17 June 2013

SketchUp 3D Challenge #179 - Human Powered Vehicle

Monday, 17 June 2013 - Thursday, 27, 2013

Human powered vehicles are some of the most basic forms of transportation that we see everywhere we go. Some have been reduced to a novelty of the past while others continue to be used despite modern advancements in technology. These vehicles are not limited to operating on land as they also can be found in water and in more rare circumstances, in the air. Believe it or not, even submarines and experiential helicopters have been human powered although their success has been fairly limited.

For the purposes of this challenge, your entry must be powered solely by the human body as its means of propulsion and control. Human powered air and sea vehicles cannot use sails or any other means to aid in propulsion other than wings that generate lift and it must still work without the aid of wind. On land, gravity may assist but cannot be relied upon for propulsion. In other words, if it is on flat ground it must still work.

Standard Participation Rules apply. Thanks to Golden Sim for the challenge suggestion.

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  1. the rules says no rendering...
    i included a picture of the real thing i modeled ,
    is this allowed ?

    1. Yes, that's fine. The point of the no rendering rule is so people can focus on what was done in SketchUp and not to be influenced by some slick looking rendering. A photo as a comparison, however, can really show how accurate the modeling is. Of course, that can backfire if the modeling isn't very good but not with you... Great work as always, great job.