12 September 2010

Sketchup 3D Challenge #107 - Skyscrapers

Sketchup 3D Challenge presents Challenge #107, Part of the new Architecture series (consisting of three challenges):


Sunday 12th of September 2010 - Wednesday 22th of September 2010
Challenge closed

Voting Closed

RESPONSES ACCEPTED UNTIL 11:59 PM - GMT, 26th of September, 2010

Entry Models

Think of models like:
- An existing one?
- An old retro one?
- A futuristic one?
- A 1,000,000 feet tall one?

3D Warehouse tag: "3D Challenge 107"

The winner of previous 3D Challenge #106 - Resort Architecture is:

DF_Andy, and his Sun Set Hotel. His cool look on tropical paradise should set an example for future resorts! All of the submissions looked awesome, but DF_Andy made it with a landslide. Great terrain modeling by the way!


  1. I have 2 or 3 idea for skyskraper, want to finish all if I still till the deadlines comes. Is it allowed to upload 3 models in 1 challenge?

  2. Well if it possible, I wanna try submitting another one model. Making something huge and tall is really a pain in the a** though..

  3. It's always allowed to submit more then one model. You vote for the model, not for the modeler. So go ahead!

  4. Please vote through the link in the post. We've been working on a better, easier and faster method of voting.

  5. It is still allowed to post your model if the timestamp on the detailspage says September 22nd, 2010. We'll update the voting form.

  6. The new voting system is great!! Awesome work Milo!

  7. i dont see geza's model on the voting, it was a pretty good model too...shame...

  8. Actually, there are 14 models, but only 10 to vote for.

  9. Hey everyone! We're sorry; still getting used to this new feature. We've added the two remaining models to the form. There are only 12 models to vote for, because the other two (which are mine) are example models. This shouldn't be an issue.

    Thank you!