27 June 2010

Sketchup 3D Challenge #102 - Public Transportation

Sketchup 3D Challenge presents Challenge #102:

Public transportation

Sunday June 27th 2010 - Wednesday Juli 7th 2010

Entry Models
Think of models like:
- A train
- Aircraft
- A taxicab
- A busstation
- Anything that has something to do with public transportation.

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25 June 2010

The winners of Sketchup 3D Challenge #101

Well, I gueass it is time to finally announce our winners of Sketchup 3D Challenge #101: Shape your Landscape. But first let's have a look back at the past month. We've received 21 modelsubmissions, all of great quality, and all with beautiful thumbnail images on their detailspage. Would you like to have a look back? Check out the models here. On June 18th, we've started the voting of two competitions. One for Best Model, one for Best Thumbnail. The winners would receive a copy of Sketchup 7.1 for Architectural Visualization: Beginner's Guide, provided by Packt Publishing.
When all the points were count
ed, we've come to the conclusion that the winner of the Best Model competition has been won by:

Horváth Gábor, with his beautiful model, Tokyo 100 x 100. A 10.000 square meter section of downtown Tokyo with an exceptional level of detail. Congratulations!
- Second place was taken by Mbuzzyk, and his model of Motu Bora Bora,
- Third place was taken by CK, with his House on Haunted Hill.

And the Thumbnail Image Competition was won by:

Sebastián Velásquez, with his beautifully arranged Thumbnail image of an Alien Landscape. Congratulations on winning your prize Sebastián!
- Second place was taken by Lordgood, and his model of an Indian Fortress,
- Third place was Lordgood as well, with his second model Montressor Castle.

Thank you all for participating in this big challenge, and all new challenges will start every two weeks, with our next one starting on Sunday 27th.
Certificates are being made as we speak. View our points table Here.
This post will be edited later today, so keep on modeling y'all!

As a reaction to becoming the winner of the Model competition, Horváth made a model of the training glider he flies, the Góbé. In his own way, he thanked us for Challenge #101, by placing Sketchup 3D Challenge banners on the wings! Take a look here.

- Milo Minderbinder, 3D Challenge moderator

12 June 2010

Voting started on Challenge #101 - Shape your Landscape!

Hello Readers!
Please vote for your favorite models and thumbnails in Challenge #101 on the commentpage HERE.

Voting method
This challenge there will be two votes.
- one for best MODEL (will win one prize)
- one for best THUMBNAIL (will win one prize)

you may vote like this:
- your First model choice is worth 3 points,
- your Second model worth 2 points,
- your Third model worth 1 point,

- your First thumbnail choice is worth 3 points,
- your Second thumbnail worth 2 points,
- your Third thumbnail worth 1 point,

You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

Hello everyone,

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