06 August 2008

3D Challenge #052 - Transformer

The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and bring SketchUp users together and help each other learn and get better at using our favorite 3d modeling program. We will remove comments that are objectionable or offensive.
Before you start modeling and posting, please read carefully the 3D Challenge participating manual and pre-made or downloaded components are not allowed.

This week's challenge:


For this weeks challenge, you are to model a transformer of any sort. The main idea of this challenge is that the model MUST be a transformer! So it must be able to change from one thing to another. You must also show the transformed model. It can be one from the famous television show, Transformers, or anything that you can dream up, and yes, that includes a Mech as long as it can change into something else.
It would be ideal if your model was divided into groups and components, and that the transformation could happen by just moving and rotating the groups/components.
Creativity is a key idea in this challenge, as is the construction and precision of the transformation.

Note: A transformer should transforms itself in a common thing like car, hi-fi, gps, etc, and not in another Mech!

Good luck to all, and have fun!!!

3D Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 052

Due Date: Wed, August 13th (Challenge Closed)

Click here to see the currently submitted models for this challenge.

m&m micro spider by DF_Andy

2nd Place
Transformer_byALX by DesignsbyALX

3rd Place
Matricon by cloudedzero


  1. General Notes:
    There will no obligation for a blog entry anymore. It is still allowed to post a link to your model or additional images, but it is not required anymore to submit a model to the challenges. The 3D Warehouse tag is still required though and should be added when uploading a model to the Warehouse.

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    Please refrain from using background images in your models as it is the model itself that is being judged.

    You'll notice a new link on the main page that directs you to the First Place Certificate area to which winners are able to print a certificate with a picture of their model detailing their excellence. You can access the page here or through the main page of the blog.

    Enjoy the Challenge!!!

  2. I've had few lines to the main page post just to clarify the challenge:"You must also show the transformed model.[...]
    Note: A transformer should transforms itself in a common thing like car, hi-fi, gps, etc, and not in another Mech!"

    Good luck!

  3. ah,hard challenge,good thing i'm good with cars!

  4. this is going to be impossible....

  5. w8, does it actually hav to be a working transformer or just look like one?

  6. @morls7
    If you're able to do it, yes.

    Otherwise remember you can't built a 100 feet robot and than transform it in a 1 inch dice.
    This one could be a nice starting idea: Cigarette Lightner

  7. @ Snow Wolf
    Your model can't be added to the Challenge. it has been done before the challenge starts. Please read the guidelines.

  8. Just a tip on one way to go about this challenge. You could start by modeling, say a car. So you model the car, then to make it transform, I would cut up the main sections of the car and place them as say arms, and legs. Then just add the joints between them, which would fit inside the car, and then you can add or change little details about it to suit the transformation. Yes, it is a hard challenge, but that is why it is a challenge. We want to push your skills, and this should force you to think about modeling in a different way and hopefully learn some new skills.
    Don't worry if it's not a perfect transformation like the example picture, it doesn't have to be. Like Cosedimarco said, it could be a huge robot that just folds down into a small little die or cube.

  9. here is my entry, the Audi A8 Transformer i could'nt add more details cos my computer nearly caught on fire!^_^

  10. @Skacker/=mr Planet=
    few tips to help your computer.
    1) Use Components instead of groups.
    eg. Left arms would be a copy of flipped right arm.
    2) Use part of the robot to combine the whole Audi, so you can delete a lot of faces and your PC would take a breath.

    3) read carefully "Most Common Mistakes" tutorial in the main page, you can learn a lot of tricks.

  11. Is it possible i can make it into a tank that may or may not excist? ( who knows? maybe area 51 could own one ) sense i am sooooo terrible at making real things, i would enjoy making a tank that can actualy transform into a Mech, i mean Transformer-hehe

    Correction-Cosidemarco & Logan C

    Quote: Logan C

    "Like Cosedimarco said, it could be a huge robot that just folds down into a small little die or cube."

    Quote: Cosidemarco

    "Otherwise remember you can't built a 100 feet robot and than transform it in a 1 inch dice."

    And i mention this so there wont be any future confusions. and the confusions can start sooner.

    mr.jumpman v.2

  12. wait,is Shidika X Fan Club disqualified because he stole the model from me?

  13. @Sckaker
    I tought he was you with another username,but if not he can't enter the challenge stealin' your model.

  14. why can"t my model enter the Challenge i did not see my model in the 3D Challenge #052-Transformer Collection

  15. @ Cj
    nobody says you can't enter the challenge.
    Simply you have to give time to mods to organize all the work.

    @ All
    Remember it is holyday time so .... be patience. :)

  16. My entry matricon
    a small dice cube


  17. Thanks Mr. Jumpman for the correction. You couldn't just model a robot down to die, as it's really just a box broken up. I would have edited my post if there was an option, but sadly there is not.
    Thanks none the less.

  18. Actually, that's a pretty cool little cube thing you got there Cloudedzero. Kinda reminds me of a spider or something.

  19. yay it's finished...

    that was the look I was going for but eight legs was to much to model and Im pretty lazy...


  20. My next entry Tericon

    and my prevous model matricon

    Yup Imza lazy individual


  21. great tranformer cloudedzero,i like the idea of a daddy longlegs spider,your dice tranformer was more of a tarantula with shorter leegs,the new pen is much better

  22. Cosedimarco-
    T-Man's model uses a premade football from J-M@an in his model

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. heres my model


    take a look

  25. I thought considering everyone thinks my Transforemers are cool I thought why not put them in the same model and enter them into the challenge together...Terror Bots
    hopefully I wont get lazy and not finish my third model a motorcycle transformer...


  26. @Dyls125
    Fix your tag to read "3d challenge 052" instead of "3d warehouse 052" so it will count.

  27. wow,,, i didnt watch the challenge for a couple of weeks and thats what i get... if you could ony know how Unbelievably pissed i am that i missed this one.... (Cry)