27 April 2010

Voting started on 3D Challenge #099!

Hello 3D Challenge blog readers!

As it is already April 27th (time's gone fast!), we'll have to start the voting on Challenge #099. The subject was 'Small is Beautiful'
We have received eleven submissions, which is quite a big number compared to previous Challenge #098.

The participants of Sketchup 3D Challenge #099 were:
- bdhy (3 entries!)
- jptoodles
- dracoscove
- cathy.tritschler
- Kangarooz
- LordGood
- www. flukeworld. com
- CK (winner of Challenge #096)

You may vote like this:
1] your First choice is worth 3 points,
2] your Second worth 2 points,

3] your Third worth 1 point,

Please vote in a comment on THIS PAGE

We also like to remind you of Sketchup Challenge #097, which is still in the voting stage. Please vote for you favorite models in Challenge #097 HERE.

26 April 2010

Sketchup Challenge #098 winner

The winner of Challenge #098: Wonders of the World

Just finishing some unfinished stuff around here, I found out, we hadn't selected a winner for Challenge #098 yet. The subject was Wonders of the World, and we got a staggering 5 submissions. Maybe the small amount of models submitted was caused by the blog being offline for some time. But now we're back in the game, and already started new Sketchup Challenge #099: Small is Beautiful. If you would like to submit your own model to this new challenge, hurry up! The deadline is 11:59PM tomorrow, the 27th!
So, after counting all of the votes, we came to the conclusion that with 8 points Alpha94 won the challenge with his model 'Temple of Artemis at Ephesus'.
Second place went to
MyTH, with his model 'The Lighthouse at Alexandria'
Third place went to
SeyvaqS, with his own version of 'The Lighthouse At Alexandria'

So now, I would like to file this challenge in the long history of Sketchup 3D Challenges, and - of course - congratulate the happy winner Alpha94!
Thank you Alpha94 for your excellent model (the certificate will be published soon):

And if you're reading this, you might as well vote for challenge 097, because we're kinda short on votes here!

Please vote for your model in challenge 097!!!

22 April 2010

Sketchup Challenge #096 winner

The winner of Challenge #096: Bicycle

Thanks to everyone participating in the 3D Challenge 096, and to everyone voting for the submitted models, we are now finally able to decide who won the competition. Leading with eleven points, the winner is: modeler CK with 'Boy's bike'!

With 9 points, second place goes to Henkietenk with Penny Farthing
with 5 points, third place goes to Cathy Thrischler with Bureau vélo.

Thank you CK for your excellent model of a boy's bike; the certificate will be published soon.

And if you're reading this, you migth as well vote for challenges 097 and 098, because we're kinda short on votes here!

Please vote for your model in challenges 097 and 098!!!

17 April 2010

3D-Challenge #099 - Small is beautiful

3D-Challenge #098

Small is Beautiful

17th April 2010 - 27th April 2010

Entry Models

Create any building you like;
It must be real
It must be current
It must be (very) Small

No background needed, Model should be correctly geo-located, textures use is okay

3D Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 099

Challenge #099 the subject

On the previous blogpost we've gotten a lot of ideas and suggestions for future Challenge subjects. We want to thank everyone for adding their ideas to the list. The subjects you've sent to us were:
- Fountains,
- Planets,
- Mario,
- Dragen Ball Z
- Train stations
- Open challenge (every submission will feature its own subject)
- Sketchup jokes
- (Very) small buildings
- Anything with Mothers day
- Gardens
- Gifts
- Flowers
- Spa gettaway

The idea of Mothers day by dracoscove was awesome, and we thought that was a great subject for the month of May, so that will be the subject of Challenge #100 (a very special challenge!).
But what will be the subject of Challenge #099? With the changing from 99 to 100, we're trade the small numbers for the larger numbers, so we thought that 'Small Buildings' would make a great Challenge #099. Thank you bdhy!

And by the way, if you read this, you might as well cast your vote for previous challenges #098 and #097!

Thank you all!

13 April 2010

Upcoming challenge #099

Hello everyone following the Sketchup 3D challenges!
After a couple of weeks of maintenance on the blog here, we think we are in need a Challenge #099. There has silence around here for some time now, and people started to wonder if 3D challenge blog is still running. Well, I can tell you, we're back in the game and starting a new challenge #099 in a couple of days. But we haven't figured out a particular subject, so we could use some suggestions.
Have you thought of a subject?
Put your ideas on the commentpage of this blogpost.
In a few days we'll choose a subject submitted by readers.
A few ideas:
- Barns
- Trainstations
- Planets
So get thinking and comment!