08 November 2012

Vote Now: SketchUp 3D Challenge #157 - Downhill Winter Sports

Challenge #157 - Downhill Winter Sports has come to a close. Thanks for the great entries! Let's start the voting!
To vote, first review the entries, then create a comment on this post using the following example:

3 points: first place model name by modeler name
2 points: second place model name by modeler name
1 points: third place model name by modeler name

You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model. Please also take a moment to suggest a future topic for the challenge.

Good luck!

Current Challenge: #158 - Furniture: 8 November 2012 - 19 November 2012
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  1. 3 points: Winter XS by DALEXD

    2 points: Snow Scooter by BParris713

    this will be a weird voting :S
    Where are every other participants ?

    1. Yeah, I know, it is weird. It sounded like a good topic to me. I am officially out of topic suggestions so hopefully I can get some more soon.

  2. i have allot , but other seam to not have the same interests as me

    i would love to do "bicycle" it already been done , but before i join

    or how about an other gravity challenge ? "soap box"
    "Jetpack"this one i could provide a simple 3d humain shadow to where the pack


  3. 3 Points - Winter XS by DALEXD
    2 Points - The Sledster by GoldenSim

    Only 3 Entries?! I expected more on this one, seemed like a good topic.

  4. I have a few ideas too. All of GoldenSim's are good, I also have ideas for swimming pools, superhero secret lairs, anything wrestling related, or even househould furniture.

  5. furniture is the current challenge :)

    haha , we can almost already say Dalex won , unless some non participant vote

  6. 3 points, GoldenSim of course / good model
    2 points to Bparris713 / hope to see more of your models in this challenge

    1 point, well, this I will keep it for the next challenge :))

    1) 3D printer http://cdni.wired.co.uk/620x413/o_r/printer-1.jpg
    2) baby stroller http://pregnancy.thefuntimesguide.com/images/blogs/emmaljunga-pram-best-baby-stroller-travel-system.jpg
    3) vintage telephone http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Zgm1wgqd61k/Ti8LldGL_nI/AAAAAAAACjg/qsbqF49cURM/s1600/istockphoto_2624474-olive-green-vintage-telephone-front-view.jpg
    4)office desk http://www.prlog.org/11011865-office-desk.jpg

  7. 3 points to GoldenSim because of the good "action shot" with model.
    2 points to DALEXD
    1 point to BParris713

  8. 3p> The Sledster
    2p> Winter XS
    1p> Snow Scooter

    I wanted so to join the last 3 challenge, but my old pc is corrupted with irritating viruses witch are blocking some contents during upload and logging in some sites like this one. bah...

  9. -----
    Voting is now closed. Thanks for your votes!