12 June 2010

Voting started on Challenge #101 - Shape your Landscape!

Hello Readers!
Please vote for your favorite models and thumbnails in Challenge #101 on the commentpage HERE.

Voting method
This challenge there will be two votes.
- one for best MODEL (will win one prize)
- one for best THUMBNAIL (will win one prize)

you may vote like this:
- your First model choice is worth 3 points,
- your Second model worth 2 points,
- your Third model worth 1 point,

- your First thumbnail choice is worth 3 points,
- your Second thumbnail worth 2 points,
- your Third thumbnail worth 1 point,

You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

Hello everyone,

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  1. Hi!,
    I follow this blog by RSS in Google Reader. I just notice that you use Feedburner, so I think you can create a form to automatic follow this blog by email. The user only will have to write their email on the form, and they will be suscribed by email automatically. That way you will not have to manually manage the suscrptions by mail. You can view an overview of this here: http://www.google.com/support/feedburner/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=78982
    Hope that serves you.

  2. Yeah but it's also for fun stuff, and peaks behind the screens for subscribers that others don't get!

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