28 February 2011

Sketchup 3D Challenge #119 - Sweater

Google Sketchup 3D Challenge presents 3D Challenge #119:


Sunday 27th of Februari 2011 - Sunday 13th of March 2011

Entry Models

Sweater, pullover, jumper, sweatshirt, jersey or guernsey, or any garment intended to cover the torso and arms. If it fits the Wikipedia explanation, it's allowed! Thank you for this great idea Moboille!

3D Warehouse tag: "3D Challenge 119"

The winner of previous 3D Challenge #118 - Fancy Stapler is:

Challenge winner announced in Challenge #120's post.


  1. I wish we could have a subject more *mechanical*

  2. Submit some ideas through this commentpage, or the votingform!

    Cheers, Milo

  3. Try artisan plugin, I think it will great help for model making. (I already have sds).


  4. Why do polls are no longer created to choose between the suggested ideas ? Because of cheating possibility ? I think it would be the best way to make everyone agree...

    What do you think about modelling an elevator ?(or any other lifting device)
    >I don't know, would it be mechanical enough for you GoldenSim ?

  5. Cheating is going on. We've checked the poll results for now, and apparently someone named asfrangias votes three times for the same model, and other strange nicknames turned up like es<gfdrhgtry. If this keeps happening, we'll have to change to a safer way to poll, while this was working so great.

    Thank you,


  6. How about the stroggs or cyborgs? Do we want one challenge like that?

  7. I still keep other ideas in mind but I guess it won't please to everybody.
    Actually, I was thinking about a pendant lamp because of the large possibility of design. I mean, it could be highly detailed, simplistic, organic, technical.... quite everything could be turned into a pendent lamp. Just type in in google.

    I reckon that people could create really surprising and original models with that kind of challenge. It's just my point of view, though........

  8. yeah a cyborg or any kind of robot could be cool!! ... i was thinking of a sewing machine (i voted 2 times i think cause a wanted to change the suggestion for future challenge) oups!!

  9. And, what about a supermarket ? Would someone be interested ?

  10. why we vote for the stapler again ? we are not supose to vote the sweater now ?

  11. ??????????? VCN win? with a black cylinder ? omg ...humm!!

  12. I think so.

    I think open vote or open list of voter is better.

    I like to see people saying why they vote for each model.

  13. Actually, I guess it would be better to be back to the very first way, that's to say voting by leaving a comment on that post... but it won't totally get rid of cheating but it'll reduce the risk nonetheless.

    But I'm not saying this model has won thanks to cheating at all since it was an original idea.

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  15. Like you I'd like to know why this model is the winner, some of the models were much more complicated...

    I agree with an open vote with commentaries. Moreover there was a classement of the 3 best, it was more interesting.

  16. should provide a valid email address to vote to get rid of cheating cause i really think the stapler results is false :S

  17. Thank you 3D Challengers, we've come up with a solution. Please vote in the comments for the Sweater challenge, and also for the Stapler challenge. Next Challenge will start this Sunday, 20th of March. I'f you like, please also add an idea for next Challenge.

    For each Challenge you may make 3 votes.
    - your First choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second worth 2 points,
    - your Third worth 1 point,
    You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

    Thank you for your help,

    Milo, 3D Challenge moderator

  18. Well, I think it was the best solution although some people won't take the time to post their votes..

    For the sweater, it's quite easy since there's not a lot of models,

    Three points for Sweater femme of cathy.tritschler.

    Two points for Goldensim with his Custom *Independent.co* SWEATER for the nice modelling.

    Then a single point for "Sweater (Sweter we wzorki)" by Manwe.

    And as for the stapler,
    three points for "Happy Daffy" by CK.
    two points for "Pimped-out Antique Stapler" of GoldenSim.
    a point for cathy's model, "Agrafeuses et ôte-agrafes".

    But I'm feeling uneasy because there were other really great and original models I would have loved to vote for, like HenkieTenk's or Coasterdude184's.... I hope I've made the good choice.

  19. And I sum up all the ideas previously posted in here : elevator, stroggs, cyborgs, (I guess any type of robots, actually), pendant lamp, sewing machine and a new idea crossing my mind, a restaurant. You'll notice I've given up the idea of a supermarket, seeing GoldenSim's feedbacks :)

  20. In addition, the ideas from the previous vote:

    cinema, TV, Ray gun, Mysterious house, Sowing machine, engine, go-kart

  21. For the (Stapler challenge)
    -1- Happy Daffy by CK for all the details
    -2- Guillotine Stapler by HenkieTenk for his original and desing
    -3- Staple and staple remover by cathy.tritschler
    for her excellent reproduction

    For the (Sweater challenge)
    -1- Woman sweater by cathy.tritschler for her good modeling and texture
    -2- Catwalk Sweater by moboille for all the details
    -3- Sweater(Sweter we wzorki)by Manwe (good model)

    my suggestions for next challenge is (Sewing machine) or a (homemade go-kart)

    ps: can we make it that only the people who participate to the challenge can vote ?

  22. I think anyone should able to join the vote if they can give some short reason why they vote for each models.

    I wish to see more new challenger or new voter come to join the challenge. This will make the challenge more fun to everybody.

  23. Stapler challenge
    3points - Happy Daffy, CK
    2points - Pimped-out Antique Stapler, GoldenSim
    1point - Guillotine Stapler, HenkieTenk
    As I remember, I voted for these, previously.

    Sweater challenge
    3points - moboille ('cause it's a fully pimped uniform)
    2points - GoldenSim (for biker feeling)
    1point - cathy.tritschler (ideal for skiing)

  24. 1 - Custom *Independent.co* by GoldenSim - high detailed - it incredible to model sth like that in sketchup
    2 - sweter ala Beata by me... (Manwe) - I know, it's my own model but I think it's quite good - especially it's well modeled ... Yeah, know it's almost flat...
    3 - Sweater femme by cathy.tritschler - it looks realy nice

    For the next challenge I prefer technical subject like engine, cyborg, unusual vehicle, space ship.

  25. we can vote for us ? (like in elections ?)

  26. Normally is unable to vote for yourself, that points will not count.

    So, please give your points to other models.

    Vote for Stapler :
    3 Points-GoldenSim : I think this is old style more than fancy, but it good in style and technique. You can less down file size more at spring.

    2 Points-cathy.tritschler : This is fancy style like the topic said.

    1 Point - HenkieTenk : Good idea but I think you made it very quick, may be not have much time.

  27. I agree with CK we musn't vote for ourselves !

    My votes already given for the Stapler :
    3 points for Happy Daffy by CK, very funny
    2 points for the Antique Stapler by GoldenSim, good modeling
    1 point for Guillotine Stapler by Henkie Tenk, original model

    My votes for the Sweater challenge :
    3 points for the Catwalk sweater by Moboille, very designer style
    2 points for Custom Independant co by GoldenSim, very well done
    1 point for Sweter we wzorki by Manwe

  28. Ok. I didn't know that.
    So my second wote for:
    Catwalk Sweater
    by moboille (2 points) - it's quite surprising - a lot of details

  29. Voting closed.

    Winner will be announced in next Challenges post.