31 December 2012

SketchUp 3D Challenge #163 - 2012 Year in Review

Monday, 31 December 2012 - Thursday, 10 January 2013

Being that this is the last challenge beginning in 2012, it felt appropriate to make it about 2012. A lot can happen in a year: fads come and go, new gadgets hit the market, YouTube creates new "stars", not everything's good, not everything's bad, yet it's ever changing.

In this challenge, you are free to model what you like as long as it pertains to something that happened or came to be in the year 2012. Be sure to make it something that would have a broad appeal and be recognizable to most people. The most important thing to do is relax and have a fun time modeling.

Standard Participation Rules apply.

3D Warehouse Tag: 3D Challenge 163


  1. I've just uploaded my model "Google Glasses" for the 3d challenge 163. For this presentation I borrowed a head made by Bez et MylynPoddley. If this is not allowed by the challenge's rules, tell me and I'll withdraw this head which serve only as a model presentation....

  2. No, I'm sorry, there are only exceptions to the rules when they are part of the description of that particular challenge. There is still time to model a head or omit it.

  3. Thank you JediCharles, I will remove it from the model