03 February 2014

SketchUp 3D Challenge #201 - Pedal Cars

Monday, 03 February '14 - Thursday, 13 February '14

Pedal cars, or quadracycles, are 4-wheeled vehicles propelled by your feet. The term pedal car commonly refers to toys that resemble actual cars for children to ride, but the term also refers to go-carts, human powered taxis, and four-wheeled bikes.

For this challenge, you are allowed to model an existing pedal car or design your own. The only requirements is that it must have only 4 wheels and must be completely human powered for its propulsion.

Standard Participation Rules apply. Thanks to GoldenSim for this challenge topic suggestion. Have a suggestion for an upcoming topic? Submit one with your next vote.

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  1. 3 points: first place Pedal Pub modeler samothrace41
    2 points: second place Pedal Kart by Sketchmaster Tóth
    1 points: third place John Deere Tricycle by HenkieTenk by HenkieTenk

    1. Sorry Marlene,
      Your vote needs to be made in the voting post here: http://sketchup3dchallenge.blogspot.com/2014/02/vote201.html