22 June 2011

Sketchup 3D Challenge #126 - Waterpowered Space Grinder-Kennel combination

Google Sketchup 3D Challenge presents 3D Challenge #126:

A Waterpowered Space Grinder-Kennel combination

Wednesday 22nd of June, 2011 - Wednesday 6th of Juli, 2011
Challenge closed.

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We had so many suggestions last Challenge, that we've decided to combine some of them, to an all-new über-strange Challenge subject for #126. For this Challenge, you'll need to design a space-age Grinder, which also houses dogs, and is powered by water. Is that unexpected enough for y'all? Your head must be boiling with inspiration alread, so get modeling right away! But most importantly, have fun!

3D Challenge tag: "3D Challenge 126"

The winner of 3D Challenge #125 - Barbecues and Grills is:

GoldenSim with his Luxury BBQ! An awesome car-inspired retro design! It's an extremely manly barbecue, being a car and cooking meat at the same time! It's the dream of every guy, and I personally think it should be named the Carbecue. GoldenSim was also the winner of #116, #119, #121 and #122 which makes this his fifth 1st place! Great work!


  1. muhahha >a space-age waterpowered Grinder, which also houses dogs ?!WOW that is downright crazy and very challenging...i love it >cant wait to see what people come up with :)

  2. haha..
    I think that's a solution.. but this is way too specific for me, plus it's technical bacause of the water-powered system.
    I hope more people will be inspired :)

  3. Anyone else trying to think how to jam what we can into 10 Mb lol

  4. What a stupid wacky idea for a challenge! I'm in. :)

  5. I don't understand this challenge. Can someone translate it or give some explanation: I don't see the relation between a space-age grinder and dogs. I think I miss something....

  6. (Grinder)+(Dog Storage)+(Space)+(Blender) = something unusual

    Love it!

  7. Milo thought it would be fun to combine several ideas into one challenge. There is no clear relation to dog kennels so it is up to us bridge the gap. It's kind of like the show Chopped on the Food Network. 4 contestants are given several seemingly random ingredients and have to turn them into something gourmet and most importantly edible.

  8. Damn, would be nice to construct something that relates to all these subjects! But unfortunately I'm going away for a holiday on the island Mallorca :P
    No sketchup, but luckily there's a nice beach and some nice beverages :D
    Good luck all participants!!

  9. its OK we will all expect something amazing from you at a later date..

  10. Oh I've been there once or twice and kept quite good memories although I don't like beach and sun... I'm pleased to see many people are interested by this challenge because I was really doubtful about it.. I love originality but not that kind.

  11. So I understood correctly this challenge after all. It will need a lot of imagination, I'm eager to see what some brains will produce! Actually mine is blank....

    Have a nice holiday Henkie!

  12. Question: Does Space-age mean's the age we get to space ?
    Or the age we live in space?

    cause we got to the space i the 50s i think :P
    and seams to say that it is a grinder in the space.

    iam lost... my creation is modern ,but not in the space.. is it ok for the cahllenge ??

  13. dude don't worry I could so see yours like on a far off planet colony or something.

  14. @Goldensim,

    You just create something that fits how you interpreted the subject. Your model looks fine!


  15. well.. last challenge winner as not been said but i counted the votes :) and i thank you all for your votes and great comments> Thanks!!

  16. I'm sorry for the delay, GoldenSim . I'll post it right away!


  17. Awesome !! thanks for the winner comment , your right i should of thought about the "Carbecue" :)
    Omg so many wins>this make an average of about 1/2 :D woohoo!!

  18. Awesome work!--love the Carbecue :D Thank you for such an amazing work, I love trying to figure out how you make your amazing lines and curves. Keep them coming!

  19. :D hey Milo!, will you make some winner certificates ? i am collecting them as souvenirs
    > i only got the #116

    thanks you!

  20. Hi GoldenSim,
    The winner certificates are available for download on this site: http://sites.google.com/site/sucertificates

    #119 and #121 have been uploaded already. Further certificates are being made as we speak!

    Have fun modeling,

  21. I come up with some challenge ideas :
    - Cinema set (not sure it's the right term though), I mean, the stage.. a scene during a movie filming, then I idea is to recreate a scene from a movie or imagine one that doesn't exist yet. I'd rather consider an interior one, all kind of movie could be done (horror, fantasy, romance, drama....etc)

    Or I though of an art installation.

  22. my idea*

    Let me know what you think about these ideas..
    I was also thinking of a station, which has never been done yet, from what I know.. although I'd prefer my first suggestions.

  23. I think the "Memorial" idea was i good one + its almost like the movie scene idea > a king of Picture of in memory of: something/somewere/somebody or an event (historical)or(personal)like an homage to someone or a moment

  24. Yep even though it's not really what I was thinking of. But I still second the idea of memorial.. I had already thought of some subjects to deal with, perhaps I'd make something for nuclear accidents (witting or not).

  25. Thank you for submitting your entries!

    Let's start the voting!

    You may make 3 votes.
    - your First choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second worth 2 points,
    - your Third worth 1 point,
    You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

    View the models through the 'Entry Models'-link in the blogpost.

    Also add some subject suggestions for next Challenge #127!

    Good luck!

  26. 1st - The Dog Ground - Kennel and... by JediCharles
    > the most compreensible and the most beautiful

    2nd - barrage hydrolique pour...by bob mayonnaise
    > Very nice

    3rd - WSGKc... by falconview
    > Creative and colorfull

    weird challenging challenge :P
    for the next one i vote for the "Memorial" thing

  27. Well, my three points go to "barrage hydrolique pour broyeur pour chien" by bob mayonnaise, all of the reasons is into my comment.

    My two points go to "Water powered ECO-Center/Compost plant" by GoldenSim

    Then, my last point goes to JediCharles with his "The Dog Ground - Kennel.."

    However, I did like the idea of falconview (especially the first one) and Fauzan Zaid's.

    Sugestions : memorial again-
    Movie scene-
    But whatever it is I may join anyway :)

  28. Nice to see some competitors who successfully mixed the requested things. I'm going to vote like;
    - 1st The Dog Ground - Kennel and Meat Grinding Services by JediCharles
    - 2nd Water powered ECO-Center/Compost plant by GoldenSim
    - 3rd barrage hydrolique pour broyeur pour chien by bob mayonnaise

  29. 1 The Dog Ground
    2 Water powered ECO-Center
    3 Barrage hydrolique

    Is there a way to better define the clip-plane in sketchup? I need a better way to define the frustum and Zoom Extent isn't doing it for me :(

    I like the memorial idea but it would be good if it were more specific...

  30. Well what a surprise come back from vacation and see all these models to choose from. I just wish mine was out there. i have a non-textured building frame done lol one day i will finish it and let you all know I was looking forward to this one but oh well can't hike and model at the same time. So my choices are on use of texture and light and mashing up the theme as best you can

    3 points to Jedi Charles for the The Dog Ground

    2 points to
    barrage hydrolique pour broyeur pour chien by Mr. Bob


    1 point to my new Buddy GoldenSim for the eco-plant. I wish my gears were that good :-)

    I am kinda liking the monument thing but I agree with Falconview. We would need so specific far fetched idea to pin it too like a modelers monument for GoldenSim's next certificate :-)

  31. I definitely think it would NOT be a good idea to do something more specific.

  32. Hi Diva, Moboille, et al

    We could do a specific Challenge once in a while, just for the change. But I do agree with Moboille, that open Challenges let your fantasy do the work, which is kinda the idea of the Challenge. But if you've got another crazy idea for some über-specific Challenge, just throw it on the commentpage! I'm sure it'll be fun!


  33. Well put Milo.. Let our minds wonder and look at the amazing things we can pull off..

    Some kinda of small boat or plane, might be fun too

  34. Thanks for all your votes, very much appreciated. Good job Mr. Mayonnaise and GoldenSim for winning 2nd and 3rd place respectively.