13 February 2008

3D Challenge #028 - Hoverbike

Note: Please read the guidelines for participating in the challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and bring SketchUp users together and help each other learn and get better at using our favorite 3d modeling program. We will remove comments that are objectionable or offensive.

This week's challenge:


For the challenge this week we are going to model a hoverbike. A hoverbike is a bike-type vehicle without any wheels, it just floats in the air. For this floating you can use existing hovercraft technology, like the real hoverbike in this movie, or an imaginary sci-fi technology. The main part of your design will be influenced by the way the driver is positioned on the vehicle. In the movie the person stands on the bike, but you could also sit on a seat like in a car or lean forward like you would do on a fast motorcycle. The restrictions for this challenge are that your hoverbike should be designed for one person only and that wheels, of course, are not allowed.

Good luck ALL!

3d Warehouse tag: 3d challenge 028

Due Date: Wed, Feb 20 (Challenge closed)

Click here to see the submitted models for this challenge.

(2 Way Tie)
GSR z901 hover bike by loupie
Original Hoverbike by Crazy Eyes

Congrats to ALL !!!!!!!


  1. General notes:

    Remember to post a link to your model in the 3D Warehouse on the blog, so everybody knows you submitted it. A submission will not be considered valid if there is no link to your model posted on the blog. Please use hyperlinks instead of only submitting the url. You can use the hyperlink code creater on the frontpage of the blog to create the code for a hyperlink in your message. Copy this code and paste it in the comment box on the place where your want the hyperlink to be. More information about participating with the challenges and uploading models to the Warehouse can be found in the "3D Challenge participation manual" in the useful links section on the frontpage of the blog.

    Challenge suggestions are welcome to be placed on the blog. Items will be noted and compiled on the moderator’s list. At that point, the initial comment for the suggestion may be deleted so as to maintain a streamline challenge thread for use of posting entries for the challenge and comments to models. Challenge suggestions have always been welcomed and taken under consideration.

    Good luck with the challenge...

  2. I will post here a few suggestions for future challenges, and as i am Star Trek crazy of late: I'll suggest sci fi related stuff:P

    Star Trek Inspired space ship
    Star Trek type warp nacelle only:P(just
    a suggestion)
    Robot head
    hover car
    Ray gun/phaser/laser gun

    these probably have a low probability of being selected but i just had to give it a try.

  3. We always welcome Topic ideas from others! Thank you, it looks like you have some fun things to model there!
    We shall add them to our list.

  4. @3D Challenge Staff
    I've read the new guidelines for the voting system and there's one thing maybe I've misunderstood.

    May I vote model only if I have posted one (or more) in the current challenge or could I vote anyway?

  5. I welcome change for the voting, but rule number one is quiet restrctive, maybe too restrictive:
    1) To voteYou must have a model entered in the challenge currently being voted.
    What happens if everyone votes for themself or no one gathers more than one vote, which is unlikely but possible.
    Anyway i'm happy that you're trying to make the voting more fair.

  6. But now i can't see how the voting is proceeding...(forgive me for my poor englisch...) And i still don't know if the people who cheated before, won't do it again... after all, they have a crappy model in the first place models-folder now... :(

  7. Home Made Hover Bike

    by Ben, Bucketman, BrassMonkey


  8. P.S. ^^^That is my real name^^^

    I am just getting used to this blogger thing.

  9. @ Bluesdog: I am very pleased that finally you have decided to change the voting system. I’ve said before… it was wrong. Thanks again

    @ DesignbyALX: I can see you are frustrated by the result of the previews challenge….. however, I don’t understand why!!! Voting your own model like 10 times in 6 hours will bring you the first place in challenge, but it doesn’t mean that the best model win! Hope you understand me. You have lots of good, very good models but sometimes “crappy models” _ as you said_ deserve to win.

    @ ALL: sorry if I caused you any inconvenience, but please do not blame Genii or Freedom Artist, because they did not have any fault…. It was me voting 26 times for Genii’s model and don’t remember how many for Freedom Artist…..At least now the voting will be accurate and all model good or “crappy” will have fair chance


  10. DALEXD Everyone was aware of the inffeciancy of the vote and would have been changed eventually.
    Se putea...:| , de ce ai votat ca disperatul, lumea era constienta de ineficienta votului nu trebua grabita schimbarea.

  11. As per usual, I thought I'd make the object on the front page.
    Original Hoverbike

  12. @ marian: poti sa-mi dai o adresa de mail? poti sa o postezi aici: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=6b6e0abce3781d1f97474b97c5ebeab4

  13. Hello all,

    In this comment I'll try to make some things more clear about the changes to the voting system.

    First of all I would like to emphasize that the new system is still experimental and might need some fine tuning in the future. The decision to change to voting system was not only based on the last few challenges. We had strange results before on the blog and even on the old forum. We hoped they were incidents and that the cheater would be happy with it's "fake" victory.

    For now we will try this email system which is limited to the people who actually submitted a model in that specific challenge. We do realize that the amount of votes will be less than before. Remember that with this system there will be more work for the moderator team to collect and sort the votes. Every member of the mod team is doing this job on a totally voluntarily base and offers his personal free time to keep these challenges running. This is also one of the reasons that we didn't choose for a moderator decision only. Another reason was that we think that community input is very important on the blog. If it turns out that there are to few votes for a descent result, we might open the restrictions a bit more.

    The main problem we had for choosing a better voting system is the balance between vulnerability of the system and the open character of the blog. The open character of the blog is highly important for us and the old poll fitted perfectly in that picture. The problem with an open system is that it is way more vulnerable for abuse, as dalexd proved. Personally I think that the only weakness of the old poll system was the user. For as long as people vote for their own model (even if it was the best) or vote multiple times you won't get a fair result. On the other hand, you find this behaviour all over the internet so it's not a specific problem of this blog. People often vote with the wrong reason, maybe because it's a friend of them or they like the style of a modeler. Both have nothing to do with model quality. We also see that the voting is influenced by the results of the voting so far. This is one of the reasons that with this system you can't see the results so far. Currently the result of the voting is made public when the voting ends.

    As said before, we highly appreciate community input for our decision. If you have comments or suggestions about the challenges, you're always free to let us know by putting it on the blog (or by sending a mail to me or one of the other moderators if you don't want to make it public yet)


  14. okay, okay ;)

    but i think it's quitte important to set some kind of standard in a challenge... Goal ofcourse is to let people who build "crappy" models, try a little bit better. A model, competing in the challenge should therefor be at least acceptable in a few to be set details... Some models contain no detail at all, so i think should not be accepted in voting for best model. Bad luck for the bad builders, but than again, ask more questions, and eventually you'll learn and will be able to post a competable model... ;) 'Just do it ;)

  15. Ahhhhhhh...nice...discussion material ;)

    Alex, first of all I would like to say that you do have a point by saying that there are sometimes very basic models submitted. There are models from which you could predict that they won't end first. On the other hand, you and me started the same way with modeling. First the basic shapes and by learning everytime a step further to difficult shapes. We think everybody should deserve a fair chance by not excluding them before they even could participate. I prefer a perfect simple detailed model over a bad highly detailed model. That's what we also see quite often, models with loads of detail but with a rather poor model quality. Besides, how would you make rules for the minimal amount of detail and how would you check those rules? I guess the rules would differ for each challenge as the subjects also does. From a small object (like a pencil) I would expect more detail then from a large object (like an aircraft carrier).

    A final question to think about, is a modeler bad when he can't make something because he just doesn't know how to do it?

    I do agree with your statement that you just have to do it, to learn how to do it.


  16. I understand that there are "absolute beginners" out there and they obviously must have the opportunity to partecipate to the challenge like "master modellers". So what do you think to create categories with an absolute winner (no second and third place) and allowing only one model per member so everyone has more time to dedicate to plan his model.

    Categories could be:

    - Absolute best model (master & beginner)
    - Best master model
    - Best beginner model
    - Best Idea (or best interpretation of challenge topic)
    - Best detailed model.

    Each modeller could decide in which category he will partecipate.

    I also agree with J@man that a very basic model could be a great model. I remember a simple cardboard box as Time Machine. Simple model but great idea (taken from Calvin and Hobbes comics). But the Idea was great!
    Adding details is not only a question of modelling capability, but also a question of time.

  17. One question with the new voting system.

    In the old Sytem, you could see the "progres bars" (just like in the section for chose the next challenge).

    How come i can't see this progress bar? I don't know whos winning or losing?

  18. a suggestion for a voting system as to making it easier. one you should make it easier to vote by having the person write there email on the main voting page. than you go to your email and confirm the vote just to make sure they dont confirm it twice. also have a "worthy" vote page this idea may not work but if you have people to see if the model is a total blob or as you guys said befor a worthy undetailed box with all that jazz you can vote worthy or unworth. the only problem with this is people who have multiple accounts or more people. ill post my model in laters. later mr.jumpman v.2

  19. I like CosediMarco's idea! That rules out all the copy-paste-email-stuff. I'll trust in the fact that the "master-modellers" won't fool arround... I like the daily progress in voting, so if that could return,...please!
    - Absolute best model
    - Best master model
    - Best beginner model
    - Most original
    So it's even possible that a beginner with the most original idea wins as absolute best model...! Than i can take their idea, and have fun of my own, and i can give them credit for the idea, and they even might learn something! ;) Power to the sketchers!

  20. Woot i finaly did it heres my model

    "C" Hover Bike

    and i agree with everyone... make voting easier but still gota find a way to make it not multiply voting ya know. Enjoy mr.jumpman v.2

  21. My second participation. Thanks for your coments.

  22. JM Hover Bike

    Haven't been on in a month due to my account being deleted. I am glad of voting changed most of you put effort and yet a model with less detail won which is not right and maybe they should do a re vote. I don't know. Here is my model and hope you like.

  23. Hello all,

    I have been lurking around this blog for a while now. Unfortunately I never seem to find the time to make a decent model to submit. I'm hoping that will change soon as I would like to participate.

    @COSEDIMARCO, and DesignsbyALX
    I disagree about separating the challenge into different quality levels. I believe this adds too much complexity, especially because what qualifies a model as "master" is so subjective. Instead I think the focus should be on limiting the number of votes each user can make. Perhaps with this new system of voting each user is allowed two votes? Then they could vote for themselves and another model they feel is worthy of the title. I'm not sure how that would work, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there.

    @ the moderator team
    As I read it, the problem is that any user can vote as many times as they have patience for.
    Is there a way to use the old voting method (which I prefer) and also limit how many times one user can post? There would still be a problem with doppelgangers (one person with many user accounts) but that sounds like much less of an issue.

    I think that even with this voting issue the 3D challenge is a great opportunity for beginners and experts alike. Thanks to everybody for keeping it going.


  24. Here's my entry...
    Double gasturbine / single Tesla-turbine powered hoverbike...


    Hope you'll like it, and will be inspired by Tesla's amazing technology!

  25. Here's a little joke...
    I made this van, it sometimes hovers! It can even fly. I don't know how they did it, but i saw it with my own eyes...it flies!

    Hover Van

  26. so what do i do just paste in my enty url here? http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=f9d4edcb7a706ebafc8d04ea50c7b865&prevstart=0
    Am i now entered into the competition?????

  27. Hello christobal

    If you are 3D Legend, then you are all set and entered.

    Welcome to the group and Good Luck.


  28. Hello all,

    Sorry for my late response (again)to your suggestions. Normal work also has to go on...

    I understand that there might be a wish to build in two or more levels of modeling into the challenges. It would give everbody a more fair chance to be a winner once in a while on your own modeling level. At the moment it is very hard to win (in a fair way) if you're a beginner. On the other hand model quality is not influenced by the complexity of a model. From this point of view even a beginner with a simple model could win in theory. The real world shows a different image as people often vote for complexity instead of quality.

    Splitting the hallenges up gives me the same doubts as LP_Designs. How would you devide the challenges and how would you submit to a specific part? It's very hard to draw a line between a master model and a beginner model. To prevent discussion it's not the task of the moderators to make that choice in my opinion. The submitter should make the decision him-/herself to participate in a category. This would give the problem that people often underestimate and overestimate themselves. Would it be honest to put a master model in the beginner category, just to make winning easier?

    Anyway, I'm not the only person making the decisions here, so I'll toss your suggestions into the moderator dicussions.

    @LP_Designs: The problem is that the poll system we used in the past, is not waterproof concerning the number of votes a spefic person can give. Normally you should only be able to vote once, this is software controlled. If you know a bit more about how this works it's easy to cheat by deleting some files which are used to check your vote status. In a perfect world this would be no problem as you know if you already have voted. The world ain't perfect though and people just want to cheat. This is the reason why the old poll system is not working anymore, there are to much people who don't want to play it fair. The mod team would like to see a vote check on your login from your gmail account. The problem is that the blog software is controlled by Google and not by us. We will have to wait until Google comes with something like this for the polls.


  29. @ mod team: implementing different categories will only create more confusion around. However you might consider that beside the voting result, to have a special mention (category) like "ModTeamFavotite prize", and here you can also explain the strong features of the model you choose / or not. I am sure that we all trust your judgment.

    Thavks D'Alex"D

  30. I agree with D"Alex"D,
    we should have a simple voting method, and the mod team could choose a model they think has good quality. We could have a community voted winner, and a mod team voted winner. That way if the community wants to vote for complex models, it doesn't matter since we all know that the mod team would choose model quality over complexity.

  31. Yip, i can live with that. That will work for me ;) And how about a meaningful challenge, for real creative solutions on -for example- steampowered stuff, for enviromental solutions or somethings like that. I'm not a fan of drawing spacevehicles most of the time...I think a salt and pepper set is pretty lame too, but that's just me ;)Maybe a bit more next-challenge idea's? where can i post them? Regards to all, ALX

  32. A possible way to control the voting would be to only allow votes from people who have contributed two or more models in the past. I imagine some one could query that information and send a verifying number to those people. Also, make it that voting is only eligible for those who put in a model at least two weeks ago. That would frustrate those with short term ambitions to win/wreak havoc.

    Another idea is to post some challenges as being open only to newbies. Perhaps defined as people who have contributed one or fewer models in the past.

  33. i dont think that seeing how many uploaded models would help... i just think we should do a easy way by having a direct vote from the blog and it checks your email. and if the sugestions are here i want to do a mech challenge

  34. Hi all,

    The mode team discussed about splitting up the challenges and for now it's a no go. We think, as some others here also do, that it would create to much confusion. We would like to keep the challenges as straight forward as possible. Also realising and managing this idea causes some problems.

    For at least a trial period we will stay with the voting method we currently defined. After some challenges we will evaluate if there is a need for changes.

    I like the idea of dalexd for a mod favorite choice but it would require some extra time from the mod team. As mentioned before every member of the mod team is offering his free time to make the challenges run. First we have to see how the latest changes influence the time and effort we have to put in managing the challenges. We will keep this idea in mind.

    DesignsbyALX, could you explain a bit more how you see your suggestion? If I understand right, you want to change the subject for the challenges by not giving an object to model but a "problem to solve" by your model? If this is right then I like the idea and it is easy to fit in the current challenge setup. I don't see it like a weekly challenge but it could be something like a monthly special. There is only one small problem I can imagine with this idea. When you give people this amount of modeling freedom in object perspective, they might stick to modeling the same models over and over. For example, if you like modeling robots you could make a robot for every "problem to solve" we give. Sometimes people need to create a specific object to differentiate enough. That differentiation is why the challenges have a totally different object every week. With different objects you will also encounter different modeling problems which help you learn how to deal with them. This is, in my opinion, crucial for learning how to model.

    I've put these idea's into the mod discussions and we will let you all know if they can be used.