03 November 2011

SketchUp 3D Challenge #130 - Flying Cars

Thursday, 3 November 2011 – Wednesday, 16 November 2011

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For this challenge you will be modeling a flying car or a hover car. Flying cars may be defined in many ways but, for the purposes of this challenge a flying car is defined a vehicle designed for 2 to 6 passengers, that is operated by its owner for daily use, that’s primary means of movement is through flight and would take the place of today's automobile. This also includes landspeeders, airspeeders. Jetsonian aerocars, VTOLs, etc.

You may model an existing flying car design, real or fictional, or you may design your own out of your imagination. Your submitted flying car may have wheels but they are purely optional. The vehicle’s means of propulsion may be based in reality or complete sci-fi non-sense (and even though my handle is JediCharles and have a fondness of sci-fi tech, it is still non-sense).

All standard participation rules apply.

3D Warehouse Tag: 3D Challenge 130

It's a tie! The winners of previous 3D Challenge #129 – City Hall are:

Sketchmaster Tóth with Shire City Hall and DALEXD with City Hall in Bucharest!

Congratulations to both modelers on their winning entries! 


  1. Damn!! i got to work fast for this one..5days left :S

  2. I know you can do it! If you can't finish in time I can extend the deadline because I'd like to see some more submissions.

  3. Well I think we should vote for monthly contests that way you can select more larger ideas down the line.. and Give us even more time to figure out how to fit it all into 10 mbs lol

  4. Iam Ok with having more time for better models , but i think a month is very long ,specially when your not inspired by the subject.. (Jedi)i think we should inform modelers we know about the "3D challenge" when we know they are good or intrested in a particular subject, cause many never heard about it.. by the way ...Hi :) i was gone for a while, glad to be back !!

  5. true true. The month could be a long time to wait for something you don't like to pass before starting a new one.. but then again if you liked every subject it wouldn't be a challenge lol. I know if ?I had a bit of more time I will give at least each one a sporting try..

  6. Yeah, I think a month is way too long. This challenge is only as long as it is because of the transition. I guess one solution could be to stagger the challenges by starting a new one every week even if the particular challenge exceeds the time frame. But doing so would increase the work load on me. Another idea that I think would work better is to keep the challenges all the same length but at the same time have special bigger challenges that are outside of the regular schedule.

    GoldenSim, you bring up a good point. The best way to promote the challenge is to tell all your friends about it and get them interested. When I posted this challenge I sent a few messages to past participants letting them know about it to hopefully get them to submit an entry. I also posted the challenge on the Sketchucation forum and that is how Marian87 heard about it. Word of mouth is what we need.

  7. How about creating a facebook page too?\


  8. Sweet!! ehhh ..i cant find the web page to take the winner certificates , is it just me or it does not appear on this page ? can you give me the site Jedi plz!! ty

    also..is it still an open vote with 1 or 2 suggestions for the next challenge ?

    "Love this challenge"

  9. Yes and bring on the suggestions any time.

  10. @ GoldenSim
    Here's the link to the Winner Certificate page:

  11. GoldenSim, the link to the certificates has been moved to the menu bar below the header image at the top of the page. The one COSEDIMARCO refers to is the old page. I apologize for the confusion. Here is the new link with the most current certificates: http://sites.google.com/site/sucertificates/

  12. No problem , Thanks .. making a collection of them :P

  13. Challenge closed, thanks for the great entries.
    Let's start the voting!

    You may make 3 votes.
    - your First choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second worth 2 points,
    - your Third worth 1 point,
    You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

    Please also take a moment to suggest a future topic for the challenge.

    Good luck!


  14. Nice job Sketchmaster-Tóth and DALEXD for the win!!

    1st- Flying Car by Marian87
    Such a good desing , but is it made in SU ? immense amount of perfectly placed polys!!!

    2nd- RetroFuturistic Flying Car by Ryksuga
    Again, great design and details!!!

    3rd- Flying Cab by DALEXD
    nicely modeled , and made in one day !!Gj!!

    i liked other models ,but some were not completed or did not fit the theme "in my opinion".. Gj all!

    >"Land" personal transportation vehicle
    >Armor"using a Men from the warehouse or(3D Me)"
    >"Recreational" Winter vehicle
    >Redneck Jet powered "anything ridiculus or/and funny" :)

  15. Marian87 3pts
    Ryksuga 2pts
    Dalexd 1pt

    creative models. How about space stations or public transportation for the next goaround?

  16. @GoldenSim My car was made using the subdivide and smooth/Artisan plugin.

  17. Let's see, can't vote for yourself, right :-)?

    1st GoldenSim
    2nd Marian87
    3rd DALEXD (flying cab, although the bike it real cool)

    and now I got to learn how to used the smotth/Artisan plugin.

  18. i know plug-in are alowed but not every one want to pay for the smooth/artisan and i think it removes all the point of a modeling challenge since the plug in make the smooth curves automaticaly .. kind of cheating in a way no ?
    anyway i know you have good skill and the result is amaaing , but i would of like to see what it looked before using the plug-in

  19. I'm going to vote soon.
    Just for fun.
    Thank you for your votes.

  20. @GS
    The rules have always allowed for plugins so I wouldn't call it cheating to use Subdivide&Smooth or Artisan but it does have it's advantages. And that's if you know how to use it. I have personally tried S&S and I am not good at it at all. Your model turned out very smooth without any plugin so kudos to you. Perhaps this needs further discussion.

  21. @ GoldenSim
    Aren't you using any plugins while modeling? If you are then you are a hipocrite.
    If not then kudos for your skill using only the native tools.
    It's not cheating, why would it be? It's made with only SU, but using a plugin. Even if Artisan was free it doesn't mean everobody could have created the kind of models I can or had the same design sense.
    I'll post the lowpoly model. SDS only helps me create better surfaces, it doesn't do the design for me.

  22. I just posted the low poly version of the model. I hope that settles the matter.

    Now for the votes.

    Ryksuga 3pts
    raskayu77 2pts
    GoldenSim 1pt

  23. @ GS Sorry if I seemed a bit snappy in the above comment but I'm really tired after 7 hours on a train. I don't receive criticism well when I'm tired ^_^

  24. i was just saying.. cause half my modeling time is actually fixing polys to create smooth surfaces :S anyway.. i think i chosen the wrong words.. i should of said "a bit unfair?!" cause if i would think you cheated , i would not vote you as a 1st place :P (Then again i get your point ,but i just think using all the same tools make's it more fair) "just a point a view"

  25. """no i dont use any plugins , i tried a free "old version" of Sub-smooth bit only worked 2 weeks and have few bugs"""

  26. I can understand your point of view as anyone not using any plugins would be greatly disadvantaged in terms of speed and capability, but the choice is yours if you use them or not.
    I also think that plugins are an integral part of what Sketchup is and means to people; a simple, solid and versatile 3d modeling tool. So I don't like the negative attitude that the use of plugins gets sometimes, like somehow it's not pure SU. Other 3d apps use plugins too but not many have such a large list of them with most of them free or at low prices.
    What I'm trying to say is that it is better for people to be able to choose whether to use plugins or not (and it's easier to do that with SU) rather than to restrict the use of some or all of them. What would that accomplish?

  27. -----
    Voting closes soon, please vote before it's too late!

  28. 3 points: GoldenSim
    2 points: MHolzinger
    1 point: Marian87

  29. The only plugin I use is ... The rest are for slackers ;)

  30. ... doh! "repair broken lines" sorry, had an html tag in there blogger didn't like

  31. @ Marian87--I would have voted you 1 even on the low poly: I really like your design idea!

  32. -----
    Voting Now Closed

    Congratulations to Marian87 on the win! And thanks to everyone who submitted models for this challenge.

  33. i just hope people don't only vote for the style :S cause if its the case , its not a modeling challenge