31 October 2011

Challenge blog under construction

Dear 3D Challengers,

First of all, you might have noticed not a lot of activity going on on this blog. We're very sorry, and it may remind you of the silent period after Challenge #098. I just wanted to let you know, the site is under construction, and soon we'll be up and running again. That's the good news.

The sad news is, that I will be leaving all of you! I've made some great friends among the followers of the 3D Challenge, and it's been a good year and-a-half since I first came here. We already have a new candidate for Challenge moderator, but it will be a surprise for everyone.

You can still email me on infophenix01@gmail.com, for anything you want to know, or just to have a chat, but I won't be updating the blog anymore. It has been a fun time, and maybe, I'll join you in the Challenge!

Like Bruce says:
Happy Sketching,