06 June 2011

Sketchup 3D Challenge #125 - Barbecues and Grills

Google Sketchup 3D Challenge presents 3D Challenge #125:

Barbecues & Grills of the Future (or the past)!

Sunday 5th of June, 2011 - Wednesday 15th of June, 2011
Challenge closed.

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Entry Models

It almost summertime and the weather is high, dust of your BBQ's and fry those porkchops! Everyone likes a good old fashioned barbecue! Design your own barbecue or grill, that will completely change the world of barbecues, or design a retro barbeque with some charbroiled hamburgers, it really doesn't matter. As long as it is somehow a device to prepare a great steak. Have fun!

3D Challenge tag: "3D Challenge 125"

The winner of previous 3D Challenge #124 - Dream Worlds is:

Bob Mayonnaise with his dream Polychromie des Rêves (a dream within a dream)! It has something of an air to it of the movie 'Inception' (maybe a source of inspiration, Bob?), but still it is absolutely the ultimate model of strangeness. And thank god for components, because drawing all of those 432,000 edges by hand would take a century! Congrats!


  1. SweeT!! :) hey guys you got to make some suggestions for challenges,allot of the subject were my suggestions :P iam a machine of ideas ,you got to stop me :) i love unexpected subject!

  2. Hey I vote for that Unexpected is good :-) Like a hover forklift, or a water powered elevator lol

  3. I think we may be confusing BBQ with grilling. Barbeque is a slow cooking at low heat technique whereas grilling is fast cooking at high heat. You grill hamburgers and steak, never barbeque. If I were to, by definition, barbeque hamburgers or steak, I would be serving charcoal figuratively. Inversely if I were to grill meats intended for barbeque, such as ribs and beef brisket, I would might as well be serving shoe leather. So, can the challenge be extended to include both barbeques and outdoor grills?

  4. @Jedi for most of people i think BBQ and grills are the same *out door cooking device* it just depend of the temperature and you can do what ever you want on it (for me its all the same)

  5. I did something quick, because presumably I don't see any spare time in my calendar to make one better. The participation counts. :)

  6. O_o, my suggestion is grinder. It could be a hand or electric. As kind: meat, coffee, spice, walnut, tomato or any kind you find in kitchen.

  7. Hi all,

    Thank you for the information Jedi Charles! I'll add Grill to the Challenge subject. Great idea by the way!

    I'm currently making a list of all suggestions, so I can have a look at previous ones too. Next subject won't be suggested by GoldenSim, don't be afraid!

    Have fun!

  8. I've had an idea for a long time, "Memorial", it could be any kind of ; war memorial or for a natural disaster...etc I think it could really be interesting...!

  9. yeah grinder and memorial are excellent ideas

  10. Entry: Modern Propane Grill
    This challenge was fun! Check out my entry.

  11. I agree Charles. I had way too much fun with it I working on making the file size smaller so I can upload the thing lol..

  12. Thank you for submitting your entries!

    Let's start the voting!

    You may make 3 votes.
    - your First choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second worth 2 points,
    - your Third worth 1 point,
    You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

    View the models through the 'Entry Models'-link in the blogpost.

    Also add some subject suggestions for next Challenge #126!

    Good luck!

  13. 1) "Luxury BBQ (Classic car inspired)"-GoldenSim
    Beautiful curves, amazing detail, clever accents

    2) "Modern Propane Grill" -JediCharles
    I could see that scene actually being built on a skyscraper in Dubai or some posh neighborhood in NY

    3) "BBQ Stealth" -HenkieTenk
    Love the concept, great shapes and texturing!

    My vote for the next 3D challenge is anything organic like plants, trees, animals..etc or (on the other extreme) space..like a space-mine or a colony on Mars.

  14. Well, three points for "Luxury BBQ (Classic car inspired)" by GoldenSim ; pour rester fidèle à mon commentaire! Because I'm rating on the skills and modelling and this model is fefinitely a very good one.. I'm still not a huge fan of by-products around cars :)

    two points for "Scenic BBQ" by falconview for the good modelling & details (+textues).

    And finally a point for "BBQ Stealth by HenkieTenk" of HenkieTenk for originality and shape!

    I had been hesitating with DALEXD's but I eventually found it was a bit too classical and I was afraid by the whole metal & modern look of the "Modern Propane Grill" then perhaps I wan sound a bit buttoned-down here (but I'm usually not)

  15. the choice was a bit hard but there are my votes:

    1st -Modern Propane Grill by JediCharles
    >Excellent realisation and animation

    2nd -Scenic BBQ by falconview
    >Very well modeled and realistic

    3rd -BBQ setup by DALEXD
    >Very good i wish i add this one at home

    again everyone did a excellent job and i almost wish i did not have to classify those nice models
    looking forward for a new and unexpected challenge :)

  16. 3 points:BBQ Stealth by HenkieTenk

    2 points:Luxury BBQ (Classic car...
    by GoldenSim

    1 point:Hobo Grill
    by Sketchmaster Tóth

  17. Hi!

    As I am out of the office for the next five days, the voting will be extended till wednesday next week. I hope this is not a problem for you!

    Thank you for understanding,

  18. 3 points GoldenSim
    2 points falconview
    1 point DALEXD

    Suggestion: Power Wheelchair. Make it practical and look cool/futuristic/attractive. I am a power wheelchair user and I would like to see what others can come up with.

  19. Love that idea Jedi :) Milo give us a challenge in the meantime :P before,we haved a new challenge while we were voting no?

  20. First: Fusion Master Grill 3000
    Second: Luxury BBQ (Classic Car)
    Third: BBQ Setup

    All the models were great ideas and fun to look at, but these three were what I most would like in my own backyard. Good job, all!

  21. Ok so It was really hard this time. All of us have great use of details and skills to show off this time around. and since it wouldn't be ethical to vote for myself lol I had to go with these

    1st) Modern Propane Grill by Jedi Charles

    2nd) Golden Sim's "Luxury BBQ"

    3rd) Scenic BBQ by falconview

    Great job everyone :-)

  22. I still have got the same idea : memorial. Each one would be free to choose something that touches him personally then decide how he wants to pay tribute to this. Perhaps WWII or more lately something for Fukushima...

  23. Nice BBQ's all of you!

    My voting:
    3 for Modern Propane Grill by JediCharles
    2 for Scenic BBQ by falconview (with the black sausages)
    1 for Precious Barbecue by moboille

  24. Next subject:

    - doghouse/kennel
    - pc monitor
    - hoist/crane
    - garden (one size like 10m x 20m)
    - beaver dam

  25. Dam was challenge 057 and Crane was 073 :)
    I recall 'cause I did both.

  26. some sort of appliance would be fun

  27. i like that falcon. That could end up being just as competitive as this grill. Maybe something like a blender, and if u use physics you get bonus bragging right lol ;-)

  28. Physics Plugins for sketchup like sketchy physics allow you to "play" around with your model using "real world" forces so for instance u can make a sphere roll down terrain and bounce off things. or model a crane and use a xbox 360 control to make it move inside Sketchup. the skies the limit. And the true reason for my post if anyone is interested I had sometime to do a couple renders of my grill in differnt light settings and threw them up in my web album if you wanna take a peek :-) hugs


  29. Wow, great discussion going on over here!

    Anyhow, voting is closed.

    Next Challenge #126 will be posted shortly!

  30. Hey Moboille!

    We'll keep 'Memorial' in the back of our minds, for a future Challenge!