28 May 2010

Our next Sketchup 3D Challenge, #101

All getting ready for our huge Sketchup 3D Challenge #101? I hope you are, but you'll have plenty more time when the challenge really starts (in a few minutes). Because this will be our biggest challenge yet, we are extending the submitting time from 10 days to 20 days, because we would really like to have lots of submissions for our prize challenge. Yes, in Challenge #101, we are giving away two copies of SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization: Beginner's Guide by Robin de Jongh. Read more Here. But why two copies? Well, parallel to our usual vote, we'll be having a second vote on this challenge #101. The traditional vote will stay the same. The only addition there will be, is a second vote for best Thumbnail image (the image shown on the models detailspage). The winner of this vote will also receive a copy of SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization: Beginner's Guide by Robin de Jongh. If the winner of this vote is the same person as the winner of the traditional vote, the prize will transfer to the Second place thumbnail. To read more about how to organize a beautiful thumbnail, read this post Zoungy 'the librarian' wrote about getting a manicure.

How will we notify the winners, that they won a prize?
After the voting ends, we count the points, and give a heads up (by email) to the 1st place winner of Sketchup 3D Challenge #101. We'll ask him for his shipping details, so we can send him his first place prize. Then he will be contacted by Packt Publishing, who will send him his prize. If he doesn't reply within five days, the prize goes to the second place winner.

So, to make a long story short...
There will be given away two prizes: two copies of the PacktPub book for Visualization.
- One for the best model (just the model and description, nothing else!)
- One for the best Thumbnail image (Just the image! Not the model!)

Voters will be voting the same, but twice this time.

It will take a lot of votes this time, so please all contact all of the regular competitors you know, and tell them Sketchup 3D Challenge is up and running again!

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  1. And.. what is the challenge about..?

  2. Check out the announcement in the latest post!

  3. nice example milo =)
    this is going to be fun - time consuming but fun
    i'm guessing it will take all of the 20 days to finish mine - well maybe 19 1/2 days
    anyway it's a great idea for a great challenge - best of luck to all

  4. Awesome, can't wait to see it Mbuzzyk!

  5. haha i hope i didn't come off wrong - "a great idea for a great challenge" - meaning the the idea of shaping your landscape not my idea although it's not a bad one =)