25 June 2008

3D Challenge #047 - Police Station

Note: Please read the guidelines for participating in the challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and bring SketchUp users together and help each other learn and get better at using our favorite 3d modeling program. We will remove comments that are objectionable or offensive.

This week's challenge:

Police Station

Police stations are the homestead and briefing grounds of the Police Force. There are many Police Stations that were not only built for the Police force, but also as an architectural statement for the town or city. Some famous stations have also been converted into museums with information and records dating back to the first Police Force. You may model an existing police station, or create a unique station that may or may not have holding cells.

Get out there and enjoy the immersiveness of Sketchup!

3D Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 047

Due Date: Wed, July 2nd (Challenge Closed)

Click here to see the currently submitted models for this challenge.

Playmobil Police Station by a.j.unknow

2 nd Place
Kenobi Police Station by JediCharles
Challenge Police Station by Crazy Eyes

3 rd Place
A Police Station With 4 Jails by aljay


  1. From this challenge and in the future, there will no obligation for a blog entry anymore. It is still allowed to post a link to your model or additional images, but it is not required anymore to submit a model to the challenges. The 3D Warehouse tag is still required though and should be added when uploading a model to the Warehouse.

    You can use the hyperlink code creator on the frontpage of the blog to create the code for a hyperlink in your message. Copy this code and paste it in the comment box on the place where your want the hyperlink to be.

    Challenge suggestions are welcome to be placed on the blog. Items will be noted and compiled on the moderator’s list. At that point, the initial comment for the suggestion may be deleted so as to maintain a streamline challenge thread for use of posting entries for the challenge and comments to models. Challenge suggestions have always been welcomed and taken under consideration.

    Please refrain from using background images for future challenges.

    You'll notice a new link on the main page that directs you to the First Place Certificate area to which winners are able to print a certificate with a picture of their model detailing their excellence. You can access the page here or through the main page of the blog.

    Good luck with the challenge!

  2. I cannot vote for the motorcycle for next week's challenge, I think the link is broken.

  3. Try later.
    Sometimes Google has some problem with Voting poll tool.

  4. yeh, im havin the same problem with the voting

  5. Hi there.. I have a idea for a challenge.

    I have been studying monolithic dome homes lately and I find them interesting. I think this would be a neat way to build houses if we could refine it and make them even cheaper.. one problem is how unattractive they are, in my opinion. For some reason they look cheap and ugly. I thought it would be a neat challenge to try to make them look cooler -- add some refinement and visual interest to them. It seems like a good cause to work on because they have so many qualities that make them desirable to build. Cheap, easy to build, strong, energy efficient(use half the energy of a normal home).

    So the idea is that everyone has to use the same base design -- only one half dome. And you have to decorate it. You can add any elements you want to that half dome. Windows, pipes, interesting paint job, mosaic tiles etc. etc.

    But it would be best IMO to keep the designs functional. For example, adding too many windows would create structural problems because then the dome loses structural integrity, but you also don't want a house without windows either. So this shows the design challenges.

    Here are some sites to look at..



    Maybe it would be best to have 2 parts to this challenge. The first part you are only allowed to use one half dome, exactly one half dome.. no more no less. And a perfect dome. Not elongated or flat or skinny and not 3/4 of a dome or 1/3. Only one half of a dome.

    The other challenge is that you can use any amount of domes, and in any configuration and in any way. Maybe we ould think of some neat way to use domes no one has thought of before.

    Designing the inside for both could maybe be optional as well.

  6. ill read what your small book later, but a cheap house seems fun.

    mr.jumpman v.2

  7. General note:
    1 - Remember that models should be judged with textures turned off. So a simple cube sometimes is not so perfect for a challenge. ;)

    2 - Don't use premade components or stuff from the WH, 'cause it's not allowed.

    3- Don't hurry uploading models. You have a full week to create it. Often I find good models with unseful lines or a lot of reversed faces. Correct these thing to obtain a very good model.

    4 - if you model an existing Police Station remember that you could upload it to Google Earth too.

    Your model has been made and uploade berfore the Challenge stared so it can't be added to the voting poll.

  8. @The 4D Factory & Google CEO
    Your models can't be adde to the challenge. They use components from the WH made by Google. Please remove Challenge tag

    Read the guidelines at the bottom of blog's main page or the "3D Challenge participation manual" to avoid such problems.

  9. @_BARIVE_
    Your model can't be accepted too. It contains Components made by Google for the WH.

    Please boys don't cheat.

  10. I just realised, u spelled participation wrong on the winner's certificate...:D

  11. @Morls7
    You're right! I will correct them as soon as I can.
    In the meantime all ofa you have a very "original" Certificate. :D

  12. I still can't vote for next week's challenge =-(

  13. Really, are you sure. There are 22 total votes, so it appears that some people can vote. Just give it some time I would say, it may be some sort of updating thing. I don't know, but I'm sure the problem will fix itself!

  14. i got the same problem

    mr.jumpman v.2

  15. @=((UnlimitedGuy))=
    You can't use pre-made or WH Components/model.

    Please correct your models or delete challenge tag.

  16. @=((UnlimitedGuy))=
    Furthermore it's a tank rather than Police Station. It's not enough to call it Police Station

  17. Entry: Police station for fun

    Please rate/give some advice (my third model).

  18. still cant vote I guess I'll wait

    next weeks challenge
    there are thousands of different types of cameras out there high end to low end, so this would be a very diverse competition to have


  19. do not open the model by ralf because it has pornography in it...

    sherif's cant even spell

    the image is under the model

    (cloudedzero) ):

  20. @CloudedZero
    Thanks for the info about Ralf's Model.
    I contacted Google asking to remove the model from the WH.
    The model is also banned from the challenge.

    I will also contact the other moderator to discuss the situation.
    Thanks again

  21. @TRl
    Your model can't be added to the challenge. it uses components from the WH made by Google. Please remove Challenge tag or correct model

    Again please read the guidelines

  22. Just to see,are we allowed to use 3D Text tool in our entries?

  23. Olde station
    4 hours This is the only thing I could think of as a really good policing station


  24. Hi everyone!
    I just posted my Police Station model on Google Warehouse it's the first time that I'm participating on this challenge thing.
    Is it necessary to put a link of the model in this blog?
    I'm sorry my english I'm from Brazil and don't speak this very well. LoL

    Thanks anyway!

  25. @Daniel
    It's not important to put a link into the blog, but to enter challenge you've to remove/change all components uploaded from the Warehouse. Please read the guidelines of the challenge.

    3d text tool is OK.

  26. @ Bacon and everyone went wrong
    I'm tired to repeat:
    NO premade components from your HDD or from WH.
    Read carefully the Guidelines or models won't be added to the voting poll.

  27. I fought my USB cellular modem for at least an hour to upload my model. It doesn't help that it was 1.5 MB, and every time it would get to ~90% before deciding it wanted to timeout... But it worked, so check it out, its the "Baghdad Police Station".

    I'm interested in the monolithic dome idea. What do you mods think about it??

    @ Cosedimarco - I made a tweak on Bryce and edited him with some hideously half-a$$ed camouflage and a white head cover. If thats not allowed I will remove it, because its really not essential at all to the model.

  28. @Chris Bence
    model is OK but please delete Bryce

  29. Bryce is gone. Consider him a casualty of war. :)

    It was ugly anyway...

  30. I can finally vote!

  31. If you're having trouble voting, try switching to Mozilla Firefox. It doesn't always work on Internet Explorer.

  32. id like to request that you put in a Symbol for next challenge voting. symbols are hard to make intresting so it should be"FUN"

  33. Very First Model Be Gentle Hello everyone, just started using sketchup today and this was the first thing (other than you know a chair or something) that I created. Love the program and will start school for 3d animation this fall, so any feedback is extremely appreciated, I hope to grow and learn in the community. Thank you. :-)

  34. I hope my model still can fit in the competition:

    NYC Police Headquarters

    I have had this building under construction since last September, but I noticed your competition and decided to finish it and attempt to join.

    Pictures for the materials are from flickr.com and references from emporis.com


  35. @Ilesoft
    Your model can't be added to the challenge. As previously written on blog, model must be made during challenge week.
    Read the guidelines guide for rules.

  36. Darn. I didn't go through the rules thoroughly enough. I only looked at the comment "Due July 2nd" on the main page.

    Well. Better luck next time, when you have a competition of real buildings :)


  37. ok..so ive added more and taken off the canned WH components..ne thing else...?...

  38. @ TRL
    I think it's too late. Due date was yesterday

  39. This is very INTERESTING!!!

  40. Why is there an "Extra voting" poll with just one entry in it? t seems that when this is done, the extra entry gets an abnormally high amount of votes. I think this happens because people end up voting once in the main poll then once again in the extra poll. That to me is a major flaw.

  41. Sometimes Warehouse database has some bugs and me too.
    During the week usually I collect all the models have been inserted in the 3d challenge and create a list for the voting poll.
    I don't know if I forgot it or don't see it but it was not inserted in the main voting poll. Due to the Blog voting system once you've voted you can't modify the voting poll list so I had to create a new one.
    About number of votes, I think this time it is a cheat (this is my personal opinion).