01 January 2012

SketchUp 3D Challenge #134 - Wristwatch

Sunday, 1 January 2012 - Wednesday, 11 January 2012

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Happy New Year! To ring in the new year you are asked to model a wristwatch. It can be of any design, shape or size, digital or analog. As long as it tells time and straps onto a human wrist, the sky is the limit! Make sure you finish before time runs out...

3D Warehouse: 3D Challenge 134
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The winner of previous 3D Challenge #133 - Community Christmas Tree is...

Manwe with Choinka Bozonarodzeniowa, Community Christmast Tree!
Congratulations on the win, Manwe!


  1. Congrats Manwe.

    I've got to say, at this moment I have more questions than answers, even after having read the manuals and MCM. I'm enjoying what I'm doing, so I guess I'm doing something right.


  2. Congrats to Manwe...

    Wristwatch, hmmmmm...go with a classical design or go ultra high tech. Decisions, Decisions... This one will be fun.

  3. WatchEntry

    Well, that's my entry. I seriously doubt it's good enough to win, but I'm not embarrassed by it. ;) It's not a great piece, but I have major problems spending a long period of time on one project. This one is only roughly 3 hours of work, not counting studying pictures, research, etc.

    I enjoyed this one. :D


  4. Thanks for yours congrats,
    It was a real fun for me when I was making that Christmast tree :)

  5. -----
    Challenge closed. Thanks for the very exceptional entries for this challenge!
    Let's start the voting!

    You may make 3 votes.
    - your First choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second worth 2 points,
    - your Third worth 1 point,
    You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

    Please also take a moment to suggest a future topic for the challenge.

    Good luck!


    1. First place; Seiko 5 by CK. Just blew me away with the quality and extras.
      Second place; Bolex by Dilbert. A solid model, and one of the better entrants.
      Third place; Seiko SQ 50 by HenkieTenk. This one had an overall solid build, and definitely shows skill, it was a tossup between this one and the bolex for second place.

      Great entrants all. I didn't see but a couple of models I thought mine could beat, but many that outright stomped me down on quality. I'm going to have to pull my socks up and put my best on these challenges.

      Next challenge? Hmmm, I'll tip my hand, I'm a structure guy, I live for creating frames, sheetrock and shingle, so I'm thinking it'd be fun to do a cabin or something of that sort. Or an regional airport (fantasy, not a realworld airport).

  6. And I was so happy with mine until I saw what was to come... oh well.

    1) Seiko 5 by CK - How the heck did you do the back?! Wowsers...
    2) Baume & Mercer by AJ Unknow - I liked the elegance in the watch's design
    3) Bolex by Dilbert - I liked the tongue in cheek of the entry.

    Actually, 2 and 3 are tied in my mind. I flipped a coin.

    Excellent job, all.

    The next challenge, something that requires an original design, not something that already exists. HTF's idea of an airport terminal sounds good. Maybe something architectural, where you lay out the parameters and site, but that might take more than 4 days for you to create.

  7. 3 Points- Baume & mercier watch by a.j.unknow, beautiful! no comment.
    2 Points- Seiko SQ 50 Wristwatch by HenkieTenk, I know it's difficult to
    make steel wrist strap and he made it. I choose this because
    I think it's more complicated than other.
    1 Point- ORBITAL Wristwatch by Ryksuga, this is nice original design.

  8. Woo!

    3 points- Baume & Mercier by a.j.unknow
    2 points- Seiko by HenkieTenk
    1 point- Orbital Wristwatch by Ryksuga

    A lot of nice entries this time around. It was real close.

  9. Hi everyone! Im new here and its my first time to join the sketchup 3d challenge. I have been using sketchup for about 3 years now. I use it basically as an alternative to ACAD when I have to make 3d details in my job.

    Ive heard about the challenge from some time now but only decided to join just recently.

    So for my votes:

    My first choice is seiko 5 by CK.
    I think he has done a great job with his model and it is very organized. i should have made my model that way. XD
    thanks btw ck for the comment on my model, will keep it in mind. I
    thought i wouldnt make it in time if i cleaned it of the extra edges. will have to do it after the challenge.

    Second choice would be the Seiko 50 by henkietenk. I just thought “WOW” he was able to make such a model early on in the challenge! Such skill! Made me thought twice if I should join the competition in the first place and start searching for some watch I’d like to model. I have to say he has incredible skill to have produced such a model in a short span of time.

    Third would be the IWC by me! hahaha my only consolation prize for joinng the contest. ^_^

    my suggestion for the next challenge would be something that has to come out of pure imagination. like a battle ship or something. or a building that would challenge physics. ^_^

    I learned lots from this challenge so, I might be joining in future challenges. ^_^

    1. Hi mikZ,
      Please choose a new third choice as I cannot count a vote for oneself.

    2. oh, ok. sory bout that master jedi. ^_^ il go with Baume & mercier watch
      by a.j.unknow for my new 3rd choice. XD

  10. Hey there!
    This was a nice challenge! Liked it I could make something real and something conceptual. Everyone made some nice watches! My points:

    3 points for: CK with Seiko 5, perfect model, although you could intersect the beginning of the strap with the watch itself.Would like to see a render :D

    2 points for: Mikz with IWC miramar. You made a good model with nice details. Try making components (for equal parts) instead of groups, that reduce your file size. (btw I made mine in a few hours, I think that's quite a lot time ;)

    1 point for: a.j. unknow with Baume & mercier watch. Nice modeling, but I've seen better stuff of your hand :)

    Next challenge: PIN pad terminal, hand dryer, multitool/pocket knife, outdoor lightning for lighten up your path, street-lights/lantern, piece of fruit, pc mouse, future mobile phone, next gen game console (PS4, Xbox, WII etc)

  11. Hey Everyone :-)

    I was hoping to do this one but oh well work was nuts these past few weeks. Well I love them all I have no idea how to rate them so this is take on the best

    3 points)
    Seiko SQ 50 Wristwatch by HenkieTenk

    Love the details

    2 Points)
    SEIKO 5 by ck

    Great job with the animation

    3 points)
    Wrist watch-player by HenkieTenk

    You get this one only because I love the idea and I would buy one :-)

    HAve a good one everyone. back to my bedroom set. my idea of making everything in the model interactive for you all is a daunting task :-)

    some ideas for next time: anything structural maybe a bridge or parking structure. cell phone idea was kinda cool.

  12. -----
    Voting is now closed. Thanks for your votes!