08 December 2009

3d challenge #097 - Architecture (Buildings)

 Challenge Closed - (12/08/2009 to 01/05/2010)

Voting Started

In this 3D-challenge you can make classic or modern/real or concept building architecture of any type. Model should be properly scaled. Texture use is allowed.

3D Warehouse tag : 3d challenge 097


  1. There will no obligation for a blog entry anymore. It is still allowed to post a link to your model or additional images, but it is not required anymore to submit a model to the challenges. The 3D Warehouse tag is still required though and should be added when uploading a model to the Warehouse.

    You can use the hyperlink code creator on the frontpage of the blog to create the code for a hyperlink in your message. Copy this code and paste it in the comment box on the place where your want the hyperlink to be.

    Challenge suggestions are welcome to be placed on the blog. Items will be noted and compiled on the moderator’s list. At that point, the initial comment for the suggestion may be deleted so as to maintain a streamline challenge thread for use of posting entries for the challenge and comments to models. Challenge suggestions have always been welcomed and taken under consideration.

    Please refrain from using background images in your models as it is the model itself that is being judged.

    You'll notice a new link on the main page that directs you to the First Place Certificate area to which winners are able to print a certificate with a picture of their model detailing their excellence. You can access the page through the main page of the blog.

    Good Luck!!!!

  2. so, any kind of building? if yes, nice....

  3. I want to know too, what kind is it?

  4. If any kind allowed then it's fine, I will make some distressing sight building. I recommend myself till then: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjBWMUYydE4

    . The scenes were glued together in windowsmoviemaker. (it was necessity, the avi file of it was 295mb at 22 sec)

  5. ''In this 3D-challenge you can make classic or modern/real or concept building architecture of any type. Model should be properly scaled. Texture use is allowed.''
    Well, I guess any type is allowed.

  6. I really wish I could do this one challenge. It sounds like fun but I am tied up. I will try to get one built if possible.

  7. I would like to participate in the contest.

  8. I will be doing a Frank Lloyd Wright house as my entry

  9. This is my model.Frank Lloyd Wright Goetsch- Winckler
    I have been off for quite awhile from the Challenges so this is my contribution. No worries I will do the interior in the future but I have in line 3 models I going on at the moment. Enjoy. and to all Happy Holiday's.

    Jeff T
    (Jeff Myers)

  10. I've got a lot of outside work to do, but I might jump in if I get some time.

  11. Hello!
    This is my model Iglesia de Arbas, a Spanish Church (15th Century). if you want to see render and real photograhies of the church are in my blog Oxervision
    The 3dwarehouse version of the model is a simplification of the final model, i'm working on it yet.
    From Spain Happy Christmas and Lucky!!

  12. Hope that I'm not too late for the entry!
    For an advance, 'Happy New Year' to everyone!

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  14. Merry christmas everybody and a happy new year!

  15. Hi Guys!
    For the new 3d challenge TOPIC,
    I suggest to create anything that is inside the house. It doesn't mean, you only can create furnitures, but anything, ie; pets,posters,sculptures,indoors plants,etc,etc..


  16. how about a type of rock climber vehicle


    I hate to be a snitch, but I believe it is important that the contest rules be followed. There is a concern regarding participant blue75's model entries for challenge 097. Blue's models were submitted in april of 2008, Meaning they weren't made specifically for the challenge. So according to the challenge rules would Be rendered ineligible for voting. I'd hate to get an outstanding modeler in any kind of trouble but feel that these issues need to be investigated.

    PS: it's great to be back to the 3d challenge!!

  18. I hope that I didn't make any mistake here, but forgive me if so.
    I got known of this blog since I became a member of blogspot, since July2009, but I've been around in Google since 2008.It means, I've uploaded my models since for no purpose, but only wanted to share among the globe for their visuals.
    For the contest, I surrendered it the sketchup3dchallenge team to extrude with a new specific rules;)
    Whatever, it's a pleasure to be among all of you in the new BIM world.


  19. uploaded a model of a house at the last moment

  20. Educational Institution

    uploaded an model of an EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION BUILDING

  21. I uploaded two models, though the second one was uploaded three days late; sorry

  22. Merry new year and happy christmas!
    Suggest for 3d challenge: 1)model your favourit comic hero (batman, spiderman, asterix) we have lot of them; or 2)model a mythical creature.

  23. Hello? Is this thing on?

    If the challenge is still a go, then what I'd like to see in the next one is a rendering of 2D artworks to 3D. The basic idea would be to take some form of recognizeable 2D artwork (ex: Botticelli's "Birth of Venus") and render it as a 3D model.

  24. How about 097 voting start, and new topic for 098?

  25. Challenge Suggestion:

    Model a piece of art or an art car from the Burning Man festival.

  26. greetings! i keep missing challenges... have i missed one again and how come i can't see what the current one is?

  27. As zee mentioned...ditto frrom szczesny. PS: Happy New Year.

  28. 3D challenge proposal: punkSteam or PunkDesal Truck, ergo my BlueEyed Bulldog Racer. Newly rendered work by muuwah for 2010.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Uhm...How about a killer mechanoid or something. Or we could do a fantasy gadjet contest where you model a gadget that you would think of on your own and then upload it. that would be cool.

  31. how about modeling furniture such as chairs, sofas, cabinets etc.

  32. anyone slightly worried there hasnt been a challenge for about 24 days?

  33. Yep. I've got a quote from "Bones" McCoy going through my head over this. I'm vaguely curious if it's related to the Google/China shake-up. I doubt it, but hey ... you never know what impacts seemingly unrelated events can have within a big corp.

  34. I have no idea what's happening currently on the blog

  35. I think its pretty obvious, actually. She's dead, defunct, deceased, demised, toast, Tango Uniform, ...


    "She's not 'pining!' She's passed on! This [blog] is no more!! She has ceased to be! She's expired and gone to meet her maker! She's a stiff! Bereft of Life! She rests in peace! Her metabolic processes are now history! She's off the twig! She's kicked the bucket. She's shuffled off her mortal coil, run down the curtain, and joined the bleeding choir invisible!! This .. is .. an .. EX-[blog]!!"

    Of course, I could yet be mistaken.

  36. http://sketchupcompetition.blogspot.com/

  37. 快樂是你與生俱來的權力,它不應該取決於你完成什麼。 ..............................

  38. Where is Cose Di Marco when you need him?
    I kinda miss him.

  39. Sorry, Tinker Toy, but I don't have spare time to follow the Challenge.
    Remember you can enjoy modelling even if there's not a challenge :)

  40. -------------------------------

    Voting started

    Entry Models

    Voting Method -
    1]your First choice is worth 3 points,
    2]your Second worth 2 points,
    3]your Third worth 1 point,


  41. Am I allowed to vote for myself? (yes, I know, i'm shallow enough to vote for my own models)

    If so, then:

    3 points: Milo minderbender's Art deco hotel for its outstanding interior and complexity
    2 points to VrJunior's modern house for its originality and features
    1 point for Kangarooz's Green Museum for its design and environmentally friendly features

  42. Dear VrJunior, we have a common agreement about voting; nobody may vote for himself.

    3 points: MoST by Gabor
    2 points: Eyrie by HenkieTenk
    1 point: tree House by 8818eric

  43. Keep on voting please! We need much more points to select a winner!

  44. 3 points MoSt by Gabor
    2 points Art Deco Hotel by Milo Minderbinder
    1 point Eyrie by Henkie Tenk

  45. 3 points to eric8818 - Good design and modelling
    2 points for DALEXD's Matchbox House - I find it really creative
    1 point for the Green Museum by Kangaroo - Nice piece of architecture

    I also liked
    Sketchmaster Tóth's Green Rooftop Family House
    and the
    Administration Block by blues75
    both for their very well detailed models.

    Finaly, thanks for the votes!