28 May 2010

3D Challenge #101 - Shape your Landscape

3D Challenge #101

Shape your Landscape

28th May 2010 - 23:59PM 17th June 2010

Voting started, ends on June 22nd, 23:59PM

Entry Models

Shape your own dream landscape! And organize you Thumbnail!
It could be anything:
- mountains
- northpole
- desert
- sea
- your backyard (if it's big enough)

And remember: two prizes will be given away:
two copies of SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization: Beginner's Guide by Robin de Jongh. Read more HERE.

There will be two votes this time:
- Best MODEL

3D Warehouse tag: "3d Prize challenge 101"

View rules and regulations, tips and tricks, and more about the two votes Here

Our next Sketchup 3D Challenge, #101

All getting ready for our huge Sketchup 3D Challenge #101? I hope you are, but you'll have plenty more time when the challenge really starts (in a few minutes). Because this will be our biggest challenge yet, we are extending the submitting time from 10 days to 20 days, because we would really like to have lots of submissions for our prize challenge. Yes, in Challenge #101, we are giving away two copies of SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization: Beginner's Guide by Robin de Jongh. Read more Here. But why two copies? Well, parallel to our usual vote, we'll be having a second vote on this challenge #101. The traditional vote will stay the same. The only addition there will be, is a second vote for best Thumbnail image (the image shown on the models detailspage). The winner of this vote will also receive a copy of SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization: Beginner's Guide by Robin de Jongh. If the winner of this vote is the same person as the winner of the traditional vote, the prize will transfer to the Second place thumbnail. To read more about how to organize a beautiful thumbnail, read this post Zoungy 'the librarian' wrote about getting a manicure.

How will we notify the winners, that they won a prize?
After the voting ends, we count the points, and give a heads up (by email) to the 1st place winner of Sketchup 3D Challenge #101. We'll ask him for his shipping details, so we can send him his first place prize. Then he will be contacted by Packt Publishing, who will send him his prize. If he doesn't reply within five days, the prize goes to the second place winner.

So, to make a long story short...
There will be given away two prizes: two copies of the PacktPub book for Visualization.
- One for the best model (just the model and description, nothing else!)
- One for the best Thumbnail image (Just the image! Not the model!)

Voters will be voting the same, but twice this time.

It will take a lot of votes this time, so please all contact all of the regular competitors you know, and tell them Sketchup 3D Challenge is up and running again!

Please sign up for our new Monthly (or so) Newsletter by sending an email to infophenix01@gmail.com.

27 May 2010

Sketchup Challenge #100 winner

The Winner of Challenge #100: Everyone loves their Mom

Hello Sketchup 3D Challenge competitors!
Once again, thank you all for helping us getting the blog up and running again; you all came back when we needed you most. Well in this blogpost, I will be giving you the title of the winning model and the name of the winning modeler of Sketchup 3D Challenge #100 (what a great number for a beautiful challenge), but first I would like to make it clear that still not everyone is aware of the blog being back up again, so please please contact the fellow competitors you know and spread the word!

This Challenge has been a little bit difficult for all of us. Appearantly the timing wasn't so great, because until we extended the deadline, we only had three modelsubmissions. On the day of the deadline (and even one submission was too late, but I saw it through the fingers, as they say in Holland), we received 7 new models, which saved our blog from failing to announce a fair winner. But I know your time is valuable, so I'll give you the results of the vote right now. The winner of Sketchup 3D Challenge, Everyone loves their Mom, with an incredible 18 votes is... (wait for it...) CK with his brilliant model Puang Ma_lai Dok Ma_li, a graceful motherday gift made of flowers.

Second place: Jansen with his Teddy Bear
Third place: Dracoscove with her Basket of Love

Thank you all for joining us, and please sign up for our new Monthly (or so) Newsletter by sending an email to infophenix01@gmail.com.

Also, view this awesome review we made of the bookprize PacktPublishing donated to us!

20 May 2010

SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization: Beginner's Guide, REVIEW

Hello Readers!

I was contacted recently by Packt Publishers, who are releasing their new book SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization: Beginner's Guide by Robin de Jongh. I thought it was an excellent idea to write a review for them, and soon a book was sent to me with a 9 page Table of Contents! And think about it; this is only the Beginner’s Guide. After reading (well, reading...) the first 23 pages of the book (in which a very useful manual of this manual, with explanations of different headings, text styles, etc was included), the author got to the point.
I came to the conclusion that

19 May 2010

Prizes are Coming

Dear sketchup 3D Challenge readers,

Recently we've been contacted by Packt Publishing, about a book they are publishing currently: SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization: Beginner's Guide. The outcome of our conversations: One copy of the book as a first place prize for the next challenge! This is really good news, but there is also a little bit of bad news. Because this blog was out for maintenance a couple of weeks ago, a lot of competitors stopped reading it, and they still don't know we're up and running again. So it will take a week or two to get everyone back in the game before we can start this awesome new challenge. So please contact all of the regular competitors you know, and sign in for the new monthly newsletter by sending an email to infophenix01@gmail.com.

But, we are also publishing a review on our blog!

Thank you,
Milo Minderbinder

18 May 2010

Voting started on 3D Challenge #100!

Hello dear 3D Challenge blog readers!

After having some trouble with finding enough submissions, sending out a newsletter to most of the regular competitors, and adding another day to the challenge deadline, it is FINALLY May 18th. We've received 10 modelsubmissions (of which 6 were uploaded on the day of the deadline), and we are now starting the voting period HERE.

These were the modelers:
- Dracoscove, (2 models)
- SeyvaqS, (2 models)
- CK,
- Jacksterb96,
- HenkieTenk,
- Jansen,
- Gamemaster01.

When voting, please also explain why you voted the way you did. It helps other modelers improve their models, and isn't that what you want too?

You may vote like this:
1] your First choice is worth 3 points,
2] your Second worth 2 points,

3] your Third worth 1 point,

Please vote in a comment on THIS PAGE.

ALSO, we are working on a Sketchup 3D Challenge mailing list. If you would like to be contacted once a month or so, about new features on the blog or the special prize we'll be writing a post about in a bit, please send an email to infophenix01@gmail.com.

06 May 2010

3D-Challenge #100 - Everyone loves their Mom

3D-Challenge #100

Everyone loves their Mom

6th May 2010 - EDIT: 17th 23:59PM May 2010

Entry models

Create your 3D Mothersday present!
It could be anything:
- Chocolate,
- Candy
- A fridge wrapped in giftpaper

Giftpaper isn't necessary, but it MUST be worth more then ten bucks. Otherwise your a bad son or daughter. But it has to be purchasable for a kid; so you can't model a car or an LCD screen!

3D Warehouse tag: 3D Challenge 100

Sketchup Challenge #099 winner

The winner of Challenge #099: Small is Beautiful

Thank you everyone supporting us, the crew of 3Dchallenge, in getting this blog back in the game. Last challenge number 099 was extremely succesful, compared to challenge 098. We had eleven submissions, and a total of 30 points were given in the voting process. After counting all of the votes, we came to the conclusion that the absolute winner of Sketchup 3D Challenge is: .... CK with his model 'Port Macquarie Lighthouse'. Thank you CK for your wonderful model of this small lighthouse. Also thank you Yewenyi, whose photo CK appearantly used for his model.

Second place was taken by bdhy, with three submissions.
Third place was taken by Cathy Tritschler with her model of
Case, Chefferie de Bana, Cameroun.

I must order you now to submit new models to historic challenge #100 (!), because you know what they say: ,,A new Thursday, A new Sketchup 3D Challenge!"

PS: We need someone who knows how tu use Adobe Photoshop. Please contact us on infophenix01@gmail.com.