26 October 2015

SketchUp 3D Challenge #223: Outdoor Pavilion

Monday, 26 October 2015 - Sunday, 08 November 2015

For this challenge you are to design and model a pavilion, and more specifically: an outdoor open-air pavilion. These are freestanding structures designed as a place for people to gather for relaxation and events.

3D Warehouse Tag: 3D Challenge 223

Standard Participation Rules apply. Thanks to Daniel Papen for inspiring the topic of the challenge.

Reminder: Participants in challenges are now required to vote when the challenge is over. This is to encourage the community aspect of the challenge by giving the other participants feedback on their work.

Note: All challenges going forward will start on every other Monday, run for two weeks and end on a Sunday. Voting period will begin at 5PM PST/PDT on the last day of each challenge and will end on the Thursday before the next challenge begins. This change is to make the challenges more efficient to administrate.


  1. So... The present challenge (Halloween) runs until "Monday". This means tonight ? 00:00 Pacific time ?
    Maybe I will be able to upload my model within 22:00 french time...

    1. It doesn't run until Monday, but instead through 5pm PDT on Monday when the voting post is posted.

    2. Thank you Charles.
      Too late... I din't have time enough to finish...

    3. I am sorry you ran out of time. Would you mind sharing what you modeled? Nobody submitted anything so there was nothing for anyone to vote for.