22 February 2010

All New Challenges, Comming Soon


3D-Challenge Is Back

We Need 3 Moderators, Anyone Interested Please Contact to 3dchallengesite@googlemail.com



  1. Why are you requesting donations for the challenge? What costs are involved? Isn't Blogger free?

  2. There won't be people paying....because there's nothing to gain. Only honour and respect for your model. Well, is that worth the money? Not for me.
    I think it's quiet here because the hardcore-participants started to leave the challenge. New people come in and they don't read the manual or check the rules. Ok, when one person does that, fine, we tell him/her to obey the rules. But the "we" is gone....

  3. http://sketchupcompetition.blogspot.com/

  4. Well we, I and a friend of mine and a fellow sketchup modeler, are here to keep the Talent here. I can tell you we will see ask a few of the people I know from our Sketchup group to come here and join. There is talented modelers on Sketchup it is just a hard, tedious and time consuming process but they are out there. I am glad to see that they are back but PAY okay. I don't think it is for making models just donate if you can? Right?

  5. My point is that everything this website is powered by is free so why does it need donations?