21 March 2011

Sketchup 3D Challenge #120 - Ray Gun

Google Sketchup 3D Challenge presents 3D Challenge #120:

Ray Gun

Monday 21st of March 2011 - Wednesday 30th of March 2011
Challenge Closed

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Entry Models

Design your own Ray Gun! Take this Challenge
with the most creative SciFi hightech weapon, that
can conquer any extraterrestrial alien lifeform.

3D Challenge tag: "3D Challenge 120"

The winner of previous 3D Challenge #119 - Sweater is:

GoldenSim, with his beautiful Custom *Independent.co* SWEATER with hoodie! It was a neck-to-neck race, with GoldenSim finishing with 11 points, while Cathy Tritschler and Moboille share second place with 10 points. So the honour goes to you all!

The winner of 3D Challenge #118 - Fancy Stapler is:

The awesome Happy Daffy stapler by CK! Congratulations, you've really deserved this! The model looks crazy, and -of course- Fancy.

Dear 3D Challengers, please note, that every
first place certificate until Challenge #117 is
now to be viewed online. Click Here!