18 May 2010

Voting started on 3D Challenge #100!

Hello dear 3D Challenge blog readers!

After having some trouble with finding enough submissions, sending out a newsletter to most of the regular competitors, and adding another day to the challenge deadline, it is FINALLY May 18th. We've received 10 modelsubmissions (of which 6 were uploaded on the day of the deadline), and we are now starting the voting period HERE.

These were the modelers:
- Dracoscove, (2 models)
- SeyvaqS, (2 models)
- CK,
- Jacksterb96,
- HenkieTenk,
- Jansen,
- Gamemaster01.

When voting, please also explain why you voted the way you did. It helps other modelers improve their models, and isn't that what you want too?

You may vote like this:
1] your First choice is worth 3 points,
2] your Second worth 2 points,

3] your Third worth 1 point,

Please vote in a comment on THIS PAGE.

ALSO, we are working on a Sketchup 3D Challenge mailing list. If you would like to be contacted once a month or so, about new features on the blog or the special prize we'll be writing a post about in a bit, please send an email to infophenix01@gmail.com.

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