23 May 2011

Sketchup 3D Challenge #124 - Dream Worlds

Google Sketchup 3D Challenge presents 3D Challenge #124:

Dream Worlds

Sunday May 22nd, 2011 - Wednesday June 1st, 2011
Challenge Closed.

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Entry Models

Ever had a dream you've remembered after waking up?
A strange dream world, where you recognise everything,
but when you start to think, ot all strangely was very
different from reality? If you have, be sure to enter this
Challenge! Don't have any inspiration yet? I guess a
little afternoon nap could do no harm...

Thank you, Goldensim and MDC, for this great subject!

3D Challenge tag: "3D Challenge 124"

The winner of previous 3D Challenge #123 - Anything is:

SCIFI LICIOUS, with his amazing model of Postapocalyptic Lincoln Monument! Crazy detail, and if you read the various signs, according to SCIFI LICIOUS, humanity can still have a laugh after the apocalypse! By the way, this is the forst model in 3D Challenge history to have taken 1st place with a wide screen image! Are we living the future?


  1. as i said i never remember dreams after waking up :S but i can create a dream world ..
    Unfortunatly for now i cant upload anything cause my pc is attack by (Vista total security) and it screw-up my internet... ill try to irradicate this anoying Spyware before the deadline

  2. Does 'dream' includes a nightmare or any frightening vision? If so, I would be really inspired because I often do really dark dreams and it's a huge source of imagination for me. However, I also don't often recall them. Then, can we make up a dream? However, I know no one can find out whether it's a real one or not but I'd just like to know... thanks

  3. i think it could be an other subject ... this one (i think) is more about a Fantastic/beautiful dream world

  4. Alright guys I have been tooling around in sketch-up for a while now and told myself I wanted to start modeling with you all. But I look at this and the rules and think OMG! what have I gotten myself into :-)

  5. :) welcome in Diva (Sorry to use this page for advices) I cant upload my models to the warehouse ..when i purge and type the title and every thing..i click OK ..but the page is blank..and it says >>>The most likely cause: The local copy of the webpage is outdated and the website requires you to download it again.
    Try this:
    Click the Refresh button on the toolbar to reload the page. After the update, you may need to regain access to specific web page or enter the information again.
    -I dont know were to donwload this page!!
    -I dont know were is the refresh botton or tool bar!!

    when i try to uplad i enter the title and informations and the n click OK... but it does not upload..it become a blanck page and says :

    The Web page has expired

    The most likely cause:
    The local copy of the webpage is outdated and the website requires you to download it again.

    Were can i download this page or fix this problem?

  7. HELP PLZ!!! When i try to upload my models i enter the information and click OK but its doing nothing it says:
    The Web page has expired
    The most likely cause:
    The local copy of the webpage is outdated and the website requires you to download it again.
    Were can i download this page or how can i fix this problem ??

  8. Ok so I'm going to think about a fantastic dream, but as mysterious as I love.
    @ SketchUp-Diva : you should try all the same!
    @GoldenSim, can't troubleshoot but I hope you'll managed to fix it...

  9. Hello everyone!

    About the fantastic of nightmare dreamworld, I think it's up to yourself to decide, because the 3D Challenge was made for the readers. So if you'd rather have nightmares in another Challenge, we'll have a nightmare Challenge in a couple of months.

    You shouldn't look at the rules. You should think of the 3D Challenge as a way to connect with other modelers, and show off you work! Just build you model, include the 3D Challenge tag, and upload it! It's really as simple as that...

    If you hit OK, and the webpage says it has expired, try hitting F5 (refresh). If that doesn't work, try it agian sometime, or try it from a different computer. It could be just a maintenance issue in Boulder CO!

    All the best,

  10. Hey GoldenSim! I reported you problem on the supermodelers group. Could you send me an email on infophenix01@gmail.com? Maybe I could help out.

  11. Sure! Thanks! cause i tryed allot of thing and iam really mad about this situation (btw i wont be in to this great challenge since i try to fix this

  12. All right all.. Well this was first time playing with terrain and organic modeling so i am sure there are some 10 years old out there that could have done better, I can only get better in time LOL.

  13. This isn't an entry for this challenge but I thought I would post it here for kicks. Back in 2009 I ran out of time on Challenge #089 - Rifles but after doing Challenge #120 - Ray Gun I decided to go back and finish my rifle. So in keeping with my Star Wars fandom here is my finished entry: Blastech E-11 Blaster Rifle

  14. I hope the next challenge topic will be some determined stuff, not an abstract. :)

  15. Thank you for submitting your entries!

    Let's start the voting!

    You may make 3 votes.
    - your First choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second worth 2 points,
    - your Third worth 1 point,
    You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

    View the models through the 'Entry Models'-link in the blogpost.

    Also add some subject suggestions for next Challenge #125!

    Good luck!

  16. haha :( i fixed my problem at the end date of the challege, and it was my idea :S

    -1st Businessman's Dream by Sketchmaster Tóth
    Excellent> i think it really look like
    a dream world
    -2nd polychromie des rêves by bob mayonnaise
    its really an Art peace
    -3rd Eldorado Dream by moboille
    Sweet place, great modeling

    i also liked: Tick Tock by HenkieTenk
    amazing what you can do with
    animations.i just think it dont
    fit the challenge subject "world"

    ill be in the next challenge so watch out!! :P

    next challenge idea: a Barbecue haha!

  17. Great models!

    My votes are:

    3 for moboille - Eldorado Dream
    Great imaginative modelling! Love it!

    2 for bob mayonnaise - polychromie des rêves
    This is great! Like it how you build this "world" on top of those blocks.

    1 for Malfo - REM City
    Nice dream city!

    Liked Sketchmaster Tóth's model also, but didn't had another vote...

  18. Wow, my votes are same as HenkieTenk's but in different order.
    1) REM City by Malfo, it is the most "dream" world
    2) polychromie des rêves by bob mayonnaise, the top thing is the top of the model
    3) Eldorado Dream by moboille, I still wonder how could be great a simple thing with amazing textures

    About barbecue: yes, if we may put onions on it it's a good idea. :P

  19. Here go my votes:

    3points for "Businessman's Dream" by Sketchmaster Tóth. I do love the colors you've used and the atmosphere you've created, it looked really great to me.

    2points for polychromie des rêves[..] by bob mayonnaise because it's worth it, very good modelling but a lot of reflection besides. Then this is a very very good model.

    And finally 1 points for REM City although I would have loved to give it to HenkieTenk because now it may sound a bit paradoxical since I loved his model and conceptual art (as I said) and I didn't know how to cope with this and perhaps I've made the wrong choice, great work anyway! You know, it's a bit as if I was asked to choose between a Duchamp's ready-made and with a classic Botticelli painting... Same dilemma!

  20. 1st: Eldorado Dream
    by moboille

    2nd: polychromie des rêves: un...
    by bob mayonnaise

    3rd: Tick Tock by HenkieTenk
    by HenkieTenk

  21. Ok So Here's My Picks. I think these truly kept to the dream idea :-)

    1st) polychromie by Bob Mayonnaise

    2nd) Businessman's Dream by SketchMaster

    3rd) REM City by Malfo

    A BBQ or outdoor Kitchen sounds like it could be a fun summer theme for one week, I like that idea too..

  22. Voting is closed.

    Challenge #125 will be posted this afternoon!