28 May 2010

3D Challenge #101 - Shape your Landscape

3D Challenge #101

Shape your Landscape

28th May 2010 - 23:59PM 17th June 2010

Voting started, ends on June 22nd, 23:59PM

Entry Models

Shape your own dream landscape! And organize you Thumbnail!
It could be anything:
- mountains
- northpole
- desert
- sea
- your backyard (if it's big enough)

And remember: two prizes will be given away:
two copies of SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization: Beginner's Guide by Robin de Jongh. Read more HERE.

There will be two votes this time:
- Best MODEL

3D Warehouse tag: "3d Prize challenge 101"

View rules and regulations, tips and tricks, and more about the two votes Here


  1. Check out this example model I made:

  2. I like prizes! Immade a little hill and some grass, and some trees and put up my little landscape today!

  3. It's a great model LordGood, I think the grass really adds more realism. It looks like it came right of WOW or something! Very cool trees indeed.

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  5. I've just made my contribution for this new 3D challenge http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=aaa6769e8f548ffdf4d291b2b251d593.

    Hope you'll like it !

  6. We really need a spam filter over here.

    By the way,
    I've been working on two things lately.
    One is our New Sketchup 3D Challenge collection:

    Second, a brand new site for all winner certificates. All have been added, and the new ones from #99 and #100 are on their way.

  7. anyone know of a way to upload a larger than 10mb file to the warehouse ? I'm getting real close to the limit and would prefer not to leave out any more detail than i have to.

  8. I saw something like bulk-uploading a couple of months ago, but it's only possible to do it if you get the permission from Google. I google it for you, this is what I got (not the page I viewed:

    I'm really looking forward to seeing your 10MB model!

  9. thank you milo =) i posted my question on the forum and hopefully will get a reply and a fix

  10. How do u gys make it so gud??? plz help...

  11. Hey Seyvaqs!

    Try to work with a lot of components you made as a preparation, such as trees, grass, buildings etc. And if it doesn't suit you to make a natural looking scene, landscapes also include cities!

  12. I used kerkythea renderer, its free, and actually quite simple to use if you ignore all the butttons except the 'render' one. However you must also download the sketchup/kerkythea exporter plugin otherwise the two programs are not compatible.

  13. You could also use Artlantis and 3d max, because they have much more rendering potential. It is possible to obtain student versions of both. Although, the rendering in 3d max is far superior to all. The only downside is that there is quite a learning curve

  14. What is that chinese dude doing????? i think he shud be banned... 4 explicit links

  15. hey seyvaqs - something you might want to try if you can - google earth your location and scroll in to the view you want then open sketchup and use the google earth tool to get current view and toggle terrain - you can then add to it or customise it the way you like

  16. i actually did it with mine but the terrain was nothing more than a mere bump so i had to do it manually - not exactly what i wanted but it works for my model

  17. 人生最大的榮耀,不是永遠不敗,而是屢仆屢戰..............................

  18. I have no complaints, but the time frame for this challenge is way too long. I feel like I could have modeled California by the 17th.

  19. Hello Jansen,

    I understand your concerns, and I think it actually ould be really cool if you would model entire California as a submission. But due to our maintenance a couple of weeks ago, many readers stopped following the blog. So now we are desperately trying to get them back. This will take 20 days.

  20. well i have been informed that they no longer distribute the bulk uploader as it is buggy , hard to use and hasn't been improved in several years so there is nothing i can do aside from keeping my model under the limit. i should be ok i am only at 8.5 mb right now but it only gives me 1mb to work with.
    and i for one need the time to finish my model this may still take me at least another week.

  21. I not really sure; I was contacted recently about this, and I was told you might only be able to sign up for Land 8 Lounge if you are an architect. So you should try to sign up for Land8Lounge first please!

  22. I just post my model.

    This challenge, I really don't have idea what I should do.

    I started,quit and change, again and again.

    The model I posted is no.4 of all. - -"

  23. 格主的部落格內容真豐富~~看得很開心..................................................

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  25. Ok, im done my landscape, after a while. And now its reuploaded.
    Nice models people! I think close struggle expected, there are many good work already, and still 4 days to deadline.

  26. I guess its about time I upload this model, so here we go.

  27. well i didn't get the chance to do everything i wanted in this model but the file size was just getting too big to do any more - but i am happy with it even though alot had to be left out and had a fun time it was a great challenge

  28. hey all lots of great models in this one will be hard to choose , ive loaded mine up , only sry that i really didnt have much time to work on this challenge due to work , and yep CK i know the feeling i think ive done the better of 5 of them lol this was a hard one for newcommers to be honest but i didnt give up lol just wish i had been able to have more time off work to play lol ..

    best of luck to all , this out to be a good one , nice turn out and great models !!!

  29. I apologize but I have been forced to deleat my original file and upload a new one. Unfortunately I have encountered the operation timed out bug, and I dont think that sketchup has fixed it yet.

  30. I've had some issues with the 'an error occured. operation timed out.'-bug too lately. I'll post in on the help group.

  31. yes milo that is the one that i had trouble keeping the file size down. lord good mentioned that some things have too many polys and i could have reduced the poly count and done more - but i'm realy still new to this and have no idea how =( i wouldn't mind trying so i could get it into the google earth 3d buildings if anyone has any sugestions.

  32. I agree with what Lordgood told you completely, but I think that there is something internally wrong with the 3d warehouse at the moment. I dont understand how it could accept my model at 8.3 mb...then when i make a few revisions accept those, but then all of a sudden it stops allowing me to make revisions....this was even prevalent when I cut the file down to 6.3 mb. Eventually, I decided to deleat the model I had stored and I uploaded a different version of it which was over 9 mb. To make this bug issue more bizaar, the model was uploaded immediately. Consequently, I think that there is an issue with revising models and reverting models that are already stored online.....I could just be going insane though hahaha

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  34. I see you came to the 3DWH on May 26th, which means you really are very new to Sketchup. This doesn't mean your models aren't any good, 'cause they really are. The main issues I notice in your model, are the curved shapes which have huge numbers of polygons. This is easily fixable by typing the desired number of sides and hit enter before drawing an arch or circle. A circle usually has 24 sides, and if you use the follow me tool to extrude arched shapes along arched paths, you get an enormous number of unneeded polys very fast. Also, I see you cut out the trees and shrubs, eventhough they are in PNG format. If the textures are PNG, you don't need to trace them; the surroundings will atomatically be translucent. Also, PNG textures dramatically increase filesize. It's okay to use them, but you should really keep the resolution down, because not many people will notice you use highresolution images anyway. I hope this will help. Good luck and keep up the good work!

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  36. I haven't been participating for a while but I will start again soon. I had some ideas for this challenge but after some thought I felt my ideas would have been to big to do in the time allotted. Landscapes are not my strong point in any stretch of the imagination and especially organic shapes are not my thing. As for the entrants, great job guys. If you want to see what's been keeping me busy with SketchUp, check out my blog at jedicharles.com. It's a small starship designed to be a fast blockade runner, I think you will like it.

  37. Thanks for the thumbs up on the thumbnail shot ) no punn intended lol this is my first attempt at rendering , i hope to be able to mess around with it more to be able to get things to come out as good as all of yours do :)
    ive been on here for a lil while but still learning and tryn new things , after reading the posts ive now seen about faces like in the circle etc that can be changed etc , simple tips and tricks that help a ton !!

    ohh and welcome back JC , nice to hear you will be back with us again

  38. Timed out bug:

    Had this often while uploading the model straight from SU-program. But after pausing my Kaspersky anti-virus it worked fine. Maybe it's checking the upload to much?

  39. well i'm not exactly that new-i have tried this about a year and a half ago on someone elses pc and account for a few weeks but haven't touched it since so it's like being new. thanks for the info on the circle making, thats really neat- i have alot to learn which that model helped me learn alot although mostly by mistake and after it was mostly done lol but it is fun i love to do any type of art and look forward to more challenges

  40. Best way to learn -- trial and error

  41. I've just added my model, at the very last minute. I'm quite disappointed, because I couldn't finish it, but I uploaded it anyway.

  42. i was viewing my model from the map tab and the bubble is a little bit off - the actual island is down and to the left - anyone know of a way to change that ? - after the challenge i want to remake some of it and try and get it on the 3d buildings for google earth

  43. Challenge closed. Voting started.

    voting method:
    This challenge there will be two votes.
    - one for best MODEL
    - one for best THUMBNAIL

    you may vote like this:
    - your First model choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second model worth 2 points,
    - your Third model worth 1 point,

    - your First thumbnail choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second thumbnail worth 2 points,
    - your Third thumbnail worth 1 point,

    You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

    Please note the model vote is JUST for the model (the sketchup file), the thumbnail vote is JUST for the image on the models detailspage.

    You may start voting now!

  44. MODEL
    1) Montressor castle
    2) Seychelles
    3) Aline landscape

    1) Alien landscape
    2) Montressor castle
    3) Snowland

    Hard to choose!

  45. Thank you Zoungy, for casting the first votes!

  46. Mbuzzyk,

    go to windows >> model info, location tab. There you can change the coordinates.

  47. This is a hard one to choose a top 3 cuz all were great models !!!

    Model points :

    3 points for bora bora mbuzzyk - tons of detail,scenes,over all a great looking model

    2 points for House on haunted hill ,Ck ,nicely done looks like it comes right outta a haunted comic book/movie.

    1 point to Tokyo, gabor - each building is detailed ,streets right down to drains , lots of hard work put into this one !

    Thumbnails ;

    3 points for montressor castle by lordgood

    2 points for 3d prize challenge landscape by 8818eric

    1 alien landscape by anse23

    like i said all were great this was a hard to to bring down to just 3 ! Good luck to all !!

  48. 3D challenge back to hot again!

    Model vote
    3 Points - Tokyo 100 x 100 by Gabor, excellence in multi level modeling and make it efficiently.
    2 Points - motu bora bora by mbuzzyk, Lot of details and impressive scene.
    1 Point - When Ages Collide by Jansen, for her creativitiy.

    (Choose by the meaning of landscape,modelling technique,creativity and work load.)

    Thumbnail vote
    3 Points - Alien landscape by anse23
    2 Points - When Ages Collide by Jansen
    1 Point - Montressor Castle by LordGood

  49. I am sad for what I cannot reward everybody. There is both 6 best model and best thumbnail, at least.
    -Tokyo 100 x 100 by Gabor - 3points
    -Zorbing Fun Land by Tobias Merk - 2points
    -motu bora bora by mbuzzyk - 1point
    -Alien landscape by anse23 - 3points
    -When Ages Collide by Jansen - 2points
    -Snowland by HenkieTenk by HenkieTenk - 1point

  50. Here are my votes:

    1) motu bora bora
    2) Seychelles
    3) Montressor Castle

    1) Indian Fortress
    2) Seychelles
    3) Alien landscape

  51. thank you milo for the info on location-i hope i don't make it worse lol

    this was indeed very hard to judge


    3 points CK house on haunted hill - i met my wife on halloween while working at a haunted house/forrest so it's a very special day and time for me - you brought back memories =)

    2 points gabor tokyo - would have been my #1 choice if not for the reason mentioned above - love the detail and the hard work it must have taken to do - textures would have been nice but it's still great

    1 point snowland henkie tenk - there was 4 that i couldn't realy decide and was giving me a headache so i actually drew the name from a hat =/ lol congorats henkie =)


    3 points northern lights dracoscove - quick scrolling back and forth it's the first that catches my eye and the trees are very realistic

    2 points indian fortress lordgood - very clean and sharp image

    1 point house on haunted hill CK - of course my love for halloween and looks like something right out of scoobie do - like i hope this place has a kitchen scoob haha

    alot of great models was realy hard to judge
    i had a great time and look forward to more

  52. models:
    3 points Tokyo 100x100 by gabor
    2 points when ages collide by jansen
    1 point motu bora bora by mbuzzyk

    3points when ages collide jansen
    2 points northern lights landscape by dracoscove
    1 point haunted hill by CK

  53. Models :
    3 points for Tokyo 100x100 by Gabor
    2 points for Motu Bora Bora by mbuzzyk
    1 point for Alien landscape by anse23

    Thumbnails :
    3 points for House on Haunted Hill by CK
    2 points for Indian Fortress by LordGood
    1 point for Northern lights landscape by dracoscove

  54. Hey,

    It's hard to choose, but my favourites are:


    3 points for CK's haunted house - it's not only a great model, but also has a special mood.

    2 points to Sketchmaster Tóth, who also managed to make a unique atmosphere (not just literally).

    1 point for Bora Bora - nice details, and I really like that the time is changing.


    3 + 2 points to LordGood, because he made the best thumbnails. (In order: Indian Fortress, Montressor Castle)

    1 point to 8818's nameless model. Nice render, great piece!

  55. MODEL
    1) Tokyo 100 x 100
    2) Indian Fortress
    3) Montressor Castle

    1) Indian Fortress
    2) Alien landscape
    3) motu bora bora

  56. Just a couple of hours left to vote you people!! 10 people voted already, that's 120 points given to the models.

  57. hurry peeps only 7 outta the 14 who entered have voted !!!! would like to see everyone be able to cast thier votes for this one !!!!

    best of luck to all :)

  58. opps miscounted :-P 7 outta 15 ......

  59. Models :
    3 pts: Tokyo 100x100 by Gabor
    2 pts: Motu Bora Bora by mbuzzyk
    1 pt: Dune by Sketchmaster Toth

    Thumbnails :
    3 pts: Alien landscape by anse23
    2 pts: Indian Fortress by LordGood
    1 pt: Northern lights landscape by dracoscove

    It was difficult to choose! Lots of good models! I haven't really put any time in the modeling, about 10 minutes......next time more hopefully.

    Maybe a magic theme next time?

  60. Voting closed. Winners of the two votes will be contacted shortly. Be sure to check your email if you competed in the contest!