15 January 2012

SketchUp 3D Challenge #135 - Municipal Airport

Sunday, 15 January 2012 - Thursday, 26 January 2012

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For this challenge your job is to create a municipal airport. Also known as a domestic or regional airport, a municipal airport is defined as a airport that only handles domestic flights within the same country and serve a small geographic region. These airports do not have any customs and immigration facilities needed by an international airport. Municipal airports are generally used for private aircraft, helicopters, smaller business jets and regional airlines.

Your municipal airport doesn't have to be very large hover it should include all the necessary structures used in the function of an airport. This should at a minimum include a control tower, a terminal and, of course, an airstrip with taxiways. There should be an area for loading passengers and places to park aircraft. If you need more information airports, a good place to start is Wikipedia.

Special rules for Challenge 135: you may use a few basic aircraft from the 3D Warehouse but they should be rather generic in appearance (the smaller the file size the better.) Do not modify any downloaded models besides scaling them to fit the scale of your model. All other standard rules apply.

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The winner of previous 3D Challenge #134 - Wristwatch is...
CK with his SEIKO 5!
Congratulations on the win, CK!


  1. With Wikipedia taking their ball and going home for 24 hours, I'm thinking it might be a good idea to get a copy of the wikipage and save it elsewhere for reference.. Just a thought.


  2. Don't allow downloads on quality models on the warehouse , Be aware that someone is stealing warehouse models to his own profits, selling them on http://www.cornucopia3d.com/purchase.php?item_id=10040 "broker Stephane GIL (AngelEsteban)" check this site to see if you already been hook

    sorry for the of topic post , but i felt like you should be aware
    ill try to make a entry to this challenge soon

    1. It's probably poor form on my part to say this before the challenge is done, but I'm just claiming that all of the winged birds are currently out of my airport. I'm sprinkling a couple of the google package choppers around, but I'm not using anything made by anybody other than google. It's my own personal ethics; I don't like using models made by others outside of the google design group. I just can't get past the 'how would I feel to open a model made by somebody else and saw one of my own pieces in there, no credit given, no thank you or anything' aspect. My own pieces might not be that good, but at least they are mine. I'm betting I could easily locate some birds on 3dWarehouse that would make my layout look immensely better, but then who would deserve the credit? I'd rather be mediocre on my own, than to be excellent riding a train somebody else built. ;)

      Thanks for the headsup on that site GS. I'm sorry that some folks were born without that little piece of their brain that distinguishes right from wrong.

      By the way, since I'm showing my cards... I feel like such a dummy, but I was the guy who said "hey, what about a regional airport"... AND, you'll never guess who is struggling at every level of the entire build. I kid you not, this whole build has been such a pain in the butt, and it was my idea! I could have built a space shuttle with less erase/redo sections. Next time somebody asks me what model I would suggest, I'm probably going to say 'a cube." and leave it at that. :D

    2. Model seller site must create model by their own.
      Need to check.

  3. Well It appears I won't be able to submit an airport just got hit with a project at work.. oh well. I can't wait to vote on these though.. only 2 so far it will be a tough one.. Guess you will all just have to wait till the end of the month to be able to check out my work :-)

  4. Due to some life stuff, I'm doubtful that I'll have a model to show. But, I've got a little bit of time left and I'm going to give it the best try I can muster, even though it means starting from scratch this late in the game.

    Wish me luck. :D

  5. I'll Root for you. But you have to promise that in a couple weeks when you are walking through my master suite you use your interact tool and click on everything LOL. I think I might even make the toilet seat open lol.

  6. -----
    Challenge #135 - Municipal Airport is now closed. Thanks for the great entries!
    Let's start the voting!

    You may make 3 votes.
    - your First choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second worth 2 points,
    - your Third worth 1 point,
    You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

    Please also take a moment to suggest a future topic for the challenge.

    Good luck!


  7. I'm thinking about Valentine's concept for next challenge.

    It's anything like Valentine's present, flower, chocolate or love.

  8. 3 points to "Wings Airport" by DALEXD
    2 Points to "Sketchup Airport" by botos andras
    1 Point to "Alpha Airport" by mikZ

  9. 3 points - Generic Regional Airport(Ryksuga) : Good composition and technique
    2 points - Alpha Airport(mikZ) : Good design and technique, a lot of details.

    (Actually these two choices are very close and difficult to choose)

    1 point - Sketchup airport(botos andrás)

    DALEXD made nice building but I wish to see more in other parts of airport.

  10. Wow this was tuff.. Let's see so close

    1st> The Wings Airport by DaleXD
    " Over all loved the concept could picture spending months on a full detailed setup of the whole place"

    2nd> Alpha Airport by mikZ
    " I liked this one a lot the placement of all the buildings seemed correct"

    3rd> Sketchup Airport by botos andrás
    " This is a great Building and project"

    Well I had wished to have time to do I got as far as the control tower and foundation for the airport after placing it on the correct spot here in Manchester. but Winter Schedule stinks. LOL Gotta hope I can get all details in my Bedroom done before Tuesday.

    Hugs and happy modeling,

  11. 3 points: Alpha Airport - mikZ
    Complex / great details/ good modeling

    2 point for Generic Regional Airport - Ryksuga
    As concept I like it, nice achitecture. However I would like to see more detail of the interior (walls, floors, stairs etc)

    1 points: Sketchup Airport- botos andras

  12. Good day! finally got the time to vote. (apologies)

    so for my first choice: sketchup airport! by botos andras. nice and simple and realistic.

    second choice: generic regional airport. by ryksuga. I like the architecture, although its only exterior

    third choice: wings airport. by dalexd. great concept, but i think the runway is kinda messed up. XD.

    so there. ^_^

    i dunno if i can join the next challenge, got some other stuff to model. but lets see if time permits. ;p

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  14. -----
    Voting is now closed. Thanks for your votes!