05 March 2009

3D Challenge #075 - Motor Home (RV)

This weeks challenge is a great variety allowing you to really develop your SketchUp skills. You will be modeling a recreational vehicle or more commonly known as a Motor Home. This has a little bit of everything. Organic shapes of the vehicle itself, with some interior and you can even go into the smaller details like modeling the sink and taps! The choice is up to you, just remember to get your models uploaded and tagged correctly before the challenge deadline.
Good Luck!

3D Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 075

Due Date: Wed, March 11th (Challenge Closed)

Click here to see the currently submitted models for this challenge.

Home Sweet Home - a.j.unknow

2nd Place
Shazzam Van - randomofodication

3rd Place
Winnebago RV - Vrjunior


  1. General Notes:
    There will no obligation for a blog entry anymore. It is still allowed to post a link to your model or additional images, but it is not required anymore to submit a model to the challenges. The 3D Warehouse tag is still required though and should be added when uploading a model to the Warehouse.

    You can use the hyperlink code creator on the frontpage of the blog to create the code for a hyperlink in your message. Copy this code and paste it in the comment box on the place where your want the hyperlink to be.

    Challenge suggestions are welcome to be placed on the blog. Items will be noted and compiled on the moderator’s list. At that point, the initial comment for the suggestion may be deleted so as to maintain a streamline challenge thread for use of posting entries for the challenge and comments to models. Challenge suggestions have always been welcomed and taken under consideration.

    Please refrain from using background images in your models as it is the model itself that is being judged.

    You'll notice a new link on the main page that directs you to the First Place Certificate area to which winners are able to print a certificate with a picture of their model detailing their excellence. You can access the page through the main page of the blog.

    Good Luck and have fun!!!

  2. Nice, idea! But isn't it a bit to big for one week? I have to put a lot of time in my medical-study and this is one of these chalenges were it's nice to go in detail. Just a suggestion ;)

  3. yay it is pretty big for one week, but it just makes it more challenging which is the whole point.

  4. Well last two week challenge (Museum), people complained that it was too long. That that had to wait an entire extra week to model something else, so I got the impression that 2 week challenges were not liked.
    Should this be made a 2 week challenge?

  5. Well, I have physical limitations due to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy where I can only move my hands in a very limited way and cannot use a physical keyboard. I needed more than 7 days to finish that museum and luckily it was a 2 week challenge. I'm finding myself skipping challenges when I don't think I have enough time for a decent result. I'll try to do this one, I might have to scale back on detail though.

  6. i might give this challenge a miss. whenever i do cars i get really frustrated because i can never get them how i want them. maybe a rendering thing maybe i'm just not great at merging organic shapes together. however, i have just had quite a good idea. *evil laugh*

    aaaaaaaaaanyway... check this out
    (in case you miss it - the link to the actual site is below the video)

    i've got that working with my laptop and my blackberry instead of a piece of paper. i really wish we could do that with sketchup things or use it as an input device somehow.

  7. @ henry,
    you can with sketchup haven't tryed it yet because i don't have a webcam.. it's at this site
    Augmented Reality
    there's a free trial version!!!

  8. its almost exactly the same thing but sadly stuff doesn't move.
    anyways its pretty cool, i've seen a couple of cool clips on youtube and google video

  9. @ randomofodication

    cheers for the link, i cant see how i didnt find that, lol! will check it out :D.

    that motorbike looks pretty badass lol.

  10. wait, the rules say i cant use preexisting components. but if ->I<- made a model previously why cant i use it in a new model.

  11. the rules have aaaaaalways been that way, i assume its just to make you be more creative.

    also maybe its so that people don't continuously use amazing components that they've made to make their models better.

    nice detail with the chess board btw :)

  12. @ henry.

    Well, i guess ill just remake the sofa and the chair.
    Thanks about the chess table though. that took me a little bit to get right.

  13. i think its also to add more difficulty to the challenge, to expand what you can do and make it more interesting

  14. well seeing as the powers that be have spectacularly ignored everything that people have said in the forums, declared michael papa the winner and made a poll for the printer challenge votes i thought i'd tell you who i voted for this week and why as a vein hope at reestablishing democracy...

    i voted for griffin's hp printer because i felt it was very realistic, had detail where there should be detail, was simple where it didn't need detail and had some really nice curves. if i was going to add anything it would be ports on the back - ie power and usb or whatever it takes. but at the same time that wasnt really neccecary. great model.

    if i had another vote to give out it would have been to a.j.unknown because i thought it was an original take on the theme and well executed. and i really liked how well the texture lined up on the screw. however, i felt the overall complexity was what swayed it for me. if i was to add anything it would have been more dents and rounded edges of the wood (i know you included some, and very well i might add, but more might have looked good).

    well done to all who entered.

    btw - do any mods read the threads anymore or do they just not care what we have to say?
    @mods - please reply if you actually do! lol.

  15. I Voted for: Gutenberg printer - a.j.unknow
    for the workmanship and Idea, which was the same one I had, though I think he may have done it better than I could have.

  16. I haven't voted yet but I'm going to vote for A.j.unkow's one .Because as I told I'm bored of current-too-technical printer. And if I woule have a second vote I would have voted for Griffin all the same, thanks to a great modelling with clarity .

  17. I have to say that i voted for vrjunior because i thought his model had the best presentation.

  18. yeah, we have had a lot of Modern contests lately, we need one from long ago, like the castles one, wish i had been following this blog then!
    or Maybe "cottages" then it could be ether modern cottage, or an old fashioned one.
    and it's a small enough thing that it could be really well detailed.

  19. @ Henry
    I would speak only for myself.
    I read all the comments posted 'till.
    I would say again that Blogger voting system is not the best in the world (honestly it's the worst I've ever seen) but different system are very time consuming.
    At the moment I don't have much time to follow the Challenges as I would, so no time to manually collect votes from user comment.
    We could give a try to this new system if there is someone who could do this: Collect votes for the three standings.
    Last thing it seems to me that this system is a bit "closed" to all the I-net audience who don't want to register to the Blog and leave a comment, or learn how to vote models.

  20. Yes Henry, mods do read the forums. I check it probably once every hour when I'm home.
    And in last thread, I asked if the email voting system is what people wanted as it seemed popular, but if I recall, we found some flaws in the system (Much like the one now) and I wasn't sure if implementing it right away without prior knowledge was the best thing to do.
    There is a fair bit of work in doing the polls and challenges, and this is time that we do not always have. We really are trying the best we can, as we do not want to see these challenges die.

  21. I would suggest if we wanted to do Voting by posting it would look like this, a template that you would need to copy paste to the "leave your comment" place.
    THREE POINTS: Gutenberg printer - a.j.unknow
    for the workmanship and Idea, which was the same one I had, though I THINK he may have done it better than I could have.
    Art Printer by moboille
    I like the over all shape, especially with the colors turned off
    Mad Scientist Printer - Hazo
    it is a good Idea, Quite well modeled to

  22. then in a note book or something you have a graph and record the points there, this would not be too much harder than setting up the current system every month, I think.
    you could post a comment hear with all the contestants names in it, since you need to type out all their names any way for the poll.
    we would need to vote in the comments section of the ACTUAL post of the contest I think, like I would note be voting for printers in the RV comments....

  23. @ mods
    then surely you've ignored the fact that my idea for the old old old style of voting recieved more emphatic agreement than the e-mail system and makes more sense? and so decided to go with the flawed system (that seems to be working this week to be honest, but who can tell?) it is as simple as announcing it, writing a template then tallying them up at the end of the week.

    if it makes it easier for you - here are the instructions you need to give people

    1)vote for last weeks challenge in last weeks forum {this keeps each thread on topic}. then at the end of the week after that they will be counted.
    2) adhere to this template.

    if there is a proper reason why you are choosing not to implement this system please tell me so i can stop wasting my time trying to make the challenges fair again.

  24. I just don't think that very many people will vote then. And the whole 3,2,1, points thing may not always tell the best result.
    BUT, if this is what people want, I don't see why we can't give it a shot anyway.
    So, some feedback, is this what others want?

  25. Sorry for my bed English first.
    I agree with henny and the follows are my votes for the challenge 074.
    3 pts for a.j.unknow
    He is the best.
    2 pts for moboille
    He always creste his works with creation.
    1 pts for HenkieTenk
    An original work!
    Have fun with the challnge!

  26. i also agree with henry and would like to vote this way.

  27. @Vrjunior

    thanks for removing your premade components.

  28. wohoooo!!!! Tommorow i should be done my RV!!!

    (just finishing details left, like exhaust and mirrors)

  29. As I've been telling for a long time, I'm totally agree about the Henry solution ;)

  30. re: the proposed voting system

    with 3 votes of different 'weights' they would statistically produce a fair result, which is a better representation of the truth. i won't do the mathematical proof because it needs diagrams and graphs but i covered it in statistics last year and it would. roughly speaking the votes would be a better representation of peoples thoughts because if the best model was significantly better than the 2nd best one the second and third best models etc would still get some votes and so there would be more of a curve on the graph.
    [to simplify further; it averages it out and makes it fairer]

    whereas, with the current system, each person only has one vote. which (if the person knows what they're doing) will usually go to the best model (or equally good model). this means that any other votes will probably have been made by less experienced modelers and so might be a less good representation of the truth.

    also, i believe the new system might stop less deserving models randomly coming near the top (although this is just a hypothesis i haven't proven it mathematically yet). because with the current system there might be lots of votes for the best one, not many for the rest and then lots again for a less good model because it seems good from the thumbnail or less experienced modelers think its really good and vote for it.

  31. Well, it seems that most others like the idea, so we'll give it a shot on the next voting. So that would be for this challenge. Voting can start as soon as you see the Challenge Closed after the date on the challenge. I will also make a post in this thread stating that the voting can start, and when over, I will make an ending post.
    Sound good?

  32. Sounds great to me ...
    But in view of all the ideas, I'm not sure, who can vote for this challenge ? Everybody or just the users...? I'm confused now, but glad to see the ultimate way to troubleshoot coming :)

    Maxime (Moboille)

  33. I like Henry's plan. It's more work for the voters but I'll give it a try. I also voted the regular way.

    3 Points: Gutenberg Printer By a.j.unknow
    It's way too cool and I love wood!

    2 Points: HP Printer By Griffin
    Very Realistic but needs some scenes.

    1 Point: HP Touch Smart Printer by TD2013
    Needs more arc segments on the ends.

  34. I just uploaded my model for challenge #075, it has a raisable and lowerable roof and two storeys.
    pictures/ renders Here

    and the model is Here

    please don't download directly because you can raise and lower the roof using the layers.
    Hope you like it

  35. I have a few questions regarding the submission date of the models.
    I have updated my model in the warehouse and now there are two models, but i see that the updated model's date is March 11. Will it still be a valid entry, so can i delete the one dated March 10? Can models be submitted on the same day as the due date? What is the time difference between the server and GMT?

  36. I'm new to sketchup and have been reading the 3d challenge forums, and I definantly agree with the 3 point system.
    Here are my takes:
    3 points to vrjunior.
    I liked how he had his model set up.
    Plus the printer was simple but good.
    2 points to griffin.
    His model Has a very nice shape to it.
    1 point to hazo.
    Very creative. Well executed.

  37. Yes, You are fine BlackkinghT.
    All models are accepted until the "Challenge Closed" tag is put after the date on the main post.

  38. ******************************************************* VOTING MAY NOW START

  39. my votes for challenge #075

    3 points:
    a.j.unknow "Home sweet home"

    It was more organic in shape than any of the others, and I thought was better done than the others. Also i liked the fact that he included pictures of it on picasa.

    nothing realy to critic.

    2 Points:
    Vrjunior "Winnebago RV"

    I liked the overall fell of the motorhome, and apreciated the time and work he did to replace the premade components.

    Paint the other side, and fix the wheel wells. maybe group the walls and stuff to allow easier veiws inside (maybe).

    1 Point:
    francis_nyc "CountryCraftsman MotorHome RV."

    I liked the articulated idea on a motor home. I thought his model showed a little inovation which i like. although i liked the first version more.

    make it more organic, more colour, hide some lines, use components and groups.

  40. @LoganC

    thanks for taking the time to implement the new voting system it's vey much appreciated

  41. 3 POINTS TO:Shazzam Van by randomofodication
    it has the best over all shape, the smoothest profile (with its top in the down position any way).

    2 POINTS TO:
    home sweet home by a.j.unknow
    the layer work is very good, I like it! (having done it on a few occasions I understand how difficult it can be)

    1 POINT TO:
    Winnebago RV (updated)
    by Vrjunior
    a though choice between that and the green rhino, the one with the flowers and the scooter, is also good(ish), but not good enough.

  42. randomofodication,
    I second you on that.

  43. 3 points, Winnebago rv (updated)
    Good look. Realistic
    Should paint the other side.
    2 points
    Shazzam van
    Creative an well done
    Needs more detail.
    1 point
    Green rhino van
    Green idea. Good for a first timer.

  44. 3 pts for Home sweet home
    by a.j.unknow
    Detailed with nice conponents
    2 pts for CountryCraftsman MotorHome RV.
    by francis_nyc
    1 pts for none

  45. @ Logan

    ty for implementing new voting :)

    my vote...
    3 pts a.j.unknown - 'home sweet home'
    liked how organic you made it, and it all fit together well.

    if i was to change anything i would take off the writing 'motor home' from the front and back and leave it blank and have the windows beveled but didn't really need it. good work.

    2 pts randomofodication - 'shazzam van'

    i liked the organic feel of the body and the profile but i feel that parts of the interior could have been better. also, there are black lines running along the plane of symmetry presumably because you didn't explode a component, i would explode it and then smoothe it to get rid of it. otherwise a great model.

    1pt francis nyc - 'CountryCraftsman MotorHome RV.'

    although the model is quite square, unorganic, unpainted and unsmothed i though this showed quite a lot of complexity, which stood it out from the rest. promising model!

  46. Hi. If we make the textures on a model, shoul'nt we be creditted for that as well? I was wondering this because i make most of the textures on my models, and saw that the model must be judged without textures, so i thought this was a little unfair. thanks.

  47. Well, it's great that you made the textures, but the challenges are about 3D modeling and SketchUp. I would encourage you to still continue to create your own textures, but for the challenges, it is only the physical geometry that is being looked at.

  48. Here are my votes for challenge 075:
    3 points to "Shazzam van" by randomofodication. Original model, well modeled but I think it needs more interior details.
    2 points to "CountryCrafsman Motorhome RV" by francis_nyc. Original articulated motorhome, complex but too square modeling.
    1 point to "The Green Rhino Vehicle" by BlackknighT. I like the front modeling specialy the doors. The model would look better with other textures.
    Some of the models in this challenge have a lot of premade components like tables, baskets, glasses, motorcycle, alarmclock, books, fruits... and this isn't allowed by the rules

  49. Then, my votes for the challenge 075.

    3pts for "Home sweet home" by A.j.unknow . The shape looks great and I do like the functioning of the indoor space . Fine !

    2pts for "Shazzam Van" by randomofodication .First, I hate the door and I think you should have made the effort to paint your RV ...But I give you 2pts because it's a great model anyway, I like the space arrangements. Great !

    1pt for "Winnebago RV" by Vrjunior .You win my vote only thanks to inside, the structure looks quite simple and I don't understand the blank side .

    Congratulation to all though !

    PS : francis_nyc .Good-looking model, it's quite well furnished, but I assume that it could be much better with some organic shapes !

  50. I noticed the use of pre-made components too, I don't know what's up, the rules are easy to follow yet !

  51. 3 Points: Home sweet home by a.j. unknow
    Good arc efficiency, good scenes, nice work with the wide camera angles, nice pop-outs. You are a god among insects (X-Men 2)

    2 Points: Shazzam van by randomofodication
    Poor arc efficiency but good use of components.

    1 Point: The Green Rhino Vehicle by BlackknighT
    Very original! Would have been my second choice if it had scenes.

  52. In fact, when will start the next challenge ?I'm in no hurry, but I would have a date. Thanks,

  53. yay, usually there posted on wensday or thursday

  54. @Shinnah:

    I also thought that some scenes would have been nice, maybe some with sections, but i didn't have enough free time to do that unfortunately.

    What do you mean by arc efficiency? (I googled that expression and found only things related to electricity, nothing about geometry)

  55. @ BlackknighT,

    I'm referring to the number of segments in a circle or arc. Perhaps "excessive geometry" is the correct term. see page #4 of the most common mistakes tutorial. http://www.j-man.nl/tutorials/MCM-Tutorial%20-%20v01.pdf .... On small parts you usually want less segments, on larger parts of the model you may want more. a good example of needing more is the HP Touch Smart Printer by TD2013

  56. new challenge soon? its saturday (my main sketchupping day) :P

    p.s. anyone else really like the new facebook? everyone else seems to hate it.

  57. a new challenge would be nice.
    @ Henry
    well, I don't care really, I preferred it when it was just your first name in the statuses, but aside from that..

  58. 3pts for the Shazzam Van! Nice modern sleak look!

    2 pts for Green Rhino Vechicle becuase i like how dreative he was when making this.

    1 pt for Home Sweet Home becuase it's very good but not very creative.

    ...I would really like the old voting back. Much easier to work with!

  59. I think the old voting is better becuase some people are just going to get a bunch of 3 pts and be in some gaint lead, it also take more time to type up a comment. But if the voting is alway like this then how about we can't vote for ourselves!!!!!!!!!

  60. 3pt...Palm RV Safari RV - TD2013
    2pt...Motor Home - Freddo80
    1pt...RV with Deck - JW2014

  61. 3 points: Safari RV Thingy - TD

    2 points: Motor Home - Freddo

    1 point: RV/Camper - TD

    I just picked these becuase they look cool and the one with 3 points has a nice interoir.

  62. td2013 i think there might have been some confusion on your part regarding the new rules?

    assuming we've now adopted the rules i set forward...

    1) you cannot vote for yourself.
    2) you have 3 votes.
    2i) one vote is worth 3 point.
    2ii)one vote is worth 2 points.
    2iii)one vote is worth 1 point.
    2iv)you may not vote for someone twice
    3) the top 3 people are those with the most points.
    4) you may only vote if you are a regular member or you enter 'this' weeks challenge.
    5) votes will be posted (not anonymously) and each will include at least one point of constructive criticism.

    btw statistically people shouldn't get a massive lead because the people just below the best person will still get some votes.

    also, according to the REALLY old rules which i think have been adopted now [citation needed] you can only have one entry. so if you wanted to make 2 you should combine them into one file and give it only one name.

    i really liked the 'paintwork' on your safari rv btw.

    p.s. this is just my opinion but writing out your vote should take no time compared with the time you spend deciding which to vote! so the new method really isn't that much of a hassle.

  63. @ mitchdesigns
    you cant vote for someone twice.

  64. @ 'sketchy man' and 'mitch designs'

    would you consider yourself a regular member? because you haven't submitted a single forum post or a model (unless you removed it from the warehouse) under the name sketchy man or mitch designs for 8 weeks (i checked)! i only ask because only people who enter (or are regular members) can vote.

    do you usually use another name? if so you shouldn't be voting a second or third time under another name!

  65. "But if the voting is always like this then how about we can't vote for ourselves", I laughed when seeing that, wasn't it the aim ?

    I've skipped the fact that we can't enter several times separately, thanks for reminding me of it ;)

  66. 1st place-AJ-Unknown (home sweet home)
    Why: because it has an interior.

    2nd place-randomofodicatio (Shazzam Van)
    Why: it has the best exterior construction.

    3rd place-Vrjunior (winnebago RV)
    Why: it's the best of the worst...

    Question to whoever made the template: what place is best? 1st point or 3rd pont?


  67. @ mr jumpman

    the winner is the person with the most votes. so
    3pts for who you think should win
    2pts for who you think should come 2nd
    1 pt for who you think should come 3rd

  68. Thanks Henry for reminding me of the rules...Also thanks for the comment on my safari RV. When this is done where are you going to post who wins? will you say how mny points and will you show every one who entered so we can see how we ranked. Like with the poll right when it ended you could see how we ranked but now with this system we can't so i am counting on you to...I hope you understand what i am trying to say.

  69. well, thats not my responsibility, as im not an official moderator. thats LoganC's job as far as i know. but seeing as you've posted that question in the forum im sure he'll see it and be able to list everyone's rankings at the end of voting if he sees fit. (as far as i know the voting for the 'motor home' challenge finishes on wed/thurs)

  70. Here's what I'm thinking.
    Yes, you can post more than one model per challenge, as many do!
    ANYONE can vote for anyone else, regular member or not.
    You can vote for someone twice, assuming that they are different models! This is to see what models are the best, not necessarily "who" is the best.

    Guess I could do a final vote tally, but all the information is right here. I see no more than you do, so you know who is winning and how many points everyone has if you just want to add it up.

  71. I prefer the rules according to LoganC, looks fairer .

  72. why let randoms, who don't participate, vote?!

    also, if you can make more than one model and vote for someone twice someone could win 1st 2nd and 3rd place. but fine.

  73. Because not everyone has the time to model something every week, but does like to check in and see the models being made. Just because they don't make models or post on the blog doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to vote.
    And if someone makes 3 good models in the week's challenge, and they come 1st, 2nd, 3rd, then that's great! If those three deserve to win, then they shall! Another model should not win just because someone already voted for the person, even though their model is better.

    So I think that these rules are a bit more fair and lenient for the voting.
    BTW, I haven't participated in a challenge in close to 2 years, but I still take the time to look at some models and normally vote!

  74. @LoganC
    I agree with Logan C becuase that now makes sense becuase others should be allowed to vote even if they don't make something or they never make something but would still like to veiw how others do and vote for thier favorite.
    Like with presidents, if only 2 are running for president does that mean they should be the only ones to vote? no becuase it would be a tie every time!

  75. president is a bad analogy. what it is at the moments is like a load of RANDOM PEOPLE deciding how to combat climate change. where restricting voting to those who submit models makes it more like a group of SCIENTISTS and ENGINEERS deciding how to combat climate change. where the specialists vote it will be a better decision because they know what they're talking about!!!!

    (watch 'sunshine' . its a sci fi film about re-starting the sun but that's besides the point. there's a bit where they have to make a massive, mission altering, decision and the dialogue goes something like this...

    "captain: lets vote on it
    pilot:no. The person who knows what they're doing should decide."

    the pilot is RIGHT! to give other examples. do they let randoms vote for nobel prizes, the turner art prize, nobel prizes, knighthoods etc..? NO because when you let random people vote they don't necessarily know HOW to choose which one!

    for example. i'd be willing to bet that a large porportion of people judge some by just looking at the thumbnail on the warehouse. that isn't judging the model!!! also anyone, frankly who voted for Vrjunior in the printer challange is guilty of this to some extent. the thumbnail looks amazing. so to does the model until you turn textures off and delete all the background (like it should already be according to the rules). and once you've done that its a good model but there were a fair number of mistakes and things which could have easily been improved. voting shouldn't be for your favourite. it should be for the best model! and most of the time there is one which is clearly better, unless artistic differences come into play.

    and lastly, now that my mini rant is over... i seem to remember the other reason for only letting some people vote was to get more people to participate.

  76. I know what you mean, take this model:
    it did not get one single vote, I would guess because it has a not so good thumbnail, if you take the time to download it however you see that it is a lot better that it looks like in the thumbnail, this discouraged me quite a lot.
    so I totally see where your coming from, if I had done Picasa work and some how made the thumbnail more appealing it might have come in third or something, how ever that is not what the challenge is about, having the best thumbnail....
    so I like the new voting system, because even if there are fewer votes they are fairer ones, and the voters are more likely to have downloaded the Models.

  77. I can post a tally of how many votes every one got, as soon as the voting is over I will!

  78. Well, for the time being I'm keeping it that anyone can vote!
    If someone has found this blog and actually read through to know how to vote, I would not call that a random person. For that reason, and until or if something changes, anyone and everyone can vote.

  79. Yes, I think the Henry and Owwliv's speech was right during the old voting system but now you have to post a comment here then, have you seen how many peoples have voted compared with before ? Even though they aren't obliged to explain their choices (what it should be), it's still a kind of limit among random peoples .

  80. Yes, and I knew it would be like this. We did the email voting before that was nearly identical to this, but just through emails. We got maybe 5 votes a week.
    It's just how it goes.

  81. does it matter that there's less votes with this system? as long as they are well informed then result should be fair, right??

  82. Personally, I wasn't thinking that less votes was bad, maybe I haven't formulated very well though, but I only think a part (a little bit, as you've seen) of random people can vote, that's why I've said [i]Have you seen how many peoples have voted?[/i] they don't constitute the most part. I'd like to read feedbacks about this point and then we'll be able to weigh up the pros and cons next to decide something to finish with this little prob. :)

  83. ******************************************************* VOTING IS NOW CLOSED

  84. Here is what I have for the totals:
    (Someone can double check them if they wish)

    a.j.unknow - Home sweet home = 21

    randomofodication - Shazzam Van = 19

    Vrjunior - Winnebago RV = 8

    rancis_nyc - CountryCraftsman MotorHome RV. = 6

    Palm RV Safari RV - TD2013 = 6

    The Green Rhino Vehicle - BlackknighT = 5

    Motorhome - Freddo80 = 4

    RV with Deck - JW2014 = 1

    RV/Camper - TD2013 = 1

  85. Tied for 4th! pretty good i guess?!?

  86. LoganC:
    I would say your tally was right, as it was the same as mine.

  87. please post the next challange at least by tommarow afternoon i would like to have more time to make something...