30 January 2008

3D Challenge #026 - Lifeboat

Note: Please read the guidelines for participating in the challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and bring SketchUp users together and help each other learn and get better at using our favorite 3d modeling program. We will remove comments that are objectionable or offensive.

This week's challenge:


A lifeboat is a small craft usually carried on ships to provide a means of emergency evacuation in the event of a disaster aboard the ship. Beside ships they can also be found at oilrigs and in helicopters or airplanes which could crash into the sea. Lifeboats can be divided into two main categories; lifeboats with a rigid hull or inflatable lifeboats (often called liferafts). For this challenge all lifeboats are allowed, including liferafts and rescueboats. Your model could be an existing boat or an imaginary design of your own. Typical properties of lifeboats are a low center-of-gravity point, a bright orange color and protection to the elements (sun, wind, water).

Good luck ALL!

3d Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 026

Due Date: Wed, Feb 6 (Challenge closed)

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Sweet Life Raft by Genii

2 n d Place
Coast Guard Boat by Freedom Artist

3 rd Place
Lifeboat byALX by DesignsbyALX

Congrats to ALL !!!!!


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    Good luck with the challenge...

  2. http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=cb2ac4f639508e9b46becd8d44b8123a&prevstart=0

    This is my boat:

    The Find Me Life Raft

  3. At least there's some wine. :)


    An old style life boat, but it did it's job.

    ps. trees are google componants. Everthing else is modeled by me.

  4. My first model

    My second model

  5. Hey guys I haven't participated in the 3d challenge for a while so I'm just making this q;uick entry just for fun. I'll probably make a better one when I have the time and inspiration...

    so here is my entry for this challenge: Freedom Life Boat

  6. Click here to see a model that has a TV and cup holder!!

  7. My account recently was deleted and all my models are gone. I have reposted my models from challenge 024 and will post my other challenge models.

  8. his weeks entry by DesignsbyALX


    A Zodiac type of high speed lifeboat.

  9. 8P-LT/R lifeboat

    here is the proper link

    sorry for the double post

  10. Here goes! First time in the 3D challenge so be kind!
    I have created a lifeboat like those currently found on many modern day ferries. Enjoy!
    My Lifeboat

  11. Heres my entry

  12. Here is my mdel for this challenge:

    Rescue + One

    Great Job everyone allot of great models.