04 April 2011

Sketchup 3D Challenge #121 - Sewing Machine

Google Sketchup 3D Challenge presents 3D Challenge #121:

Sewing Machine

Sunday 3rd of April, 2011 - Wednesday 13th of April, 2011

Challenge Closed
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Entry Models

Sewing machines are fun! Why? Well, why not?
Sewing machines are little strangely-shaped boxes
filled with pleasure! Thread goes in, and clothes
come out! Try do design your own special Sewing
Machine, and it might come in handy when you
try to sow the sweater from #121 in reallife. Thank
you Goldensim for this great idea!

3D Challenge tag: "3D Challenge 121"

The winner of previous 3D Challenge #120 - Ray Gun is:

Tesler with his beautiful model
of a Ray Gun, congratulations!
This is the second time Tesler has
won first place, the first being for
3D Challenge #107 - Skyscrapers!


  1. :( i hope iam not the only one entering this challenge ..i thought a sewing machine would be a great challenge for the intricate shapes and mechanics!

  2. I'm not in this one. This challenge requires a lot of time and currently I don't have enough of it to do something good.

    I'm eager to discover other great models submitted by this lot of regular talented modelers.

  3. Hi Cathy. I have amended my model and added some more detail. I have also added the benchmarkings

  4. I'm making one now, just start today.

  5. Tomorrow is your last chance to submit an entry! Good luck!


  6. I may not finish my model in time, urgent work come to me and I'm back to busy again.

    My model in progress now is Little Wanzer, antique sewing machine. It have nice shape, small, have not much parts but I must to do some research to make it good. Maybe I started too late.

  7. Hi Crazy Eyes, It's a lot better, I've seen it yesterday evening. You can now sell your model to the manufacturer, it's very realistic!

    Thanks for listening to my suggestions.

  8. Thank you for submitting your entries! It's still allowed to upload your submission until midnight.

    Let's start the voting!

    You may make 3 votes.
    - your First choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second worth 2 points,
    - your Third worth 1 point,
    You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

    View the models through the 'Entry Models'-link in the blogpost.

    Good luck!

  9. :( only one other entry so my vote goes to
    >>Janome Sewing Machine by Crazy Eyes

  10. my suggestion for next challenge is a
    Race/speed Boat

  11. I was making one, and its about half done, but other things, like school came up and took my time, its nothing compared to these, but still it was one of my better models.

  12. 1.1920 SINGER sewing machine
    2.Janome Sewing Machine
    3.1920 SINGER sewing machine

    suggestion:Race/speed boat was a good idea

  13. @cathy.tritschler. Thanks for the comments and the suggestions.

    @GoldenSim. I am happy to be voting or your sewing machine. It is very beaultiful

  14. Hi guys, I was finally able to finish my Ray Gun entry about a week ago and I have posted it to the 3D Warehouse and to my blog. Even without the other stuff I was working on I probably still would not have finished in time. Have a look and tell me what you think. Thanks :)

    Entry: Boba Fett's EE-3 Carbine Blaster Rifie (ROTJ)

    Blog Post and Gallery

  15. Nico : My models make one (in 2parts) it was just to big to upload

  16. - Janome Sewing Machine by Crazy Eyes
    - 1920 SINGER sewing machine by GoldenSim
    - 1920 SINGER sewing desk by GoldenSim

  17. For the next challenge, I was thinking of an abandoned place, like a ghost town or also desert roads or things like that. I mean, it could be a building or a fatory with crumbling walls or even a whole city after an earthquake or an historic abandoned town... I personally think that it would be interesting. I'd like some feedbacks :)

  18. personally i dont like doing buildings

  19. Yes, I love abandoned random places, like old industrial zones or train factories such as forgotten whale hunter colonies. But I'm scared, how it fits into a week. (average challenge time)
    Cheers Moboille!

  20. The idea of doing an abandoned place sounded quite interesting too.

  21. I must admit two weeks would be required otherwise we couldn't really make something elaborated.

    @GoldenSim, you actually could create everything you'd like as long as it's abandoned, perhaps one of the technical stuffs I know you prefer, so to speak.. :)

    I guess we would be granted 2 weeks if many people intend taking part in the challenge.

  22. I quite like building abandoned places. I think that would be a very good subject.

  23. Voting closed.
    Next challenge will be posted tomorrow; I just arrived back home from a four-day trip to London, UK, which was great. I met a lot of other modelers! Tate Modern was amazing by the way. Thanks for voting!


  24. Dammit, too late!

    great models both of you!
    3 pts for Janome Sewing Machine
    Nice detailing!

    2 for goldensim 1920 SINGER sewing machine
    Nice textures!

    1 pt for nobody.....

  25. We've counted your votes HenkieTenk! Don't worry!