11 June 2008

3D Challenge #045 - Space Rescue Pod

Note: Please read the guidelines for participating in the challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and bring SketchUp users together and help each other learn and get better at using our favorite 3d modeling program. We will remove comments that are objectionable or offensive.

This week's challenge:

Space Rescue Pod

The challenge for this week is to model a Space Rescue Pod. These pods come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials but they all do the same job. There are many NASA prototypes being researched and developed that range from single person torpedo like shells, to full rescue spheres that can hold the entire crew.
For this challenge, please keep in mind that we are modeling space rescue pods, nothing else. So please try to stick to the guidelined topic and have fun. That is what it is all about!

Good Luck out there!

3D Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 045

Due Date: Wed, June 18th (Challenge Closed)

Click here to see the currently submitted models for this challenge.

Winner (ex aequo)
2001: A Space Oddyessy EVA Pod by Serpentine Shell
NASA Pod by Alex 9

2 nd Place
Space Rescue Pod by dotz713

3 rd Place (ex aequo)
Rescue POD III - a.j.unknow
UPC (Universal Planetary Coalition) - morls7
Soy-Use Rescue Pod - JediCharles by JediCharles
DAS Space Rescue Pod by yipperoo


  1. General notes:

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    Good luck with the challenge!

  2. The main page says "please keep in mind that we are modeling space rescue pods, nothing else." does this mean that I can't model a space pod and a vehicle that transports it while it is on earth? I just want to know before I spend a lot of time on the transport vehicle, thanks!

  3. Here is my model The EG40 yeah baby yeah...

  4. @ AnyAirRc
    Model escape pod only.

  5. hi cormades,

    although this is not related to the pod. i was wondering if anybody here can make a pringle potato chip sketchup model.kinda interesting. if possible, i salute to the guru of sketchup, becos for me that is the ultimate challange.
    please tutorialize the idea for me to baby step.

  6. Is there gunna be another uproar about the winner of challenge 43? I only ask because the winner didn't receive any ratings/comments in the warehouse, not that it is a bad model.

    Maybe we could try my voting system (the one where we vote by leaving comments in a "voting model" posted by the mods)... Just throwin it out there! :)

  7. Just so I and others that might have similar ideas get it right, this means that I could not model the space pod and a semi truck and trailer to haul it around on earth? This would also mean that no environment objects should be modeled either? I just want to make sure that my model and everyone building a model fits the challenge because for me at least they take a long time to build and are a source of great pride, and I would be hurt if a mod decided I went too far outside the box.

  8. From the guidelines in the main page:
    "For this challenge, please keep in mind that we are modeling space rescue pods, nothing else."

    The purpose of this choice is that we want to avoid that someone model a complete and exagerate starship to justify the small pod.

  9. @ Morls7
    You can't upload a model made before the Official Challenge starting date (stating date 11 june 2008). Please remove the Challenge tag.

  10. my entery


    Space Rescue Pod

  11. @Mr. Planet
    I can't figure where's the Pod. I see a Space shuttle (not exactly a small Pod) and a complete Space Station.
    Please remove 3d Challenge Tag from the model.

  12. @Mr. Planet
    I saw you've changed the description but model remains the same.
    From Wikipedia:"An escape pod is a capsule or craft used to escape a vessel in an emergency, usually only big enough for one person."
    Wikipedia Link

    Take a look at the other models in the challenge to have an idea.

  13. is a 5 person E-POD ok? you guys also need to be more clear, i almost made a rescue ship not and escape pod ( thats what the title says )

  14. dang i forgot my name

    mr.jumpman v.2

  15. @ mr. jumpman
    I think your pod is ok.
    It's a mix between LoganC and wikipedia descriptions.

    @mr. Planet
    space shuttles or, worse, space stations are still too big

    Good work!

  16. I can't think of a design for this one. For the next challenge voting pole, why not have "Motorcycle"?

  17. @ d.square

    I have made a tutorial for you to make a pringle:


  18. thats not a pringle

    mr.jumpman v.2

  19. I would also like to try a Motorcycle

  20. Looks like a Pringle to me! I, More or less, would have done it the same way, but it's cool to see if someone else might use the same techniques or not.

  21. Sorry all, I hadn't seen a pringle in a while, so I remade the tutorial. Thanks for your feed back Mr. J, how else woud I have known what I'd done wrong???

    Here is the link to the new Tutorial: Pringle

  22. You did a great job Crazy Eyes!! That method could help in a lot of my models!!

  23. I'm confused and new to the challenge, you can enter multiple models?

  24. @Paul H manning
    You can enter multiple models but for this challenge you have only 2 hours left

  25. You can post your models from the Sketchup 3d Challenge competition on www.sketchupmodels.com and they allow you sell them as well.

  26. How about making the next challenge an Airport/Spaceport?