3 points - sniper by jptoodles
    2 points - m 200 cheytac by takko
    1 point - monster splash by henkietank

  37. 3 Points,Kar98k rifle (~Colcol(UK))
    2 Points,M200 CheyTac (takko)
    1 Point, Winchester 1873 (a.j.unknown)

  38. If UFO,can we use materials or component design from this world?

    (Such as glass, wheel, light, ETC.)

  39. So the next challenge is a UFO then? nice......

  40. Some of you are not interested in UFO, OK will do Poll for challenge#090

  41. I am up for doing a UFO. it sounds really fun

  42. 3 points to sniper by jptoodles
    2 points to monster splash by henkietenk
    1 point to kar98k rifle by volcol

  43. the site has a new top bar has it?

  44. Yes we have setup new top bar. Its friend connect bar where you can sign-in to G-friend-connect, to use many features on site, recent activity will be shown on mid-bar & you can comment on the bar.

    Try & explore this bar its cool stuff.

    You may need to separately sign in to blogger account (click blogger LOGO on side-bar)

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  46. 3 points to “Kar98k rifle” by ~Volcol~ (UK)
    2 points to “K1” by DALEXD
    1 point to “M200 CheyTac” by takko

  47. So what's the next challenge? the winning poll is the Ufo challlenge

  48. Vote result is so close..,Hooray .. vote for UFO pleaseee!!


  49. Vote 4 Battleship PLZ. It's more exiting than ufo. Who's with me!!!???

  50. I currently have voted for UFO but between these three themes, there's no one which interest me the most. I'm not going to make something this time. In short, I had voted that because it was leading in the poll (i.e that's what most people wanted to do) but if I see most people would rather create a battleship then I may change my mind ;)

  51. when will 3d challenge 90 start? it's tuesday already

  52. im with seyvags, everyone should vote for battlechip

  53. I think it's too late for me to change my mind now.

  54. 3 points to “M200 CheyTac” by takko
    2 points to Kar98k rifle
    1 point to Fn scar-h 7.62 mm

    this is my vote i am dig

  55. ********************************************



  56. This may be a peculiar comment after the amount of time that has gone by since this challenge yet I am proud to report that my entry is finally done! I ran out of time trying to finish my entry and I never finished it until yesterday. Here it is:
    Blastech E-11 Blaster Rifle