12 February 2017

Vote Now: SketchUp 3D Challenge #256: Obsolete Technology

Voting Closes: Thursday, 23 February 2017 @ 5:00PM PST

Challenge #256: Obsolete Technology has come to a close. Thanks for the awesome entries! Let's start the voting!

To vote, first review the entries, then create a comment on this post using the following example:

3 points: first place model name by modeler name
2 points: second place model name by modeler name
1 points: third place model name by modeler name

Participants in the challenge will receive a bonus point for their entry if they also make a suggestion for a future challenge when they vote.
If you submit an entry, you must also vote:
   - You may not vote for your own entry.
   - Please indicate the username you use in the 3D Warehouse if it differs from the one you use to submit your vote.

You may also make a comment, if you wish, on why you chose each model. Please also take a moment to suggest a future topic for the challenge.

Good luck!


  1. 3 points: Minitel by samothrace41
    2 points: 135 film by alferbilbao
    1 points: Old Timer's Lawnmower by Quick R.

  2. 3 points: Minitel by samothrace41
    2 points: 135 film by alferbilbao
    1 points: Old Timer's Lawnmower by Quick R

  3. 3 points: "Minitel" by samothrace41
    2 points: "Vintage dial telephone" by Payal Sinha
    1 points: "Old Timer's Lawnmower" by Quick R

  4. Quick R is having difficulty posting comments, however, here are their votes:

    3 points: Vintage Dial Phone by Payal Sinha - 2nd to enter. Good idea.
    Beginner(39 Models+). Most detail. No pictures used. 192822 faces,
    Created: 1 Feb 17-21:09:23, 1 Feb 17-21:09:49 - 20.9 MB
    2 points: 135 film by alfrebilbao - 1st to enter. Good idea.
    Professional(338 Models+). Clean & neat. Least detail. Pictures used.
    16157 faces, 1 Feb 17-21:04:34, 1 Feb 17-21:04:46 - 9.4 MB
    1 point: Minitel by samothrace41 - 3rd to enter. Good idea.
    Professional(259 Models+). Clean & neat. More detail than number 2.
    Pictures used. 16290 faces, 10 Feb 17-14:30:37, 10 Feb 17-14:30:46 - 4.7 MB

    Suggestion for next contest: Nature-Trees/Flowers etc. with no pictures, complete 3D

    1. It was the 3rd party cookies setting.

  5. Thanks Charles :-)

    Done some settings. Will see if it post...

  6. 3 points : Vintage dial telephone by Payal Sinha
    2 points : 135 film by alferbilbao
    1 point : Old Timer's Lawnmower by Quick R

    For a next challenge, I would suggest an arena, I mean this style :

    1. That will be a heck of a contest to do within a week. Especially when you do not use any photos. With a match photo (or more), maybe.

      Yep. You can win it. I definitely will not... :-)
      Not that I will try though. Do I need to start training?

    2. Someone else already did it in AutoDesk:


    3. It s just an idea. You can use a lot of components. But nothing to do with Autodesk. You can t bend the model easily to make an oval shape :))
      Thanks for the video, it s great !