06 May 2010

3D-Challenge #100 - Everyone loves their Mom

3D-Challenge #100

Everyone loves their Mom

6th May 2010 - EDIT: 17th 23:59PM May 2010

Entry models

Create your 3D Mothersday present!
It could be anything:
- Chocolate,
- Candy
- A fridge wrapped in giftpaper

Giftpaper isn't necessary, but it MUST be worth more then ten bucks. Otherwise your a bad son or daughter. But it has to be purchasable for a kid; so you can't model a car or an LCD screen!

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  1. 您的部落格文章真棒!!有空我一定會常來逛!! ........................................

  2. Hello all ,

    Ive posted my entry for the mothers day contest. Hope you all enjoy it. Best of luck to all , cant wait to see what everyone does for this one!! there are some very creative minds in here so should be some pretty neat things !!!

  3. Just four days left you guys! Not enough entries yet!!!

  4. I just put my model to the challenge.
    I hope you will like it.



  5. How about next challenge?
    I think we should make a poll.

  6. Nice Idea CK, but Rahul and I are making plans for the upcoming couple of challenges. There will be sent an email to the regular competitors of 3D Challenges in a couple of days for the big news!

  7. We are moving the deadline one day forward due to too little submissions. The deadline will be Monday 17th, 23:59PM

  8. R V allowed to post more dan 1 model?

  9. Of course SeyvaqS!

    Go a head and post all you want!

  10. But, if, hypothetically speaking, 2 of your models win, then what happens???

  11. seyvaqs,

    It possible for someone can get first place and second place (or another 2 from 3)in the challenge.

    But I think it really hard work to make 2 nice models in the limited time.

  12. when will we get the contest results

  13. We are now starting the voting!

    The results will be published in a new blogpost after enough points have been given.

    Voting method:

    give 3 points to the model you think is best
    give 2 points to the model you think is second best
    give 1 point to the model you think is third best.

    Also please give comments on how you chose to vote!

  14. Here is my vote :
    3 points for Puang Ma_lai Dok Ma_li (Jasmine Garland)by CK
    2 points for BonBon Mothersday by HenkieTenk
    1 point for the Bear by Jansen

  15. vote:

    3 points: bear by jenson
    2 points: Puang Ma_lai Dok Ma_li by ck
    1 point: bonbon mothers day by henkietenk

  16. just to make it clear, i withdrew the mothers day cake model because it was not so good...

  17. I'd like to give

    3 points to CK
    2 points to Jansen
    1 point for Basket of Love by dracoscove

  18. hi all heres my vote for the mothers day challenge ( although all were great !)

    3 points to seyvaqS for the mothers day present
    2 points to ck for the puang ma_lai dok ma-li
    1 point to jansen for the bear

  19. Thank you for the comment SeyvaqS; I've just erased the note from the post. Have you voted yet? By the way voters, Please explain why you voted this way! This is one of the things that made us organizing these challenges!

  20. My vote,
    3 points, Henkie Tenk,I like those chocolate and tray. Everything put on the right position.
    2 points, Jansen, cute bear, I think you try to do somethings more difficult.
    1 point dracoscove (Basket of Love). Lots of details and good arrangement of those group. I think the file size is quite large size.

  21. 3 Points for Basket Of Love - dracoscove Nice placement and cool idea.

    2 Points for Puang Ma_lai Dok Ma_li - CK I Don't know what to say... its perfect

    1 Point for Bear - Jansen i think you shud put more detail.

  22. 3 pts CK - Puang Ma_lai Dok Ma_li
    Perfect model! Nothing to say about!

    2pts Jansen - Bear
    Very nice! Organic forms are diffucult, but you tried it and it worked out great! Try to use component instead of group. This will reduce the filesize

    1pt Dracoscove - Points for Basket Of Love
    Good job, but try using components! Filesize is way to big.

  23. Thank you all for voting so much! Your an awesome group of followers. But since Challenge #101 won't start untill next week, we could just as well keep on voting! The more votes, the more accurate the results are.

  24. 3pts for CK's flowery thing
    2pts for jansen's bear
    1pt for dracoscove's basket