28 January 2012

Special 3D Challenge - Modern Bedroom

Deadline: Tuesday, 31 January 2012

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In this special challenge you will be tasked with modeling a modern themed bedroom. Your finished room should be completely furnished with a high level of detail. You are encouraged to decorate your room with artwork and accessories that fit in the modern theme. Your room should be free of clutter and use clean lines and geometric shapes. Be sure to include walls, ceiling and floors, light fixtures and windows to let in adequate light. Create scenes to show off all of your room.

The winner of this challenge will receive a professional rendering of their completed bedroom from our own Rahul Desai using V-Ray.  Because of this we ask that you submit your finished model without any renderings.

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  1. To Get an idea, May I ask a couple questions? First if I understand correctly no rendered image in the Sketchup file. Does that also mean I shouldn't post anything in the Picasa Album till after either? MY second question is, anytime I make any kind of light fixture I always add into the component a spot or point light on a separate layer, so I can export them to kerky or use them with Twilight. Would they work in VRay too? if now I will kill them all before submitting at the end of month.. Thank you all

  2. I have a similar question(s) like SketchUp-Diva; 1) How I should do the light fixture? Is that means I choose the light effects (shadows) in SketchUp /simply that/ ? or after modeling some light illuminator I need to add an extra scene how it's work? sorry for that I'm so stupid about rendering.
    2) Is it legal mapping some stuff?

  3. You can make renderings if you like just not include them in the SKP file. If you did include a rendering it would be no big deal, it's just that the prize for winning is a rendering.

    As far as the light fixtures go, you only need to be concerned with the modeling of the fixtures. If you add the spot or point light for your own purposes, that's fine. If you win, Rahul will render it in whatever work flow he uses.

    @Sketchmaster: The shadow settings in SketchUp will only effect the light coming in through any windows because the room you are modeling should be fully enclosed with walls and ceilings. I am a rendering newbie myself so it's a good thing I'm not doing the rendering.

    This is the first challenge we have done like this so it is a learning process.

  4. Well Allow me to say I love this. I was going to throw out the idea of some sort of interior but knew that the week and half was no good enough for anything photo worthy. Maybe one day we can all have a complete house done :-) well back to the drawing tablet lol

  5. Well, I have a question of my own, though it's not related to the other questions. With this one, do I need to concern myself with framing the structure, floor joists, rafters, or is it just the cosmetic I should concern myself with. I'm not fully committed to this one, but it's seriously on my mind to work up an entry.

    Sorry to be an inquisitive newbie.

  6. Well, you CAN do all that... But no, you do not need to be concerned with the structure.

    Your questions are always welcome, BTW.

  7. Well, Just had all my work schedules changed, but I have no time to think about a watch so I will have time to do this one.. Figured as most of you enjoy my little stories I decided that my modern take to this challenge would be a full bedroom remodel so I thru up a couple pics of crappy walls and no windows and such for you to enjoy. I hope to have more fun with this one as I have a bit more time then the with my bank.. Hope everyone's new years was good so far here is my picasa link if you need it


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  9. Hello all,
    This is my first post and challenge, hope this is the right place to post the link?
    Cheers :)

    challenge entry

  10. -----
    Special Challenge #001 - Modern Bedroom is now closed. Thanks for participating and for the great entries!
    Let's start the voting!

    You may make 3 votes.
    - your First choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second worth 2 points,
    - your Third worth 1 point,
    You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

    Please also take a moment to suggest a future topic for the challenge.

    Good luck!


  11. Hey, guys!
    Great work, all of you!

    Well, my 3 points go to... VCN3D's model! Simply great! If one day I need a new bedroom, I'll call you!
    My 2 points go to... cartune's model. Quite relaxing that view from the window and the curved lines on the window.
    And my last point goes to... SketchUp Diva's model.

    Congratulations to all the competitors!

  12. Bedroom Creations
    Dilbert --3pts
    Sketchup Diva --2pts
    cartune --1 pt

  13. Nice entries guys! Sadly I was busy to participate in this, but there is a feeling in my heart to vote:
    1st - Mobe by Gabor; wonderful, nice use of space, nice bed, lovely bamboo garden, no excess...
    2nd - Modern Bedroom by Vicente; again no excess, nice use of space, my favorite is the balcony, maybe the entrance door is not on the right place...
    3rd - Modern Bedroom by ↁɪʟʙɛʀᴛ; ○○○○○...

  14. Hello,

    My vote is:

    3 pts to SketchUp-Diva, because I really enjoy the details and the interactive components
    2 pts to ↁɪʟʙɛʀᴛ, because it's a coherent, harmonic model
    1 pt to king ragh, who made a really unique, futuristic place, and I like this idea.

    Finally, I'd like to ad, that I really like the concept made by catrune, and I'm really sorry, you haven't finished it.

  15. Wow Very impressed with how each of us had a vision of what a modern bedroom would look like and then went with it. I wish I could pick us all. So after downloading and walking though everyone's. These are my choices

    3 points to DaleXD. Overall just loved the concept and colors

    2 points to King Ragh. I could see this on a ship or some other ultra modern setting

    and Finally 1 point to Vicente. Even though I could never imagine a space that big in these parts of country if I had one I would love for you to decorate it for me. :-)

    Overall I loved this setting. I think that for an idea if you want to keep the occasional monthly challenge going maybe we can keep adding rooms to a house that one day would get finished like do a kitchen then the family room then a garage or something then the house. the sky is the limit. OK have a great week everyone

  16. These are my choices for Special challenge 001
    3 points to " Modern bedroom" by Dilbert
    2 points to "modern bedroom" by DALEXD
    1 point to "Mobe" by Gabor

  17. -----
    Voting is now closed. Thanks for your votes!

  18. Congrats Dilbert. That was a great challenge and a tough fight for the win :-)