25 February 2009

3D Challenge #074 - Printer

This week is going to be a printer. It leaves a lot of choice open for details and even modeling style. You may choose to model a basic, table top printer, maybe a mobile fax/printer, or perhaps a full Xerox machine. The choice is up to you!
Have fun and be sure to get your models in before the deadline!
Good Luck!

3D Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 074

Due Date: Wed, March 4th (Challenge Closed)

Click here to see the currently submitted models for this challenge.

Gutenberg Printer - a.j.unknow

2nd Place Tie
HP Printer - Griffin

3rd Place


  1. General Notes:
    There will no obligation for a blog entry anymore. It is still allowed to post a link to your model or additional images, but it is not required anymore to submit a model to the challenges. The 3D Warehouse tag is still required though and should be added when uploading a model to the Warehouse.

    You can use the hyperlink code creator on the frontpage of the blog to create the code for a hyperlink in your message. Copy this code and paste it in the comment box on the place where your want the hyperlink to be.

    Challenge suggestions are welcome to be placed on the blog. Items will be noted and compiled on the moderator’s list. At that point, the initial comment for the suggestion may be deleted so as to maintain a streamline challenge thread for use of posting entries for the challenge and comments to models. Challenge suggestions have always been welcomed and taken under consideration.

    Please refrain from using background images in your models as it is the model itself that is being judged.

    You'll notice a new link on the main page that directs you to the First Place Certificate area to which winners are able to print a certificate with a picture of their model detailing their excellence. You can access the page through the main page of the blog.

    Good Luck and have fun!!!

  2. i think that the next challenge should be to design different luxury cruiseliners from 1900 to now or even into the future

  3. How about if I make something that dont look like a real-life-printer but, still functioning as a printer (print graphics/text out from PC)?

    Do such thing will be accepted for this 3D Challenge?

  4. I have an idea for a challenge. The challenge is to make a model of some Leonardo DaVinci drawing.

    Like this one - http://www.universalleonardo.org/media/100/0/dodecahedron.jpg

  5. Try this link:

  6. oooooh! Printers!

    my ultimate friend when it comes to boring ol' schoolwork.

  7. I've made an innovative and artistic printer, I consider this work like a sculpture .I hope you can get this part of art ... You can see three images here, and the model here .

  8. some one should make one of those 3d printers!

  9. ps. moboille i like your printer what renderer are you using?

  10. I just uploaded my printer for the challenge. It has a touch screen!!
    click to see pics of my Printer

  11. Thanks, I use Kerkythea, an awesome free software.It's really powerful, as example, my luxury bedroom .

  12. printer sounds cool. might be able to finish in my quadruple free at school tomorrow :D

    on a possibly childish and petty note... anyone noticed the votes so far? (march 1st 10:30pm GMT) 1 for JaViXP and 7 for michael papa especially when his model doesn't even have 5*'s on the warehouse. i know i say this most weeks but ... suspicious?

  13. i know he's gonna hate me for this but how did he win 2nd place in the museum contest??? there were way better models out there. plus how come he's gotta rate everyones stuff 1 star, its not about who has the most stars

  14. moboille i saw your luxury bedroom render, that is awesome how long did it take? right now i use podium and it's pretty quick but i haven't been able to make anything as realistic as that yet.

  15. Hey has anybody but me noticed that one of the raters (filetofish) of michael papa has no models and has only rated his printer??? that screams cheat. i bet you he makes accounts to win the challenges.

  16. Michael Papa s*cks big time! His comment @ the 3D printer of mine is gone? He rated 1 star and removed it then??

  17. all highly suspicious!

    but all evidence is circumstantial. i say we let this guy give his side of the story.

    but i also propose that if he doesn't reply or doesn't have a convincing explanation we exclude his model this week.

    any thoughts?

  18. Actually, I've done all the renders during the whole day, a render with kerkythea is quite short if you don't add some lights... And I've also made a few renders that I decided to delete... But when you've learnt Kerkythea, it doesn't take too much time .
    And about Michael Papa, I can't understand why his museum won the 2nd place last challenge too. Besides he already got 12 votes for his tower crane .This situation starts getting on my nerves ! Really, hopefully we can do something to stop it ...

  19. @henry,

    Yeah that's an idea but what will we do if he'll answer something like "I don't know maybe some peoples thought it was the best one" .

  20. i can see what you mean. and this is why it would be so impossible to prove. but seriously he has 12 votes and the next person has 2.

    maybe because of the (in my opinion) blatantly obvious mis-use of the voting system to use the old style voting...

    each person picks a 1st place 2nd place and 3rd place candidate and gives reasons for why [these would be posted on the forum]. and those candidates get 3 2 and 1 point respectively.

    that or we just decide that 'i dont know mabye people liked it' isn't a good enough excuse and exclude him. i am eagerly waiting for his response, lol.

  21. Ok this is to everyone that pissed off at me. It was foolish of me to rate everyones model 1 star of 5 but if you look i removed them. I know thats no excuse but..... the reason i did it was just so no one would get above 5 stars but it didn't really work cause after a certain amount of 5 stars even with my one it was at 5 overall. I don't really know what i was trying to prove.

    As for the voting thing i have no idea what is going on. I didn't realize i got second on the museum until yesterday. And i will admit that my museum did suck monster ****. I really don't even know why i submitted that one. I really don't know why i am getting all these votes. Whenever i see the polls up i just either vote for myself or nobody. I only participate in some challenges.

    So to any on i offended I am really Sorry and to the people that thing i am cheating (which are mostly the same people) I really don't know how i am getting these votes.

  22. yea. well. i still put forward the motion (for lack of a better phrase) that we scrap the voting system and vote manually via the forums this week because i suspect michael papa has just voted some other people up a load to try and make it look less obvious that he's rigged it. you can tell that its him because the rush of votes for other people (although not enough to change anything) has come just as his forum post has.

    in the hour and a half i've been gone (watching 24 (omg :D)) theres been another ELEVEN votes. when there hadn't been eleven votes in the 2 days [citation needed :P] that the poll has been open. you cant deny that that is suspicious!!!!!!!!!!!! but anyway. nothing can technically be proven. but when you win michael papa wins i hope he knows he really hasnt won anything.

    when the OPENchallenges started it was all about winning the respect of your fellow competetors but now it just seems like someone can walk in and make themselves win. that or the fact that voting is open means that any random can vote, regardless of modeling ability. *sigh*

  23. questions to michael

    1) have you told family/friends about this competition/ asked them to vote?

    2) do you have a significant following on the 3d warehouse where your followers would vote for you?

    3) list the good points about your model.

    4) who did you vote for and why?

    6) who is "filetofish"? he commented on your printer with "quite a realistic and mature rendition of a rather difficult design ". and rated 5*
    [its not realistic or mature and it really really isn't a dificult design 798 faces...lol.] and he's uploaded NO models. not even really noobish ones, which all beginners do. even i did that on my first try.

    7) is the cabinet in your printer model a pre-made component.
    if you'd made it why would you make it a component for just that model? i haven't found any other components in any of your other models.

  24. 1) I've told my family members that i am participating in the challenges to get better at using sketchup when they ask me what i am doing, i've told one friend about it and he downloaded sketchup and is going to try to start doing the challenges as of yesterday. But i haven't asked any of these people to vote for me.
    2) Not that i am aware of, One person contacted me on AIM cause they liked my one of my desk models (didn't know them, don't know how they got my Screen name)
    3) I'm not sure what the good points are about my model (not even sure what one your talking about? lets go with the crane) thats why i do these challenges to get better. But i guess if i had to say, i really like how the cab in my crane model came out, i like the main tower part of it, not so happy with the very top tower part where the long cable type things come off. But other than that i think my crane is the better of my models, i like the concept desks i've made better.
    4) I always vote once for myself or i don't vote. The only time i vote is when i do a challenge and i've only done 6. (only do the ones that interest me)
    6) I was wondering the same thing, i first saw that name when randomofodication said something about him and i was confused cause i didn't even realize he was talking about someone's user name, i also thought he was saying i didn't have any models. But i did see that comment i didn't see it was filetofish.
    7) No i made that myself in the same file as the printer. i didn't want to model the printer on air so i made a quick desk type thing. Can i ask why you asked that? Are you just to try to get me thrown out of this challenge?

  25. Michael Papa, you won't be thrown out of the challenge, you have no reason to. I quite like your tower crane model. It's simplistic while still getting all of the main parts in there and positioned. Good job and keep up the modeling! :)

  26. i dunno, if he is cheating it's kinda an empty victory for him but if he isn't it kinda sucks to be him.... maybee it is just his friends or family....... anyways if he isn't cheating i'm sorry

  27. What reason would i have to cheat anyways? Its not like were actually winning anything......just the opinion of the accused.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. RE: voting system
    i think everyone participating should get 1 vote, and maybe like 15-20 random anonomys people could be chosen to vote each week, that way it would be a lot fairer and it couldn't be swayed unless two people teamed up which would be unlikely

  30. Michael papa:
    why did you rate my model, then remove the rateing, and after that send me an email saying you never rated my model?

  31. Henry (on blackberry)

    Im loving how he didnt answer Any of my questions. All this behaviour is very weird and I can't be bothered to enter if the challenges are gonna be like this again. (I'm not throwing a tantrum there's just no point entering if its gonna be like this again).

    @ Michael
    If you are 100% innocent I am truly sorry for being like this.

    But if you aren't I hope your win feels empty and pointless.

  32. @ Henry,
    don't quit the challenges. your an awesome modler and it would suck to have you leave the challenge...
    by the way from now on when i vote on something i'm going to post who it was for and why and i think others should do the same just to keep it ligit.

  33. Henry

    Don't leave the challenge, even though I'm quite agree with you ...
    We all know who deserves to win anyway, even if our single vote can't change the result, we can say that we follow the rules .I think we can change nothing, there will always be cheaters in this world .

    @Michael Papa
    As I told you, the situation is really strange but anyway if you haven't cheated, SORRY. But you know, this situation is so annoying that I can't help being angry against all new "suspects" .

  34. I think that Henrys idea of the voting system would work much better than the current one.

    Also, I don't think that Micheal Papa is cheating, but he does seem to get a strange amount of votes.

  35. you don't think he's cheating... seriously?? 40 votes now! thats got to be some sort of record. its by far the most i've ever seen. especially seeing as it only has a 4* rating in the 3d warehouse.

    also, it has only had 23 downloads!! so it has almost twice as many votes as it has downloads. ffs i give up on this weeks votes, lol. they are plain and simply a farce. *big sigh*

    thank you for agreeing with me about the votes system. it worked very effectively for months way back in the day when they were OPEN challenges and we got to vote for the next topic as well as the winners of each challenge.

  36. @ All
    I’ve never entered the challenge but I always keep an eye on it. As I’ve been reading this conversation the thought occurred to me that if the moderators are any good at their job then they would know where/who the votes came from, but since they don’t get paid for what they do they probably don’t even care about the voting system or the fact that it is broken, and they surely wouldn’t want to judge the models themselves (too much work). Michael Papa is apparently a cheater (48 votes now) or someone is cheating for him.......So, here are some suggested changes:

    A: The moderators buck up and solve the voting problem.
    B: The moderators release the voting data so we can see for ourselves what the he*l is going on.
    C: Nominate a panel of judges (renowned modelers) to pick the winners.
    D: Let the 3D Challenge fade out of existence.

  37. We, the moderators, have absolutely no idea who votes for what. We have no more information about it than you do. We just use the poll element that is available to us, which unfortunately is not very reliable. BUT, we do care about the voting. Whether we are, or are not "good at our jobs" as moderators, there's absolutely nothing more we can do with the current polls. So, both A, and B are crossed off your list. I'm trying to the best of my ability not to let D happen, and if C is really what people want, then go to it! But I'll just say, that we did, at one time judge the models. And if I recall, it took far too many hours. More hours than I had time for, so I can't really see that happening.
    Thanks for your concern about the voting though, it's nice to see that you are just as concern as we are about it.

  38. thats makes me fell a little better. I agree with moboille, it probably can't be changed.

  39. @LoganC

    what if say we:
    signed in to our accounts and emailed you are votes.

    do you think that would work, and would you be willing to do it?

    I know it would clog your email, but you could setup an account for the challenge....

    just an idea i had, and it seems like to much work for what its worth.

  40. Actually, if everyone agrees to that, I would be willing to do that. I really don't mind doing something like that at all. Should I put up a poll to see if people want to do the email voting? Or is that too much of an Oxymoron!
    At one time, we did do voting this way, so we already have a voting email setup!

  41. that would be amazing!!! I'm in.
    -thanks for the quick response

  42. We still need to see if it's something everyone else wants. So I'll wait for some feedback from others on this idea.
    And I do check the blog, quite often actually. Normally every hour.

  43. I quote everything said by LoganC till now, but I don't think e-mail voting system will solve the problem. I have 7/8 different e-mail address, like some friends of mine, so if I would cheat I will reach the same amount of votes Michael Papa has in the current challenge.
    The only solution, but Blogger.com don't let it, is to trace IPs and deleting duplicates.
    If someone is able to reprogramming the Blogger voting Poll module to allow it is welcome.

  44. At present we have: “one PC = one vote” and we dont know who is voting.
    With the e-mail system (in my opinion, the mails should be signed with the name used in 3d warehouse to rate or to upload models) at least the moderators team will know who is voting and also his/her background in 3d warehouse. So I agree with the e-mail voting system. It would be desirable to include a comment with the reasons for the vote

  45. Rmemeber people who are not in the Warehouse and would vote in the challenge too.

  46. Henry (on blackberry)

    We could make it so that you can only vote if you've entered how it used to be.

    Worked when we did open challenges.

    Also we could vote in the comments rather than via email.

  47. Hi. This is my first time in the challenge so I have a couple questions. First off, are you allowed to use rendering plugins? I was going to use podium but I didn't want to risk getting disqualified. Second, should you usually present your model with a background? I did because I thought it would look nicer.

  48. Since the dead horse is still being beaten; I may as well get in another hit:

    A great solution to this would be for people to stop being selfish by voting for themselves (wether ligitimate or many illegitimate votes). If your model is truly the best; others will recognize it and vote for yours. I have never voted for myself and feel that when someone votes for themself and this is what causes them to win, it is an empty victory. Apparently not many people in the world today have this much chivalry or are bound by any shred of morals, so I present this:

    The only real solution to this voting abuse is to eliminate this very abusable voting poll system, and for a panel of judges, which rationally should be the moderators, to critique and rate the entry models. If said panel were to accept outside votes; those votes or suggestions should only be considered if that person has submitted a challenge entry model. Such a system may still be subject to some manipulation, but not much. The e-mail suggestion would be just as manipulatable as the current system. And a blog entry vote would stagnate because everyone votes for themselves.

    The fact that the voting is definitely being abused and has not been stopped, is driving many modelers away from the challenge. I'm sure many of you have noticed that.
    I believe this problem has kept the challenge blog from growing into what it should be, and from gaining popularity across the warehouse. I know that the moderators do not have the time or resources to do much about the problems. Still... some deligation or direction must have come or may still be coming from Google. This being the case; are those above aware of this issue or do they even care? Why have they not provided a solution or at least some funding so that the moderators could remedy the situation or be reimbursed for their time spent judging? Maybe SktchUp has already achieved critical mass and Google doesn't feel the need to promote it any further. Maybe the only reason we even have a challenge is by the grace of the moderators.
    If a judging panel were to be set up for the challenge; those officiating would have to be dedicated and diligent to the weekly challenges, and unbiased. This would exclude those who enter the challenge from judging unless they were not allowed to vote on their own entry.

    I don't know if we should hope that anything will ever be done to rectify the situation, and if the voting system for 'the other sketchup 3d challenge' is not different than this one; it will never leave the ground.
    I hope that I have'nt used too many big words for everybody to understand and if I am disregarded, I don't reallt care anymore. This issue is exhausting and unless I fund the project myself, I dont see it changing.

  49. @ Vrjunior.

    as far as im aware there is nothing that says you can use a renderer. but it is the model you upload to the warehouse that is being voted on. not any renders you produce.

    in the admin post at the very top of this thread the 4th paragraph answers your question about backgrounds.

    now that i think about it more carefully i can see why e-mail voting wouldn't work.

    however, im not sure exaaactly what you mean by 'blog entry votes would stagnate'.

  50. If a voting board is to be made I would like to be in it!

    1. I rate all models fairly when I rate

    2. I dont care to win I just like the challenge

    3. I only wish to inspire beginners to be as good as possible and to give a helping hand with any problems.

    4. Well hell I am Zorbo!


    AKA erotinaka/ Deathcloude
    yeah I am still that dam good

    get it dam I won that challenge haha!

  51. @ henry

    What I meant when I said that a blog entry vote would stagnate is:
    If only the entrants are allowed to vote and they only have one vote to be used then, those who always vote for themselves would of course waste theirs, and the few that were left (if they deciced to vote) would be the only ones to really decide the winner.

    But... perhaps that would be a good way to automatically screen the 'judging panel'. Those who always vote for themselves (eliminated by voting on their own model) are not fit to judge, and those that remain may be fit to judge the models fairly.
    This could only work if you had to make a model for the challenge to get a vote. Still this could be abused the same way as the current method because; all of the illegitimate votes are coming from some Google blogger ID and they each could just make some lame old wagon to get a vote to be used unfairly.

    This is why an elcted panel is the only way to make the judging fair. But then we would probably end up with lobbying and bribes and other crap like that. Those who only want to win, and just aren't good enough to earn it, will find some way to abuse any system.

  52. Cool Printer related song:


  53. @ tinkertoy

    i see what you mean now but i have to say i slightly disagree. i know i must sound like a broken record now, always referring back to the old voting system from the open challenges. but let me list them (as best as i remember them) and see if you agree/disagree with them and if you (or anyone else) can think of possible improvements, if you think their basis is sufficient.

    1) you cannot vote for yourself.
    2) you have 3 votes.
    2i) one vote is worth 3 point.
    2ii)one vote is worth 2 points.
    2iii)one vote is worth 1 point.
    2iv)you may not vote for someone twice
    3) the top 3 people are those with the most points.
    4) you may only vote if you are a regular member or you enter 'this' weeks challenge.
    5) votes will be posted (not anonymously) and each will include at least one point of constructive criticism.

    also something which i felt worked quite well, but might not be very popular was that you were only allowed one final entry. you could make many models and then choose the best one, or even import them into the same file and call them 'one model' but only one was allowed. i felt this made people focus on quality rather than quantity, which, to me, is one of the most important things about being a good artist/sketchupper :P

    also, point 5 was always very important to me! because it makes you really look at the persons model sometimes to try and find fault with it (especially if its very good). i feel that this would spark more conversation and allow people to exchange ideas making us all benefit even more from the challenges. something that i feel is largely gone from the challenges at this time.

  54. @Mods
    If this were a Yahoo! Group, the voting issue would be solved. Their poll system keeps track of votes per user and not through cookies. You must be a member of the group to vote so there is no cheating. It can even say which users voted for each entry. I tried finding a free poll service that does it that way.

  55. A while back I even contacted some of the Blogspot devs inquiring about the polling element. Unfortunately, it hasn't helped us much yet. But someday maybe.

  56. Well, until a better polling element is developed; (if the moderators are willing) I ask that we try henry's proposal. It seems to be the best solution for now.

    All who agree, please say so.

  57. Henry's suggestion is good, I think. More technical rating and also suggestions for beginners to improve their modeling skills.

  58. I'm agree with the Henry solution too . Hope it could works !

  59. I agree with Henry, that sounds like a system that would work, especially
    the: "4) you may only vote if you are a regular member or you enter 'this' weeks challenge."
    since most of the challenges are not ones I find attractive but I would still like to vote on them, and I could still be considered a "regular Member".

  60. more on the Papa guy geting all the votes, I think we should asume that some amount of cheating went on hear, Mabey someone felt like geting him in trouble and did the cheating, could be someone he does not even know, just picked the worst Model and gave it all the 40 odd votes.
    that is rather unlikely I'll admit, it was most likely him; anyway I say we give him 2nd or 3rd place and award first place to the person with the next highest number of votes.

  61. @ owwliv

    i can see where you're coming from but the same could be said about ALL the votes. there is some evidence, albeit circumstantial, that points to him giving extra votes to other people than himself around the time as we uncovered him. this means that all the data for the crane-week's polls is tainted and cannot be used as there is no way of knowing which votes are legitimate and which aren't. this means you have no idea how many 'real' votes he (or anyone else) got and therefore cannot award him or anyone else any accurate ranking.

    the way i see it there are 3 reasonable solutions...
    1) ranking is ignored for this week i.e. nobody wins.
    2) there is a re-vote in the method i suggested (which seems reasonably popular)
    3) an admin judges them (which would be quicker and easier but less democratic)

    personally i would choose no. 2, but i would be equally happy for no. 3 to be done if it was too much effort.

  62. i like #3, just because its impossible to sway

  63. I agree with no.3 . But, we could just leave a comment here to tell who we have voted for ...

  64. @moboille

    thats exactly what it would be. a post in the forums. but it would have the three people you voted for.


    3pt vote: person A
    i liked your use of components but i would have used more textures.

    2pt vote: person B
    i liked the complexity but i felt that some parts were neglected.

    1pt vote: person C
    i thought the overall feel of the model was great but i would have liked to have seen more detail.

  65. I see, I'm willind to do it. And I'm looking forward to see the users/moderators feedbacks.

  66. count me in, it seems like its a fair system.