20 December 2012

SketchUp 3D Challenge #162 - Secret Lair

Thursday, 20 December 2012 - 31 December 2012

Secret lairs are a key location for many comic book characters and sometimes real groups or individuals. For a superhero, a secret lair is their main hideout that becomes essential in the concealment of their true identity and their home base for foiling villainy. For a villain, the secret lair is their hideout used to plot their villainy and obsess over defeating the superheros.

In this challenge you are to create a secret lair that fits the person or group that utilizes it. A clever entrance is the key to gaining access to the lair and keeping it out of reach from others and should be considered in your design. The lair can be located just about anywhere, from a cave to a below ground fortress to a hidden room in a mansion. Most of all, have fun and use your imagination.

3D Warehouse Tag: 3D Challenge 162

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