17 July 2008

3D Challenge #050 - Own Computer rig

The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and bring SketchUp users together and help each other learn and get better at using our favorite 3d modeling program. We will remove comments that are objectionable or offensive.
Before you start modeling and posting, please read carefully the 3D Challenge participating manual and pre-made or downloaded components are not allowed.

This week's challenge:

Your own Computer rig

This is the 50th challenge so we have something special for the occasion.
This time you have to model your own complete computer rig, the one you use to model with Sketchup. You can add all the hardware connected to your Computer but keep in mind not to model the whole room.
You could try to focus on details and low filesize, working with components as much as possible.
Textures will be accepted but should be turned off during judging. Model must be realistic, not a fantasy creation.

And last but not least... this time, for the special occasion, you have 2 weeks to crate your own model.

Have fun!

3D Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 050

Due Date: Wed, July 30th (Challenge Closed)

Click here to see the currently submitted models for this challenge.

XPS 720 System by JediCharles

2 nd Place
My Workstation by =Mr Planet=

3 rd Place
The Super Computing Corner by al_xv 7


  1. General Notes:
    There will no obligation for a blog entry anymore. It is still allowed to post a link to your model or additional images, but it is not required anymore to submit a model to the challenges. The 3D Warehouse tag is still required though and should be added when uploading a model to the Warehouse.

    You can use the hyperlink code creator on the frontpage of the blog to create the code for a hyperlink in your message. Copy this code and paste it in the comment box on the place where your want the hyperlink to be.

    Challenge suggestions are welcome to be placed on the blog. Items will be noted and compiled on the moderator’s list. At that point, the initial comment for the suggestion may be deleted so as to maintain a streamline challenge thread for use of posting entries for the challenge and comments to models. Challenge suggestions have always been welcomed and taken under consideration.

    Please refrain from using background images in your models as it is the model itself that is being judged.

    You'll notice a new link on the main page that directs you to the First Place Certificate area to which winners are able to print a certificate with a picture of their model detailing their excellence. You can access the page here or through the main page of the blog.

    Good luck with the challenge!

  2. I have a Dell XPS 720, this is gonna be a pain! :)

  3. does it hav to be realistic? cos i just work off a laptop which wud make my entry sorta boring...

  4. It must be the one you always use. No problem for a laptop, there's a lot of details to keep it interesting. ;)

  5. aww, cos i started on a big elaborate thing thats sorta fictional but it wont be too over the top. wud that be ok?

  6. @ Morls7
    It must be the one you use every day, not a full or partial fictional thing.

    @ All
    You should also add a photo in the background or in the monitor screen to show your real Computer. Everyone could compare the works done in the model.

  7. Having previous made a model of my desk and computers, I will not enter into this challenge. However, if you want some inspiration, here is my desk.
    Crazy Desk

  8. @Crazy Eyes
    If you have time you can re-done it.
    You can had real 3D where textures are applied.
    There is a lot of time since 30 of July.

  9. Hello all,

    Not a comeback of me yet, but I see Cosedimarco is doing a great job running the challenges. When I started using Sketchup I modeled some of my own computer hardware to practise with the possibilities of the program. The following models can be used as an example of the level of detail you could try to achieve. As they where made in my early years of sketchupping, these models do have some flaws. Mostly to many edges on curved sides and the lack of component use. The lian-li case is a nice example of these flaws which makes the filesize huge for the model it contains. I expect you all to do better... ;)

    Lian-li case
    Laserjet printer
    Surround speakers

    Good luck with the challenge...


  10. Thanks, J-m@n.
    Your models are very good examples for other sketchuppers.

    I add a Pentium 3 CPU

  11. cosedimarco-

    is it ok if my desk is on my bed? a couple weeks ago my desk broke and i have no room to put my keyboard ( i have to put my screen on the second floor so if i sit down ill have to break my neck to see the screen ) so what im asking is if i should include my bed as a desk, technicly it is.

    P.s. whats a space navigator?

    mr.jumpman v.2

  12. @Mr. Jumpman
    I think is Ok. But heep in mind that the most important part is the computer rig and not the other stuff around it.

  13. Jumpman,
    The Space Navigator is, imho, one of the coolest peripherals ever. Check it out here:


  14. shouldnt the 52nd challenge be the big one? ( 52 weeks = 1 year )
    it would make almost more sense.

    ty oscar

    mr.jumpman v.2

  15. Actually, it was exactly the one year anniversary of the blog challenges on the day that this challenge was posted. And it is 50, which is half way to 100, which is triple digit! I'm looking forward to that day, and you should too...!

  16. hey guys on the last challenge I saw guys saying their age and where their from and I didnt add mine so here goes. Im Luke im a 16 year old student and been living in Australia for the past 6 months. My model is really basic as its just a computer desk and laptop. hope to get some comments.

  17. @ DesignsbyALX
    I saw your model, but remember this is a special 2 weeks challenge. So you have 1 more to go.

  18. cosedimarco-

    cj's computer rig had multiple components which were from the warehouse.

  19. @ Cj
    Please remove all pre-made components, read carefully the guidelines and the first post, so your model could be add to the Challenge

  20. -cosedimarco

    just so you know, when you make a rating it doesn't inform you unless you make it between 1 and 5 stars.

    just telling you this because you send quite a few messages that arent being noticed.


    ty for the info on the space navigator. i should look into it more.


  21. @ mr.jumpman v.2

    I always put a comment in the challenge blog (this is the official area) and sometimes I add a message in the voting area of the model.
    and I don't want to give rating if I don't have evaluated the model itself.

    Always keep an eye at the blog for advices

  22. @Sketchup Guy
    All the elements in the model must be original and not dowloaded from the WH.
    Correct your model to partecipate to the challenge.

  23. @ The creator
    Same as above comment.
    Only original parts in your model

  24. This would be my 1st Challenge, so I want to make sure my model qualifies.

    3D text comes in as a component. Is this considered part of the SketchUp Library?... and is it allowed, since everything has to be original... the thought of creating each letter from scratch is crazy!

    I also recall that the textures are turned off when judging, so I guess the more detail that is created, the better.

    And who does the judging?... is it put to a vote?

  25. @ Steev
    I think 3D Text is allowed (but don't abuse it).
    Judging will be done with a public voting poll as per previous challenge.
    Details? Do the best you can ;)

  26. @steev

    In addition to cosedimarco's comment, the texttool is allowed to use freely as it is a standard tool of sketchup. As you said yourself, creating each letter by hand is a bit crazy if a tool can do that for you. For this challenge it's extremely handy to use the text tool for the text in brand logo's (download the brandfont and use it with the texttool). In my opinion there's very few you can learn from making that text by hand. of course, all the other parts of logo's has te be created by yourself. The premade components of the sketchup library is a different story. These are complete models of objects which contain loads of things you can learn from making them yourself. This even includes the standard shapes. If you know how to create them yourself, you can use that knowledge for almost any non-standard shape in sketchup. We know that it's easy to just copy them from the library, but you won't learn anything from that. We try to let people think out of the box here.

    Concerning the details, we try to make people think for themselves which parts of an object make that object real and believable. Mostly this is related to the size of the real object. When creating a pen every detail counts, when creating a truck not every bolt is important. We added this rule to prevent people from creating a box and pasting an image on it. Again, you'll learn very little from doing that. We make people choose between the importance of every detail of an object. Then, the next step is how to create those details as efficient as possible. Maybe you'll have to lower the amount of edges or you'll have to use components. Personally I love to add as much detail as possible, but you should stop when they don't add anything to your model anymore. So, try to find out yourself how much detail you'll need to make your model look real without losing efficiency. A good help for me is to try to avoid the use of textures and use colors instead. Colors doesn't contain information about the object or surface you paint it on.

    Good luck with the challenge...


  27. hey with reference to components can we use ones that are altered like the spaekers that are on my models desk?

  28. @ the Creator
    No. You have to do all from new. No Altered components are allowed.

  29. I'm starting on a computer on a desk with a LOT of things,when's the deadline?

  30. i hear you jedi charles,i have a SyncMaster 172v

  31. @Skacker
    Due date: Wed 30 July.
    Please read carefully Challenge main post.

  32. @ yipperoo
    Your model can't be accepted. Please remove Challenge Tag

  33. Hey Guys; this is fun!

    If you look in my ratings, some guy acused me of stealing a model, but it was the other way arround! Here's what i posted;

    Before you acuse someone of stealing...HERE is the original model, the one you mentioned on your review, ACTUALY STOLE MINE! http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=1a7ef11a0e27bb01429cba51c2861c04

    Check it out and give your opinion!


  34. @ DesignsbyALX
    No matter about ratings but you can't join the challenge with a pre-made model (April 28, 2007). Please remove tag.

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  37. Im kinda running behind on this one but it ok

    cloud rig

    dell optiplex


  38. @DF_Andy
    Please delete the "Chair" Component otherwise you can't enter the challenge.

  39. I deleted the chair component. I hope that i still can enter.

  40. @ DF_Andy
    Sorry, but challenge is already closed.

  41. Hello, my model totally sucked this time (hope i can do better in the next one). any way the voting this time has been kind of close so far. the lead kept changing every hour or so at one point. does that usually happen. anyway I'm rooting for you JediCharles.