06 February 2008

3D Challenge #027 - Next generation space shuttle

Note: Please read the guidelines for participating in the challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and bring SketchUp users together and help each other learn and get better at using our favorite 3d modeling program. We will remove comments that are objectionable or offensive.

This week's challenge:

Next generation space shuttle

The space shuttle, or Space Transportation System, was designed in the seventies and had it's maiden flight in 1981. It was the first spacecraft designed for partial reusability instead of the rockets which could only be used once. With an expected lifetime of 10 years or 100 flights, it's really getting time for a next generation version. This week the challenge is to design that next generation space shuttle. Your shuttle for this challenge has to be as versatile as the original. The most important feature is that the mayor part of the spacecraft has to be reusable. Further it must be suitable for transporting astronauts and payload, such as satellites and parts for the ISS. Jump in and show us your next generation space shuttle.

Good luck ALL!

3d Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 027

Due Date: Wed, Feb 13 (Challenge closed)

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Concept Orbital Space Shuttle Mk III by Mr. Jumpman V.2

Congrats to ALL!!!!


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    Good luck with the challenge...

  2. http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=545c7208082f3f25d4a11b8072824715&prevstart=0

    Space Wand Next Generation Space Shuttle

  3. I'm sorry guys, but fun is fun...
    I will not participate anymore in this competition. Competing against someone else is fun, especially if they have nice entries! (Like DALEXD or Crazyeyes)
    But todays voting sucks! What does this have to do with guidelines etc? I can post a disformed square to! If anyone has some serious questions about sketchup, still feel free to ask! DesignsbyALX

  4. I agree with Designbyalx. Voting seems "strange"...

  5. @DesignsbyALX & COSEDIMARCO©: The mod-team also noticed the strange voting behavier lately. We are currently discussing what we're going to do about it. We will let you know what we have decided as soon as possible. Suggestions or remarks will, of course, be taken in consideration.

    J-m@n & the mod-team

  6. The mods team has had concerns regarding the current voting method and we are at present time discussing viable alternatives to it. Please do not give up on us just yet. We value your contributions to our blooming community and your input in this matter (or any other) will not go unheeded. We hope to reach a solution to this issue that will be satisfactory to you all.

  7. hi everybody!!

    here is my entry coming

    nextgen space shuttle

    hope ya like it

  8. Hi! I'm entering my first entry for this challenge.
    I haven't put any textures on it yet, although I do intend to. Dalexd I noticed that you told me that it would be a lot nicer with texture...but I have no idea where to start with this kind of model. There are too many surfaces and I want it to be easy too look at, not a jumble of colors and textures, I want it to be realistic too.
    Any comments or ideas would be greatly appreciated from anyone and everyone!

    So here it is,
    The Human Sovereing

  9. Oh, and I forgot to ask this question in my other post:

    Is it normal that when you have many textures, when you zoom in on your model that the screen becomes gray?

    I'm pretty sure that it is, but maybe there's a way to counter it that I haven't heard of.

  10. Hi! Here's my second entry for this challenge,
    The Marsian Shutltle

    I haven't textured this one yet either, but I think it will be easier to texture then the Sovereing.


  11. Computers up and running again now. Here is my entry...
    X-34 Spaceshuttle

  12. here is my model:
    NASA's Antimatter spaceship 2.0

    I hope the voting system will change. Now it's just not fair for the people who diserve to win. Please change the voting poll system.

  13. Okay,

    don't mind the anoying people,
    i wouldn't give up the rest of you guys! So i DO compete in this challenge!

    X43 Scram Jet, with ISS Carco


  14. This is the ship that won the last X-Prize. Two flights into space in 3 weeks.

    Even though it's not my design, it's the first thing I thought of for a "new shuttle"

    There is also a plane called "Dark Knight" which carries this craft to the edge of space, then this guy shoots up into space. I think this could very well be the next re-usable shuttle.

    The Model

  15. This is my first participation in the sketchup 3d challenge
    european space shuttle

  16. Orbital Space Shuttle MK III

    Hey havnt seen any models i will tho... heres mine enjoy Mr.Jump man V.2

  17. @ Mr. Jumpman

    You need to add the tag
    3d challenge 027 (no CAPS) to your model so it can be seen using the link located on the blog page under the description of the challenge (right above the red text). You can add this with the edit function right from the warehouse.


  18. Here is my Model:

    Enterprise 2

    I love these challenges, helps me learn more and more.

  19. First time competing but I think I have a good chance with:

    Next Space Shuttle

  20. Please vote for me!!!


  21. you need to use the link creator on the blog page first

  22. Hi!
    Crazy Eyes helped a lot with my Marsian Space shuttle (he helped texture it and gave me some cool lessons about sketchup) and I tried uploading it on top of the old one but it didn't work. So I'm just going to upload the new version, and take the old one offline.

    So here's the new and improved...
    Marsian shuttle - Textured

  23. As of this posting, models created by ryan (2), Holo and naga sunday have not been entered on the blog.

    Please enter a link of your model on the blog so you will be entered in the voting. If not sure, info on how to do this is in the "3D Challenge participation manual" located in the upper right corner of the blog.

    Moderator Team Member

  24. Here's my first try for the 3d challenge.

    Space Explorer

  25. Space Access System

    I've actually been thinking about a better space shuttle for a long time. The idea is that each of the parts is relatively simple and can have a backup on hand.


  26. "(Challenge closed)" ???

    It's still 2/13/08 here.