30 January 2017

SketchUp 3D Challenge #256: Obsolete Technology

Challenge Period: Monday, 30 January 2017 - Sunday, 12 February 2017

Rotary telephones, cathode ray tube televisions and floppy disks, now obsolete, were all once considered their days latest technology. Thanks to these relics of the past, we are able to enjoy their latest incarnations in the palm of our hands. 

For the purposes of this challenge, you may model any piece of technology that is now considered obsolete.

3D Warehouse Tag: 3D Challenge 256

Standard Participation Rules apply, see Participation Manual for more information.

Reminder: Participants in challenges (those whom submit models) are required to vote when the challenge is over. This is to encourage the community aspect of the challenge by giving the other participants feedback on their work. If you don't submit a vote, your entry will be disqualified. The only exception is when just one entry is submitted to the challenge.

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