27 September 2009

3d challenge #093 - Roller Coaster (Amusement Ride)

 Challenge (CLOSED)

This challenge is to make 3d roller-coasters. Roller-coaster can be any type, real or concept & any scale. You can use textures & plugins. Make detailed model with theme.

3D Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 093

Due Date: Saturday, October 10th (CLOSED)


1st Place :
2nd Place :
a.j.unknow for Montaña Rusa
3rd Place :
jptoodles for Pandemonium
Click here to see the currently submitted models for this challenge.


  1. There will no obligation for a blog entry anymore. It is still allowed to post a link to your model or additional images, but it is not required anymore to submit a model to the challenges. The 3D Warehouse tag is still required though and should be added when uploading a model to the Warehouse.

    You can use the hyperlink code creator on the frontpage of the blog to create the code for a hyperlink in your message. Copy this code and paste it in the comment box on the place where your want the hyperlink to be.

    Challenge suggestions are welcome to be placed on the blog. Items will be noted and compiled on the moderator’s list. At that point, the initial comment for the suggestion may be deleted so as to maintain a streamline challenge thread for use of posting entries for the challenge and comments to models. Challenge suggestions have always been welcomed and taken under consideration.

    Please refrain from using background images in your models as it is the model itself that is being judged.

    You'll notice a new link on the main page that directs you to the First Place Certificate area to which winners are able to print a certificate with a picture of their model detailing their excellence. You can access the page through the main page of the blog.

    Good Luck!!!!

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  3. OPEN FOR VOTING = Post your VOTE
    3d challenge #093 Models
    1]your First choice is worth 3 points,
    2]your Second worth 2 points,
    3]your Third worth 1 point,

  4. !st vote (3 pts) Roller Coaster Thrillseeker by henkie tenk

    2nd vote(2 pts) Montana Rusa by A.J.unknow

    3rd vote (1 pt) pandemonium by jptoodles

  5. 3points to thrillseeker by henkietenk
    2points to montana rusa by A.J unkow
    both of these models were very good. hard to choose between first and second place.
    1point to zip zap by Mr. Jump man

    Oh and here is the link to my photo album. the photo realistic rendering are the last ones. And it was my first time using the software

  6. 1st Thrill Seeker
    2nd Pandemonium
    3rd Zip Zap

    Sorry I didn't get my entry in on this one you guys, I just didn't have a lot of time for it and Sketchup crashed my system a couple times wiping out a bunch of progress. Good jobs on the entrys that made it, it was a tough call to make on the votes.

  7. 3pts: Montaña Rusa by a.j.unknow

    2pts: Pandemonium by jptoodles

    1pts: Zip Zap Zing Rollercoaster by Mr. Jump Man V.3

    The Segmentor was nice, but the rails crossed.

  8. 3 points: Montana Rusa by A.J.Unknown
    2 points: Thrillseeker by HenkieTenk
    1 point: Zip Zap Zing by Mr. Jump Man V.3

  9. Wow, blogger again! Anyway, here are my votes:
    3: Thrillseeker
    2: Montana Rusa
    1: Zip Zap Zing

  10. Hi, im new here. i have been watching this blog for a while and decided to join. Im going to give the next challenge a try.

    3 Points: Montaña Rusa by a.j.unknow
    2 Points: Thrillseeker by henkietenk
    1 Point: Pandemonium by jptoodles

  11. Hello Julio,

    Welcome to the SketchUp 3D Challenge.

  12. hey all sorry i didnt get to vote on this one , working wayyyy to much this month , but you all did great on this !!!! your all amazing keep up the great work guys , hope to work less and play more this month , lilbitevil :)

  13. Where can I vote on the collection? There are really good models presented.
    3 points: Montaña Rusa by a.j.unknow
    2 points: Rollercoaster Thrillseeker by HenkieTenk
    1 point: Pandemonium by jptoodles
    congratulations to you guys!
    Looks like the next challenge will be boxes (joke) but I am so sad because the bicycle did not win.

  14. 3 points: Water coaster by F¥2!X
    2 points: Pandemonium by jptoodles
    1 point : The Segmentor by Drawer-guy

  15. My votes:
    3 points: "Rollercoaster Thrillseeker" by HenkieTenk
    2 points: "Pandemonium" by jptoodles
    1 point: "Zip Zap Zing Rollercoaster" by Mr. Jump Man V.3

  16. Henkie Tenk 21 pts
    a.j.unknow 18 pts
    jotoodles 11 pts