11 May 2015

Input Needed: Voting Rules

I am considering making changes to the rules for voting on the challenge. The goal of voting is to select the best model for the specific challenge as part of a group effort. Your opinion of the best is very subjective, but, certain things need to be weighed upon such as the quality of the modeling, adherence to the rules and that it fits the description of the challenge. I would like to have your input on our voting system. Here are some questions to discuss:

-What are some ways that would improve the voting?

-How can we encourage more people to vote?

-Should participants be required to vote if they submit an entry?

Thanks everyone


  1. i think participants should all vote , because some do, and the participant can't vote for himself , so if a participant does not vote, he have a advantage by not awarding points to others ..

    i think voters should have a valid active warehouse account (have 1 or more models) to prevent as much as possible cheating by fake accounts..

    i think voting should be done by a list of points for each models , Points for (presentation, complexity, subject related, style , etc..) and all point compiled into a score for each model .. but don't know how this could be done :S definitively requires downloading an analizing before voting...

    i hate to loose , but i rather loose by honest serious voting ;)

  2. As it's my first time I join a sketchup challenge, I shouldn't give advices. I must say, however, that I agree with GoldenSim's idea to establish vote guidelines!

  3. I think that GoldenSim said all...
    - participants should all vote
    - voters should have a valid active warehouse gallery (CF Bronto voting for the cover... It's a pity)
    - a list of points and I would add "textures" ;) maybe by giving 1 to 5 points for each item ? Then compiled by Charles ?

    1. and texture :) 1 to 5 points for each item yep ... could be nice to have a hidden vote too like a voting sheet sent by mail? but revealed after voting is closed, just an idea

    2. A hidden vote is a great idea !!! As now, we can predict results more or less before the end of the vote. Sometimes, it may influence our own vote :)
      Yes that's really a ngreat idea !

  4. agree with you guys;
    - participants should vote if they submit an/any entry (if I want points to win, I need to honor my ''opponents'' by giving attention on their work - it's natural)
    - ranking the nominated models (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) by technical points is a good idea, this way the voters must download and check the details, but this sorting could lengthen a bit the judging time and of course compiling the results for Charles
    - yes, sometimes it influence on our votes, when we see how previous ones voted - so doing it hidden is a solution, but considering the improved voting system (offered by GoldenSim) this may unnecessary

  5. Charles, you should add to the list of items : we might not see reversed faces in a model...

    1. sometimes its not possible or unpractical (like single face windows) but i agree!

    2. and ( Use and organisation of components in model)

    3. OK, sometimes it's not possible like single face windows. Of course, I was talking about the whole model, when the camera is quite far and you see a mosaic of blue and white...

      Yes for components of course