19 November 2012

Vote Now: SketchUp 3D Challenge #158 - Furniture

Challenge #158 - Furniture has come to a close. Thanks for the great entries! Let's start the voting!
To vote, first review the entries, then create a comment on this post using the following example:

3 points: first place model name by modeler name
2 points: second place model name by modeler name
1 points: third place model name by modeler name

You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model. Please also take a moment to suggest a future topic for the challenge.

Good luck!

Current Challenge: #159 - Vintage Electronics: 19 November 2012 - 29 November 2012
3D Warehouse Tag: 3D Challenge 159


  1. After a long absence, I'm back. Here is my vote :
    3 points for Luxurious Furniture set by GoldenSim (very smooth work as always)
    2 points for Kitchen furniture by DALEXD (love the details like Chivas glasses...)
    1 point for "?" Sofa by Rodem (nice design and color harmony)

  2. 3 points: Table and Chairs with springs by (HenkieTenk)

    2 points: Space saver bed / study by (mikZ)

    1 point: Kitchen furniture by (DALEXD)

    Ford.JoshuaD : that rotating desk chair is awesome! make it !

  3. 3 points: Piaceri e Giorni set by Maximus
    2 points: Space saver bed / study by MikZ
    1 point: Luxurious Furiture set by GoldenSim

  4. 3p: Table and Chairs with springs... by HenkieTenk
    2p: Kitchen furniture by DALEXD
    1p: Space saver bed / study by mikZ

    More good models by GoldenSim and MedievalEurope.
    Doozer was a bit swift with the upload...

  5. -----
    Voting is now closed. Thanks for your votes!