01 July 2012

SketchUp 3D Challenge #147 - Tree House

Sunday, 01 July 2012 - Friday, 13 July 2012

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From Wikipedia:

Tree houses, treehouses, or tree forts, are platforms or buildings constructed around, next to or among the trunk or branches of one or more mature trees while above ground level. Tree houses can be used for recreation, work space, habitation, observation or as temporary retreats.

Keeping in the theme of Summer and outdoors activity, your task is to design and model your very own tree house. It can be any shape or size as long as the entire structure is supported by one or more trees.

Thanks to HenkieTenk for the suggestion.

Because of the complexity of this challenge, you are allowed two additional days to complete your entries. Standard Participation Rules apply.

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The Winner of Previous Challenge #146 - Summer Recreation is...
a.j.unknow with his Sand Castle entry model! Congratulations on the win, your model is now featured on the SketchUp 3D Challenge Facebook page.


  1. For the next challenge... I would suggest to do something about architecture :
    - A bar/café, which could be real fun to design!
    - Any kind of shop (bookshop, grocer...etc).
    Also, I think that an airport has never be done before, right?

  2. I have a better idea!
    What about a haunted house ? I think it has never been done!?

  3. -----
    Challenge #147 - Tree House is now closed. Thanks for the great entries!
    Let's start the voting!

    You may make 3 votes.
    - your First choice is worth 3 points,
    - your Second worth 2 points,
    - your Third worth 1 point,
    You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model.

    Please also take a moment to suggest a future topic for the challenge.

    Good luck!


  4. It was pretty difficult to choose but here is my choice:

    1. Tree House Sunroom by superchaos (Just love the construction and the mix of metal and wood)

    2. Tree House by a.j.unknow (Great detail, beatiful construction with multiple stocks)

    3. Peaceful Tree House by Moboille (Nice theme, good modeling!)


  5. Hi All,

    I didn't hear about this challenge until yesterday and submitted right around midnight (about nine hours strait modeling!) so it may not be a valid entry, but please check out my model "Tree House for General Sherman" and let me know what you think - This is my first submission. Thanks!

    My votes:

    1. Tree House by a.j.unknow - Great details (lumber with split ends, pully, etc). This merges the two lines of thought displayed in the contest: a) putting something more like a house in a tree, and b) the classic kid crafted or inspired treehouse (i.e., no girls allowed). With the variety of ladders, stairs, etc., I can see both kids and kids at heart clambering all over it. The hatch style window covers would be perfect for repelling boarders, etc.

    2. Treehouse Bar by Crazy Eyes - I think the unit composition that creates the exterior form is great. It feels organic. The interior is planned out as well, which I think gives it bonus points. The layout of the stairs are interesting but I am left wanting some structure. I would totally go to this bar for a drink.

    3. Tree house tambayan by mikZ- This one looks like a tree mounted, breezy deck / outdoor party deck. I could see myself grilling with friends on it. It integrates with the tree well, and the framing looks well detailed and the structure is interesting. I appreciate the landscape and tree modeling - great overall scene.

    Thanks for putting this on - hopefully I'll be getting into doing more of these!

    As for future ideas, I saw a great project on Arch Daily where a small structure was designed to fit between to buildings - this would be really fun to design a small residence like this: http://www.archdaily.com/152505/keret-house-centrala/

  6. @JDF, the challenge ends when I post the comment starting the vote. That will generally be around 5PM Pacific Time on the due date. Because this is your first time entering the challenge and the amount of time you put into it I won't disqualify your model. Nice work.

  7. 3 points to cathy
    2 points to a.j
    1 point to superchaos

  8. AJ: 3 pts . mucho detail . good design
    Cathy: 2 pts . good concept . nice graphics
    AbsurdAesthetic: 1 pt . awesome idea . copy factor a -

    Future Competition: Hybrid / Electric car recharging station

  9. My thoughts on some of the models:

    Maison Assurancetourix
    by cathy.tritschler
    How could I not like this? only downfall, aesthetically is the log steps have an internal face which shows on the outside.

    Peaceful Tree House
    by moboille
    I particularly like the design of the structures. To me looks Indian Aztec style.

    Tree house: Calvin + Hobbes
    by AbsurdAesthetic
    I like the way the model plays tricks on your eyes. Not to mention the simple but effective modelling and amazing use of props.

    Tree House Sunroom
    by superchaos
    Looks architecturally sound and comfortable

    Tree house tambayan
    by mikZ
    Nicely created. Pretty much thought of everything. Im glad the leaves were on a layer, even I had to turn them all off.

    Tree House
    by a.j.unknow

    Castle on a tree
    by husselhann
    I actually thought this was a cool idea, shame you didn't manage to pull of the ol' bean stork thing!

    Tree House for General Sherman
    by Ford.JoshuaD
    Nice house attached to the side of the tree, pity it wasn't more integrated into the tree

    Ill have to put

    3 points to
    Tree House
    by a.j.unknow

    2 points to
    Tree house: Calvin + Hobbes
    by AbsurdAesthetic

    1 point to
    Tree House Sunroom
    by superchaos

    Good luck to all!

  10. Here are my votes! :

    Three points for "Tree House" by a.j.unknow.
    Perfect modelling, and I'm so glad you are all back, it seems like almost nothing has changed.

    Two points for Crazy Eyes's Tree House bar, because of its really good modelling and the originality of the concept. I also admit that I wouldn't have had the patience to create such a structure.

    Then one final point go to the "Maison Assurancetourix", by cathy.tritschler who definitely deserved to be on the top 3 !

    Besides those, there were other models that would have deserved a better rate, like husselhann's, but not only!!

    Looking forward to seeing all what you'll come up with for this ongoing challenge :)

  11. 3 points for Cathy.Liked it from the start.Nice tree background also brings out the model nicely.Looks like the beginning of a Disney movie.

    2 points a.j.unknow

    1 point AbsurdAesthetic.

  12. Vote vote vote!

    3 poins goes to... Tree House Sunroom by superchaos love the lay out and the concept. structurally safe.

    2 poins goes to... Tree House by a.j.unknow. This looks like something i would see in an animated cg film for kids.i like it.

    1 point gose to... Treehouse bar by Crazy Eyes. Love the concept and great modelling. ^_^

    I feel like giving some award. haha.
    I really enjoyed this challenge.... it was my first time to model a tree. sory for the leaves XD, it was probably the reason why i couldnt render it. takes up too much memory I guess. ;p

  13. Originality and models of high quality this week, I wish I had more points to give, hard to choose...

    3 points to a.j.unknow for Tree House
    2 points to superchaos for Tree House Sunroom
    1 point to AbsurdAesthetic for Tree house: Calvin + Hobbes

  14. 3 points to Cathy Tritschler
    2 points to A.J. Unknow
    1 point to Superchaos

  15. 3 points: Tree house tambayan by mikZ
    2 points: Treehouse bar by Crazy Eyes
    1 point: Tree House by a.j.unknow

  16. 3 pts Treehouse - A.J.Unknown. It's just darn good!
    2 pts - maison Assurancetourix - Cathy.Tritschler. Whimsy and simple detail
    1pt. - Treehouse Bar - Crazy eyes. Great Concept, excellent details, plus a bar. In a tree.

  17. -----
    Voting is now closed. Thanks for your votes!

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